As Though The Appointments Sell-Out Hadn’t Been Bad Enough… Another Budget Surrender

Too Afraid to Fight

Early Wednesday, I brought you the story that had erupted in Washington over Republican capitulation on Presidential appointments on Tuesday evening. While Ted Cruz was winning the Republican run-off for Senate in Texas, the House Republican leadership was busy selling us out, but it didn’t end with the matter of Presidential appointments. They also came to an agreement on another temporary spending extension that will carry the budget problems until after the elections by virtue of yet another continuing resolution, as the Heritage Foundation reports.  Let’s get real: If we can’t win by standing for the constitution, let’s just quit, surrender the country, and simply lie down and die.  This is another example of the preternatural fear exhibited by Republican Congressional leadership over the prospects of a government shutdown.  I don’t understand why, because this nation has survived many shutdowns, including at least three major ones during Reagan’s administration, and at least one during Clinton’s. Of course, it is the shutdown of 1995 that leadership fears, because in that instance, Bob Dole over in the Senate undercut Gingrich because Dole was seeking the Presidency in 1996.  Now, the leadership is selling-out for Mitt Romney’s sake, but if this continues, we will have a repeat of the 2006 disaster.

Somebody should tell Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell that they don’t answer to Mitt Romney, but more, Mitt Romney should make a case on behalf of budgetary discipline, but just like last summer, Romney didn’t say a word about the deal-making over the Debt Ceiling until it was finished, only then remarking on it. This is precisely the sort of spineless approach I have feared from Mitt Romney, and from any Congress that would work with him.  If this is what it will be like in a Romney administration, I’m not interested.  More, we shouldn’t get our hopes up too high since it’s now apparent that Boehner and the boys in the House simply don’t have the stomach for a battle.  As usual, the GOP establishment is in collusion with liberals to screw the rest of us for the sake of politics.

Here’s the list of problems Heritage offered with this latest continuing resolution(CR):

  • It stifles the economy by adding to the uncertainty among investors and employers, making them reluctant to pursue growth-producing, job-creating activities.
  • It erodes public confidence. Congress’s repeated failure with such routine matters as annual spending bills breeds cynicism about how lawmakers are handling more than $3.5 trillion of the economy’s resources each year.
  • It weakens Congress’s ability to budget at all. Each repetition makes fiscal mismanagement the norm. Past vices become present-day habits, and the chance of Congress restoring stable budgeting practices grows more remote. Without them, Congress will be unable to address the huge entitlement spending challenges that are growing larger and more imminent.
  • It risks an economic breakdown sooner than expected. Former Senator Judd Gregg (R–NH) has warned that “once reality sets in that there is going to be no improvement in leadership, whether on the fiscal cliff or on long-term deficits and debt, people and markets will react. They will not wait until January. Historically, September has been a good time for such a reaction.”

More than any of this, however, I believe it simply “kicks the can down the road” again, in search of a more favorable time to address the impending catastrophe.  By “more favorable,” they mean a time when there is no impending election, but I have news for these establishment weasels:  There’s always an election pending, and this is precisely why we never actually address these issues.  Kicking the can down the road is much less painful to politicians, but it does precisely nothing to repair our nation, and it helps to promote an eventual collapse of our system.

Congressional Republicans ought to wake the Hell up.  Mitt Romney’s campaign didn’t appoint them to office.  We elected them.  They’re in office to represent our interests, but not Mitt Romney’s electoral aspirations. This is not a winning strategy, but merely a plan for perpetual retreat. We can’t afford this sort of leadership any longer, and if this is what Romney offers, we’re better off without him too.


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7 Responses to As Though The Appointments Sell-Out Hadn’t Been Bad Enough… Another Budget Surrender

  1. the unit says:

    Leaders have quit?  Will newly elected ones lead?  Constituents….what are they?   Just a means to a end…end justifies the means.  We just get continuing condolences til next time.  Two for the house, four for the executive,  six for the senate…two, four, six, eight…they all procrastinate. Go team, huh?

  2. NY4P says:

    The fourth point from Heritage that a strong reaction by people and markets as early as September rather than January may be a Republican strategy to have the Dems hang on their own rope and thereby favor the Republicans in November.

  3. Kathie says:

    Boehner is just an Obama tool. I’m sorry, but we are seeing clear indications of what to expect from a Romney/Boehner/McConnell coalition. None of them are fit to lead.

  4. Margaret J. Denson says:

    Who is supposed to be leading Romney on what to do?  Please tell him what he needs to say, AND MEAN IT

  5. susiepuma says:

    Ohhhh but- but – but – the ‘Conservatives” are gonna hold ole mitt’s well shod feet to the fire and he’s going to follow their lead – I’d like to know where their universe is located – where have you been?  The GOPE have been pushing this meme on C4P for quite some time now – gotta vote for mitt & hold his feet to the fire & everything will be just fine……………….

    I’ve said before & will keep on saying – if one declares themself to be a “Conservative” , then there is no way in hell one can vote for the plastic kendoll flip flopper – take off the rose colored glasses & see what is right in front of you – there is NO difference between the two wings of the party – the D’s will take us over the cliff at 100 MPH – the R’s will do the same thing only slower………………. either way, this country is screwed and so is the American public.

    If people can turn out like they did yesterday for Chick-fil-A, then they can certainly do the same thing at the GOP convention and DEMAND the  delegates vote to request that Governor Sarah Palin accept their invitation to become the nominee and the eventual President in November 2012………………. she is the only politician that I know for a fact is not for sale and will govern with a servant’s heart……………………

    • the unit says:

      Like also.  But  it will take a long line in Tampa to pull a Chick-fil-A.  Old boy still says…know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.  Cliff may not be dead drop off.  Grab a projected stone and hold on.  Make a next time available. ABO..then make ’em oink.! Then there is a chance.