A Teachable Moment For Barack Obama, Courtesy of Bristol Palin

Be sure to drop by Bristol Palin’s blog-site today and share with her what you have built, all without government’s help.  She authored a post Thursday in which she brings more needed attention to the obscenely foolish notion put forward by Barack Obama last Friday that if you have a business, and you’ve been successful, “you didn’t build that.”  Says Bristol in response: “I built this, Mr. President.”  Darn right! It’s time more people begin to tell this President that they have built plenty all without his help, and despite his interference.

Bristol has invited her readers to share all the things they have built, all on their own, and I think it’s a great idea to highlight just how misguided Barack Obama really is. Be sure to visit Bristol’s blog to show some support!

Right on, Bristol!




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6 Responses to A Teachable Moment For Barack Obama, Courtesy of Bristol Palin

  1. the unit says:

    As I’ve said before here and elsewhere,credit  to Gabby…giving credit where credit due…”ya durn tootin’ Roy.”

  2. blueniner says:

    Great post Bristol Palin, very clever idea. Your Mom raised you right. I think you have a bright future. Way to go to keep Obama in check!

  3. Mike Allen says:

    May you always walk in the Spirit of TRUTH & not in the spirit of error ********

  4. Mike Allen says:

    May your posts be bold & full of the TRUTH *******

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