Barack Obama’s Continuing Contempt for the Law

Betraying America By Pen-Stroke

In our constitutional system, the Congress writes the laws, and the Chief Executive carries them into execution.  The President is permitted to write rules that will lay out the method in which the law is enforced, but his power to write executive orders is not intended to permit him to bypass or ignore laws, never mind write his own.  This week, the Obama administration issued a new set of rules including the ability to issue waivers for work requirements to states overseeing the federal TANF program (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.)  This provision of the 1996 “Welfare Reform,” passed by a Gingrich-led Republican Congress, and signed into law by Bill Clinton, requires recipients to actively seek employment, and further their education in order to receive the funds.  Nowhere in the law is there a provision permitting the President to create waivers to these requirements, and yet, this is precisely what our fearless dictator has done.  Barack Obama’s lawlessness is speeding the final collapse of this nation, and he’s happily pursuing this end. It’s long past the time in which we should recognize that this had been his goal all along. The question politicians pretend not to have heard is “What shall we do about it?”

What may be understood from all of this are two basic things.  First, welfare reform is being destroyed by the stroke of a pen in the executive mansion. This is not the President’s rightful role in any case.  Obama has turned the office of the President into the office of Dear Leader, or Fuhrer, and there is no escaping the meaning of his grasping of more power.  Second, this President’s intentions must be clear to any who view it with clarity.  He does not intend anything good for our country, and his willingness to seize power in this fashion merely makes plain the fact that he is out of control, and ignoring all of the boundaries established by the US Constitution.  He is intentionally leading us into a disaster, in part to buy votes, but also in part because he wants the disaster.  Meanwhile, our Congress is writing letters to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to complain.

We have a branch of government that is in open insurrection against the Constitution, and our Congress is writing letters in response.  I know that many of you will argue that the Republican majority is only “one-half of one-third” of the government, but how many continuing resolutions to fund this monstrosity will they pass to fund all of this?  It’s the only thing they can do, apart from an impeachment vote, that will mean nothing when the Senate fails to act.  The only thing Congress can do is to deny funding.  There are some who argue the dictator will find a way around that, too, but if he does, that will be open insurrection against the Constitution, not on some small policy matter, but on the very foundations of our system of government. One would think people might notice.

This is the evidence of how bad it has become in the government.  We now have a President who rules outside the confines of the Constitution with complete impunity.  I can understand why so many conservatives would rush to support Mitt Romney, in desperation to put an end to this lawless administration.  I do understand it, and I tell you that I hold no ill will to those who choose this course.  The problem is that I don’t know if they will get their votes’ worth out of the Romney administration.  You may ask why, and it’s important to understand what’s really going on here, and what are the stakes.  After all, the better question may be simply: “What can we do about it?”

In acting out of all bounds of his constitutional limits, President Obama isn’t merely violating his oath by negligence or sloth, but is instead willfully committing treason against the United States.  His actions are the pinnacle of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  There exists no shortage of witnesses against him, and his entire administration, all who have sworn oaths, and all who carry out this plot against the constitution are likewise clearly acting in support of treason.  I do not use that word lightly, precisely as one must not use the word “racism” lightly.  Words of this sort lose all meaning when overused.   More, I mean “treason” in its precise legal meaning. Article III, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution:

“Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

Barack Obama’s lawless conduct well outside the constitutional limitations of his office are acts of war against the United States.  Here’s the problem, and I want you to consider it:  IF you succeed in flipping the Senate, and IF you succeed in putting Mush Romney in the White House, who is going to prosecute the case against Barack Obama?  Nobody.  Nobody is going to use the law to prosecute the criminal usurpations of this President, but that is precisely what ought to happen.  The entire cabal of leftists who have been ravaging this country for the past four years(at least) is going to walk away, and worse, agitate against undoing their treason.  What should happen (but won’t,) is that every officer of the Obama administration should be brought up on charges of Treason, abetting Treason, and levying and waging war against the United States Constitution.  They should be held at Guantanamo Bay pending trial.

None of that will happen. Why?  If the Republicans take over the executive branch, as well as the entire Congress, it is likely that business-as-usual will resume.  Those who voted for them will shrug, and say “well, at least that nightmare is over.”  What I’m warning you now is that even were this to happen, the nightmare will not end.  It will not end until we begin to punish politicians who act to subvert our constitution, not merely by sending them home, but by incarcerating, trying and sentencing them accordingly.  When these politicians take an oath to uphold our Constitution, what does that oath mean if when they violate it, they are permitted to walk away?

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a good reason you are not murderers, rapists, and thieves.  You expect that even if you were inclined to commit such trespasses against your neighbors, justice would pursue you and you would be held to pay the price for your crimes.  This is what has been missing from our nation for too many years.  We do not punish politicians who exceed their power.  Sure, we throw some in jail for crooked dealings, but what we  haven’t done is to jail them when they act out of malice toward our constitutional system.  If you want to re-write the ending of this drama, that must change.  We cannot permit our constitution to be attacked in this manner without answer.  Justice demands it.  There are those who will argue that we must not criminalize policy, but this isn’t about the specific policies so much as adherence to the supreme law of the land, or the conspiracy to subvert it.  It has been observed that our constitution is not a suicide pact, but we have too many politicians too thoroughly inclined to let every treason pass unanswered in the name of politics. One can only wonder at their motives.

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14 Responses to Barack Obama’s Continuing Contempt for the Law

  1. the unit says:

    Like you say…a law is passed without implementing rules…left to the administration.  Have not read Billy Boy and bipartisans agreement about workfare.  But bet lots of notes and E.O.s saw to it.  So likely new order ain’t so  much unlike the last one.  “Here’s what you do, boys.”  That’s what I’ve seen last thirty years.  And congress likes it…”not my fault.”

  2. the unit says:

    Message I got about Gosar post…”This sites security certificate is not trusted.”  Huh?  Homeland Security Administration already mingling in communication?

  3. MrsDrLift says:

    Typical Reichwing propaganda that rewrites history and ignores reality. Bush and Cheney should be in prison, but are not. Let’s stop vilifying the black man in the White House, because that’s all this vitriole has ever been about.

    • the unit says:

      Mama, you should’na of let your babies grow up to be cowboys.  Please hold your breathe til you get a like here.

  4. Supertx says:

    Those who voted for them will shrug, and say “well, at least that nightmare is over.”

    The tea partiers I know are more than aware that we’ll have to be just as vigilant even if Romney is in and the Senate taken. They know that many in the GOP are globalists and would be happy to use the new power that Obama will have given them. But we’re well aware of that.

    The first thing I’d like to see happen is a push for legislation to limit Exec. Power. It is way too open to loose interpretation, obviously, and has to be reined in and made very specific.

    • the unit says:

      It was in the beginning.  The executive “asks” the secretary assistant to sharpen the pencils, administrative order.  Careful now to be within “job discription” of course.  It was the old sheriff telling the boys…”saddle up, mount up, let’s go get them bank robbers.”  Now its…”tie  your horses to the hitchin’ post fellows…we ain’t going after’em.  Screw the law.”

      But you’re so right…all at the top believe globalism must prevail.  Nation state?…books written years ago about the end of that foolishness,

  5. Jeff1000 says:

    Insofar as Mitt Romney is a reasonable and lawful American who loves his country, conservatives might have a good chance to work with him to ensure that he does what needs to be done. I believe that Romney has come a long way since he was governor of Massachusetts (I live in Massachusetts so Romney is no stranger to me). He hasn’t even been elected president and we’re so quick to condemn him. Give the man a chance and he might turn out to be a great president and delightfully surprise us. Before Ronald Reagan took office did anyone think that he would become a great president?

    All I’m saying is that we need to give Romney a chance before we label him as a failure. Certainly the other option, Obama, is not even remotely feasible and is HOPELESS (how ironic considering “Hope and Change”).  

    • Shadow says:

       If Obama is given four more years the country’s rule of law will not survive.  The damage he has done will be doubled. No one seems to have the courage in Congress or the courts to stand up for The Constitution.  We must elect Romney with a strong enough margin to give him leverage with Congress to cut the size, scope, and spending of government.  He is the only alternative we have to stop The Marxism pushed on us by Democrats and restore our prosperity.  We must improve our national defense and restore our order in the world to offset the turmoil that is growing the The Middle East and stop the spread of Sharia law.
      We are the world’s last HOPE and our freedom depends on Romney’s election and patriotism.

  6. CC says:

    Mark, whered all these Romneybots come from?And I’m not talking about the esteemed member “the unit”, you are the esscence of class, Sir!  BROKERED CONVENTION OR BUST!!!!!