The Video Michael Bloomberg Needs to Watch

We Can't Protect Ourselves?

Imagine that you’re enjoying your coffee at an Internet Cafe in Florida.  Imagine that two armed thugs bust through the door, ordering people around, threatening their lives, and intent upon robbery.  One is waving a gun, while the other is swinging a baseball bat.  You are at the mercy of whatever comes next, because you are unarmed.  This is a terrible situation for any person, and you are out of options if the thugs decide to open fire.

Now, imagine that among your fellow patrons, a 71-year-old man who is armed decides that he will not let himself or fellow patrons be victimized any longer.  Samuel Williams is a hero. Thankfully, Mr. Williams does not live in Bloomberg’s New York, where he would have been prohibited from this courageous act.

Watch what happens:


For the ludicrous jack-ass who presides over the city of New York as though he’s an Emperor, and who claims it is nonsensical to believe that armed citizens can prevent murder through self-defense, you would think this video might prove to him the error of his beliefs, but it will not. His object is not to prevent the deaths of innocents, but to leave you defenseless.

Bloomberg's security

I have one question for Mayor BloomingIdiot:

Why do you have armed bodyguards?  Why?  Isn’t it “nonsensical” to believe they can protect you?

Or is it something else? Is it that you are worthy of self-defense, but we are not?  That’s a mighty fine armored limousine you have, Mr. Mayor.  Can the residents of New York get the same?  No?  You have bodyguards and police around you wherever you go.  Can you offer the same assurances to all the New Yorkers who you forbid from arming themselves in their own defense?  No.

Fraud.  Hypocrite.  Liar.



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11 Responses to The Video Michael Bloomberg Needs to Watch

  1. the unit says:

    Unit=380 Beretta..  Won’t penetrate body armor, but head shot as per Marine (Corpse) training will suffice. Then again might use old M1911 45 with ammo from Lejuene is the mid ’60s. Think it won’t work?

    • Mark America says:

      1911s are great. Love mine. A 380 is good.

      • the unit says:

        My Beretta is hollow point…or when hit you only holler once…if then.  General George would love my chrome/nickel plated M1911 with pearl handles.  Will be looking for someone to bequeath it to one day.  Owned it now only 52 years. Bet we’ll be in touch. :)

        • Mark America says:

          My pair of 1911s made by Taurus, and I can’t say enough about the quality. They’re not shiny nickel, but subdued black matte. We all know General Patton liked Ivory, right? Heh heh… ;-)

          • the unit says:

            You so right.  “we all know” now …he thought this of course…

            They’re ivory. Only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whorehouse would carry a pearl-handled pistol.” 

             My M1911 has ivory handles. I thought pearl. Your matte will be good for the coming discourse, but my nickel plate will give a flash in the light of whose speaking  … in the brief  and permanent  conversation.

  2. Kathie says:

    Some people, when placed in a leadership position, will shrink from the challenges of serious responsibility, and instead busy themselves with trivialities, like worrying about how much salt people put on their food. Bloomberg is in this class. Deep down, he knows his own incompetence. Waging a war on fat is about his level.

    • the unit says:

      Yep Kat…with that war we will soon be able to buy fat on the street and then later be prescribed it.  Then all fatties will fall under the IPAB decision… no more care in Obamacare for fatties. Fat cartels will rule. Can Bloomberg see his gouty big toes?…know Christie can’t !

  3. the unit says:

    Being down that why…was wondering exactly where… 

    Headline Ocala, Gainsville News…Charges unlikely against man who shot robbers Er…just old man, like unit…white? Hispanic? Doesn’t matter…just a good shot with too small of a caliber to finish the job.  But lesson learned progressives…squat on that!  And wipe.

  4. the unit says:

    Two week ago now…not much comment by patriots…guess like most MSM stories…we will never hear the results of …the rest of the story.  Just take Sam Williams gun away.  Oh well, just comment what we are going to do…one day.  Sam wasn’t the Joker, no media attention needed.