Doctors Consider Quitting Over Obama-Care

Coercion is Next

Every doctor in America who is worth his or her salt should quit.  Apparently, given the impending implementation of Obama-care, they’ve been contemplating it. How many?  Eighty-three percent!  Unfortunately, most of them will not quit, and more is the shame because if we want to defeat Obama-care, that’s the way it could be done.  That, or the statists would need to unmask completely and simply enact in law what they intend:  Health-care professionals, from doctors to nurses to orderlies must now be the slaves of the state.  If you think this is an overstatement, consider the facts.  When you are forbidden from negotiating your wages, and must accept whatever some bureaucrat tells dictates, you are a slave.  You can pretty it up any way you like, but that’s where all of this will lead.  Eventually, those skilled enough, smart enough, and diligent enough to be doctors will realize they would be better off doing something else.  Instead, the ranks of doctors and nurses will begin to be filled with the incompetent, the slothful, and the under-qualified.  This is what always happens under socialized medicine, and every one of these would-be slaves has the same moral right to refuse this servitude, and the sooner they do, the better the chance that they will spawn a movement in opposition.

If you’re not a doctor or nurse, and you’re not a skilled radiologist, and you haven’t the foggiest about how to operate an MRI machine, you might want to hold on a moment before joyfully proclaiming your new “right to medical care” under the Affordable Care Act(a.k.a “Obama-care.”)  Those who foolishly believe they will maintain some form of private health insurance over the longer haul ought to pay attention too.  Let us imagine everybody has insurance, as the Utopian masterminds behind Obama-care promise.  Then what?  It is not only money that can be inflated out of all value.  An insurance to purchase a service that is in shortage isn’t much of an insurance, is it?  Imagine having auto insurance of this sort.  You have your fender-bender, and your insurance company estimates the damages, sending you out in search of a shop to perform the repairs.  What if you can’t find one?  What if you sit there with the check from your insurer, satisfying your claim in full, but there exists no shop to perform the work, or so few, that you will be without your vehicle for weeks or months, or perhaps longer.  How will you maintain your job?  How will you get to the grocery store?

Naturally, if you’re a welfare leech, you’re not much worried about that, but if you’re a working American with bills to pay, you’d better begin to think about it now.  Under Obama-care, slowly, but surely, this will become the inevitable conclusion:  Care will be of poorer quality, more scarce, and since everybody will have their coverage, there will be no advantage by offering more in payment.  How long before a black-market medical system develops?  Do you deny the possibility of all of this?  Are you stuck on the notions of what you have known, rather than what can(and likely will) now come to pass?  What happens when it’s your six-year-old daughter down at the emergency room with a fractured wrist, in a line that stretches up and down the hallways and side corridors, because there exists a severe shortage of medical professionals?  Will your wishes mute your daughter’s agony?

You think doctors and nurses are endless, bottomless pits of human compassion, but they’re not, and no person is, because it’s simply not possible.  More, if you want their compassion, shouldn’t you offer them yours?  Why do you wish to have them work as slaves to your needs?  Isn’t that what this whole corrupt system has become?  Tax-payers must be slaves.  Doctors and nurses and orderlies must be slaves.  Everybody must be slaves but he who has nothing to offer, and no intention of offering it, since he has no intention of obtaining it by his own efforts.

Am I being too crass, and too obnoxiously terse in my appraisal?  Brother, you haven’t seen the half of it yet.  Wait until doctors are unionized, since it will be the only way to protect their diminishing wages, and they look at you and your suffering child, parent, or spouse and say simply: “I’m on break.”  At the ends of their shifts, they will walk away, as carelessly as the country has walked away from them.  What do you think is the meaning about the endless delays in Medicare payments, and the inaction of Congress year after year in adjusting reimbursements to doctors?  Were I a physician, I wouldn’t have a single patient who is in a government system of any sort.  Why would one wish to accept patients whose payment will always be less than it ought to be, while robbing from paying patients in order to subsidize the government-paid accounts?

Imagine running any other enterprise like this for long.  All of your paying customers would abandon you.  You wouldn’t be able to carry off this sort of con-game, because they’d price-shop the matter and move briskly to another provider, whether the product is a widget or the service is the measurement of blood-pressure.  What Obama-care offers, and indeed what all forms of socialized medicine promise is to deliver something many people desperately want without regard to their ability to pay.  That’s it, in a nutshell, and if I were a physician, I’d be looking to set up a clinic somewhere off-shore where I could live out my life unmolested by big government mandates.  Nobody should be compelled to labor.  Neither you, nor I, and certainly not doctors.  We’d better begin to consider if we wish to coerce the people who we expect to save our lives.

Back in 1978, Dr. Milton Friedman discussed all of this at length.  I’ve provided his talk on the matter, in six pieces, here:







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7 Responses to Doctors Consider Quitting Over Obama-Care

  1. Gene says:

    +First of all, welcome back. Now, if this high a majority of doctors are against Obamatax ( and I don’t doubt it), why not run a series of commercials using this. ” When you have a medical question, you ask your doctor because you trust your doctor.” ” When you have a question about your total medical care, you should ask your doctor because you trust your doctor”  ” The Affordable Care Act will affect every part of your medical care, doesn’t it make sense to ask your doctor about it before you decide. ” ” This election will be your last chance to have any say in your own medical Care.”  I don’t know who would run such a campaign, can’t trust the RNC…. maybe a PAC?… TEA Party?

  2. Gene says:

    First of all, welcome back. If that high a majority of doctors oppose Obamatax ( which I don’t doubt) why doesn’t some organization use that in an ad campaign. ” When you have a medical problem you ask your doctor because you trust him.” ” When you have a question about your medical care, you ask your doctor because you trust your doctor” “The Affordable Care Act effects every part of your medical care. Why not ask your doctor about it before you decide.?”
    “This election will be your last chance to have anything to say about your own medical care.”

  3. Kathie says:

    I could see a medical economy develop something like what existed in the early 1900s, where you pay your physician in cash for services rendered, or have an arrangement with a practice that bypasses insurers and the government entirely. It angers me that a class of professionals who work so hard and do so much good for so many should be subject to the moronic whims of worse-than-useless politicians.

  4. the unit says:

    Whether it’s called Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare…those 2700 pages were in the Radical/Progressive bottom drawer since the wave of Marxism hit Northern America. Not even Liberals imagined such.  Obama wins…reach in…dust off the cobwebs…present to Congress…send for signature.

    First step after… now for doctors…state licensing board says to renew your license…sign up for Medicaid number  and become a provider or license revoked.

    Oops, that didn”t work.

    Next step, Ok, waivers to get license for any foreign doctor…Welcome to Miami…get your fanny packed with concrete( story said cement, but ain’t that concrete?) and super glue. Coverage provided by state healthcare insurance exchanges.  But not our “rulers” and representatives.

  5. Jeff1000 says:

    I believe that the medical community is positioning themselves to extract the best possible deal for themselves under Obamacare. These medical workers have no serious intentions of leaving the medical profession. It’s politics.

    • the unit says:

      Jeff, I too have asked myself…do plastic surgeons do lawn care?  Intensive care nurses do manicure?  Dentists and dental hygienists scrub toilet bowls?  But remember …no medical unions, yet.   So positioning not necessarily going on as community. AMA does not speak for many physicians, except the white coated actors on Obama commercial.

      Stated before…what’s coming is national medical license…waivers to foreign doctors.  There are lots of good ones here now.  But tomorrow…after Obamacare for 30 million more and you’re getting in line for care.  Will you be, as citizen, #29 million and 1?  

  6. Kathie says:

    Another insidious remark from the RINO right – Paul Ryan in his interview with Mark Levin stating that they could repeal “85%” of Obamacare through reconciliation. Trying to lower our expectations. It reminds me of every spending cut deal they’ve whittled down to nothing in the past three years.