WRAL(Raleigh) Releases N.C. Conceal Carry Database

Unarmed? Here's Your Sign

Unarmed residents of North Carolina should be livid.  On the other hand, criminals operating in North Carolina must be ecstatic because CBS affiliate WRAL(in Raleigh) has posted a complete searchable database on its website through which you can look up people by name and address to see if they have concealed-carry permits.  Some are understandably afraid that concealed-carry permit-holders may be singled out by criminals, but in fact, what I expect is that criminals will search to see if their intended targets are gun-owners.  In one sense, this is like placing a “Gun-free zone” sign in all the places that don’t show up in this database.  All of the people who have benefited from the deterrent effect of neighbors who have armed themselves under the law will now likely lose that free ride.  Trying to embarrass or pressure concealed-carry permit holders, and certainly opening them up to harassment on a political basis, what WRAL has succeeded in doing is to help criminals avoid armed citizens.

Guess what that means for everyone else?

While the absence of a concealed-carry permit-holder hardly guarantees the absence of guns in a given business or home, it could be an indicator, and for criminals, if the address they’re about to hit isn’t in the database, there is a higher likelihood of catching a business owner or resident unaware and unarmed.  Ladies, you will be the first targets of this, because violent sexual offenders can now look to see if their intended targets are apt to be packing heat.  We know victims of sexual assault frequently know their attackers, prior to the attack, and now such fiends will be able to verify whether their intended victim is a permit-holder.  Consider that what WRAL has actually done is to point violent criminals in the direction of probable unarmed victims.  Despite the political harassment North Carolinians with permits might now endure as a result, I would not fail to be join that list if I were a resident of that state.  I would want every thug in the state who is aware of WRAL’s database to know that I am armed to the teeth and will defend myself vigorously. It won’t take long for the word of the existence of the database to spread to and among the criminal element.

This shows the foolishness of the left. In attempting to target gun-owners and concealed-carry permit-holders politically, what they may ultimately succeed in doing is to cause criminals to target everyone else.  When that happens, more and more law-abiding citizens will go get a concealed-carry permit, or at least arm themselves in their homes, and that will be a good thing for the free people of North Carolina.  This is typical of the manner in which leftists function:  Their immediate concern was how to score political points against a class of citizens in North Carolina who they hold in contempt, and upon whom they had hoped to heap derision and scorn.  Instead, they may well damn every other citizen of the state by helping criminals to filter out the concealed-gun carriers.

In fact, every resident of North Carolina should be outraged, because what WRAL has just done is to aid and abet the criminals.  On the other hand, the one thing law-abiding citizens of that state should do in response is to get their concealed-carry permits.  As is the norm, there will be unintended consequences of this action by WRAL, and one may be to impel more residents to procure their concealed-carry permits.  As bad as this is, for those who like to look for “silver linings,” this story may actually offer one over the long run.

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6 Responses to WRAL(Raleigh) Releases N.C. Conceal Carry Database

  1. Kathie says:

    My first thought on reading this was that it would spur a spike in gun sales. I’d want my name on that list.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmm. We have very few concealed carry permits in Australia, just a requirement your guns be registered by the state. Of course, when that registry is hacked…



    • the unit says:

      Interesting Aussie.  No registry required here, except newly purchased and concealed carry weapons.  No hacking required, just forcibly enter my home and become acquainted with my great granddad’s, L. C. Smith, both barrels.

  3. Belinda says:

    Shame on you- we have that specific license to protect our lives, homes and neighbors. They were gained lawfully and you’ve just invited every criminal into our neighborhood- our homes- as a joust- god help you all if anyone tries to gain access because of what you have released…. My husband was in the secret service- we were robbed in our driveway- you should be ashamed. My family lives in Colorado- do not do this because of shooting – I have the right to bear arms- as well as sue anyone that unjustly welcomes crime to my neighborhood…

  4. Shawn S says:


    Did I read the same article you just read?

    Mark supplies information. It’s all well researched and well writen.

    How can you blame Mark for what the Democrats have done by releasing this information. Did you know before reading this post that they did that?

    The Demorcrat party and their cohorts (the lame stream media) is for tearing down the structure and fabric of America and this is just another example that Mark exposed. Thats what I got out of reading this article.

    Shame on them!!

    Keep up the Great work Mark.

    Shawn S.

    • the unit says:

      Comment for Belinda as for Aussie before…no question…my home is my castle…go to Walmart at your own risk same as in olden days, venturing into the hinterlands.  No specific license needed to protect all you mention.  Like SPARs motto of women’s Coast Guard …”already ready.”  Understand liberals mean it as demeaning, from wiki…” a form of mock combat; SPARS”. But here it is…
       Semper Paratus and its English translation, Always Ready.

      Careful when you go into the hinterlands…not midnight. :)