Palin to Rally for Cruz in Texas; Dewhurst’s Desperation Showing


I hate that this is the case, but I must say that the antics of Lt. Governor David Dewhurst are despicable.  Dewhurst began running a new ad this week on the Internet featuring a woman crying about her son who killed himself, implying that Ted Cruz was somehow to blame is a scandal.  I find it offensive that any politician seeking to be the Republican Senate candidate would run such an ad, but I cannot believe any even vaguely conservative Texan would knowingly vote for this man.  The internal polls must not be looking all that spiffy for Lt. Gov. Dewhurst.  It’s time we go to the polls and give him a taste of how bad it can get.

On Wednesday evening’s show, Mark Levin also addressed this latest attack ad by Dewhurst.  Here’s audio:


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Dewhurst is an amoral politician who seeks only power.  The worst part may be that a large number of Democrats may be voting in this run-off as Republicans in order to skew the vote in Dewhurst’s favor, and he’s quietly courting their support.  Democrats clearly realize Dewhurst is a guy who will frequently go their way in tough votes in the Senate like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, or Lindsey Graham.  They expect he will be a reliable aisle-crosser.

What this means is that you had better turn out for Ted Cruz, or the liberal Republicans and the Democrats will combine to elect another squish.

To the polls, Texas Conservatives!

In related news, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and South Carolina’s Senator Jim Demint will be rallying in support of Ted Cruz on Friday at the Woodlands, near Houston, and I will be there to join in the support!

Texans, get out there and show your support!  Show David Dewhurst he can’t get away with skewing reality this way, and vote for Ted Cruz!


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4 Responses to Palin to Rally for Cruz in Texas; Dewhurst’s Desperation Showing

  1. Texmom says:

    I wish there was a way to prevent this “crossover” manipulative voting. It’s dishonest and both sides have been known to do it. If we did legislate it somehow, though, the usual suspects would find a new way to manipulate the vote.

  2. Surfnby says:

    Funny how Palin and DeMint wouldn’t go and Ralley for Newt Gingrich during this primary season.

    Palin somewhat endorsed.

    DeMint wouldn’t mention a word for a real conservative who was running for President( Newt Gingrich). I believed in Jim DeMint and donated to his PAC all the time  Now I won’t donate a dime. I donate direct to the candidate.

    As far as Im concerned instead of setting aside what ever problem he had with Newt he decided to go with Romney who he endorsed last election cycle. So anyone who bangs their chest saying they fight for Conservatives and back a RINO Liberal, I will not have any respect for.

    I do agree with fighting for Ted Cruz who I have been posting and blogging for.

    Always a pleasure reading your Blogs Mark. Always Spot on.

    Shawn S.

    • C Bartlett says:

      Surfnby – Jim DeMint spoke at the FreePAC event last night. Even though most of the other speakers mentioned Ted by name, Jim only alluded to his candidacy with a wink. The crowd cheered because they knew exactly who he meant. I realized that until the runoff is decided, he may not be able to do more than that. If – Heaven forbid- Dewhurst were to get the nomination, DeMint would HAVE to support him over the Dem nominee for the race in November. Would be hard to do if he is “on record” (read that – recorded on video) supporting Ted. He may actually sort of already have a problem because the Senate Conservatives Fund has given funds to the Cruz campaign and I believe Jim is very tied to that.

  3. Cbartlett says:

    Sitting in the American Airlines Center (Dallas) listening to a great Freedom Works sponsored rally for Ted Cruz. Amazing number of people. Sure looks like grass-roots support should translate to more votes than Austin money. Worried about those cross-over Dems though. Voted on Monday and all of my kids and spouses have voted this week. Going to be a long weekend…..