Sarah Palin on Cavuto (Eric Bolling Guest-Hosting) Video

Governor Palin with Eric Bolling

Governor Palin appeared on Fox with Eric Bolling to talk about the Ted Cruz victory, as well as other matters.  Bolling asked her about a remark by lobbyist and former Senator Bob Bennett(R-UT) who had said that the “Tea Party wave is receding.”  Gov. Palin responded: “Bless his heart, he’s a little out of touch… Bolling also asked Governor Palin about the convention, and she said “I just want to help,” but that “sometimes, helping means you step aside,” apparently meaning that Governor Palin won’t be part of the convention as a speaker, at least as it stands.  Here’s the video, courtesy of the Barracuda Brigade:


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One Response to Sarah Palin on Cavuto (Eric Bolling Guest-Hosting) Video

  1. CC says:

    Well Mark, is Sarah going over to the Dark side with her friendly comments toward Mitt? No, I know she’s not, just like I know Newt has to say nice things about Romney. It’s just hard to watch her say it!