This Country Is Doomed – Video of 6yo Rapper


I really haven’t much to say about this.  It’s sad and depressing, and merely shows what has become of our popular culture.  Anything goes.  This video depicts a six year old rapper, and I won’t post it on this site.   I feel bad for what is being made of this poor child’s life.  I tremble with rage that an adult could turn a child into this sort of sideshow.   That any parent would use their child in this way signifies a complete breakdown of a growing segment of our society for which it’s difficult to imagine any possible repair. You don’t need to watch the whole thing, and in fact, you don’t need to watch any of it.  Knowing that some adult thinks it is a good idea to have one’s 6yo rap: “I can make your booty pop” is enough.  H/T

I am stunned.  This kid needs to be rescued from the adults around him. We are doomed.

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3 Responses to This Country Is Doomed – Video of 6yo Rapper

  1. the unit says:

    Not just this.  But what?  White four, five, six year old female beauty contests with little girls wearing glitter coated snow cone cups for bras.  Maybe I’ll tell you one day the details of what I saw today…61 year old lady pull up butt showing pants of young man…cinch his belt.  Telling him…”seeing your butt don’t bother me…I hate seeing you (and others) struggle to walk down the street holding pants up with one hand…cell phone in other.”  Young man truly giggled, accepted advice, and actually apologized for spectacle, butt  display and struggle.  Small town episode…lady from Miami and says would not dare do that down that way.      

  2. MannaDelight says:

    Video no longer available