Sarah Palin Goes ‘On the Record’ – Best Lines of Tuesday Night

On the Record

On Tuesday evening, after sending out a congratulatory message to Ted Cruz on his Senate run-off victory in Texas, former Alaska  Governor Sarah Palin went On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.  She discussed a number of issues, from Chick Fil-A to Ted Cruz, and the GOP convention, as well as Dick Cheney’s insulting proclamation.  Gov. Palin had a number of interesting things to say, and you should watch the video.  Pay particular attention to the way she answered the question about former Vice President Dick Cheney’s remarks about her qualifications for the office of President.  She also gave Mark Levin credit for providing the basis of her curiosity about Ted Cruz, who she had endorsed.


“Well seeing as how DICK, excuse me, VICE PRESIDENT Cheney, never MISFIRES…”

By the time I finished laughing, the segment was nearly over, so I replayed it once more.

As ever, Governor Palin was on point, and right on time.  As she continues to campaign for conservatives in key races, the establishment continues to take their shots at her, calling her “irrelevant,” telling us her endorsements “aren’t worth snot,” and that she wasn’t qualified.

After a while, it should beg the question: Who isn’t qualified?  Who isn’t relevant?  Whose endorsements aren’t worth snot?




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4 Responses to Sarah Palin Goes ‘On the Record’ – Best Lines of Tuesday Night

  1. Donna Stover says:

    i am goin to eat today. :)

  2. Sue Lynn says:

    America has no better friend than Sarah Palin with a stellar record to prove it!!!!

  3. Donna Stover says:

    i wish the govt would get their nosey business out of marriage. “Marriage” is a word that came straight from the BIBLE. The govt has no place there. And also out of what we teach our children in schools. We the taxpayer pay for the schools. They are ours. Not the govt

  4. Donna Stover says:

    hello Gretta, you are the ONLY reporter that i have respect for in America. You speak truth. Ask whomever why romney has gotten away with not disclosing his taxes.