Oh, Let’s Not Fight…

Let's Get Along!

Why should we conservatives become upset about notions like adherence to principles?  Why shouldn’t we simply vote for whomever we believe can win? Perhaps more importantly, why bother with winning?  Let’s simply just go along to get along!  It seems to work out so much better that way.  There are no arguments, and nobody gets upset, and we can all just be friends.  Who needs the divisiveness of politics anyway?  Let us blow unicorn kisses at one another, and shoot rainbows from our backsides and just be happy.  Perhaps we need to move away from all of these terrible ideas about individuality, principles of liberty, and so many of these other antiquated ideas that merely serve to keep us apart.  Naturally, to obtain this sort of ideal place, this realm of perfection in which everybody is happy, and everyone simply gets along, we’ll need to give up a few things lest we permit the temptations of greed and selfishness spoil it all for the world.  To that end, let’s go through a partial list of those untidy things we won’t be keeping in order to obtain this happy sort of Utopian happy-place full of happy-talk but no happy-meals.  Don’t you feel better already?  Can’t you feel the love?  Let’s find out.

Go ahead and pack up all of your guns and ammo and turn them in to the nearest office of the BATFE. They’ll be happy to take them, and then you won’t have to worry about gun laws any longer.  The gun laws will be whatever the government types want them to be, and we won’t have need to fight about it any longer.  See that?  One huge political issue solved, forevermore!  Isn’t it magical?  Isn’t it wondrous?  Aren’t we thrilled to have surrendered our rights and our principles all in the name of unity?  No, we’ve now reduced one less hassle from our lives, and one more source of potential lethality, but most importantly, a very big source of disunity.  We should all feel good about this, shouldn’t we?

We need to close down all blogs, all newspapers, all broadcast news outlets, and so on immediately.  Free speech simply upsets people and no implementation of free speech upsets more people than the press.  From now on, the news is whatever the government tells us.  You trust them.  You believe them.  Oh, it might be bad for a while as Obama’s still in office, but if we elect Mitt Romney, it’ll be fine.  Just you wait and see!  If we have to wait another four years to replace Obama, that will be okay too, and rather than spend all your time reading and watching and listening, you can simply accept what the officials of government tell you.  By now, we should be starting to feel those rainbows warming up in our bellies.

Let’s get rid of all this “search warrants” nonsense.  Law enforcement officers always act with deliberate and faithful motives, and never abuse us.  Let’s allow government to come and go from our homes and businesses as they please.  First, we’ll be safer, and second, we’ll get along so much better.  “Come on in! ”   This should be our attitude.  See how much more neighborly you feel already?

Vote? Why do we need to do that?  Voting is for illegal immigrants who want our stuff.  Why should we oppose that?  We wanted our stuff, so why shouldn’t they want it too?  Speaking of stuff, let’s dispense with this notion of property.  Let’s just get rid of it.  Whomever comes upon a thing may have it.  Just take it, it’s yours if you want it or need it.  Go on!  It’s better this way.  So much less conflict.  So much less strife.  Property rights aren’t necessary.

Yes, and while we’re at it, let’s get rid of this two party system.  Let’s replace it with a no-party system, and just have a government, and we can trust that the government will do exactly what it’s supposed to do, and no more.  We can send all of our money to the government too.  Let them feed us with our money.  Let them set the menu.  Michelle Obama is waiting to show you the finest in dining habits.  You won’t have to spend another moment deciding “what’s for supper” tonight.

Work?  That’s an outdated concept.  Why should anybody need to work in the 21st century?  Why should any person be moved by his nature to create the means of his own subsistence?  Why?  The means of our existence is virtually automatic nowadays, right? Why should one live in a mansion while another lives in a hut?  I think Barack Obama’s poor brother in Kenya should move into the White House and Barack can just as easily live in the hut.  What’s the problem?   We need more brother-love.  Are you ready to blow me a unicorn kiss yet?

Why do we need health insurance anyway?  Why not just go to the doctor when you are sick?  Why should you need to be worried about how to pay for it?  That would require you to work, and we don’t want that.  Doctors love being doctors, and nurses love being nurses, and they won’t expect payment.  Why should they?  No, it’s much better if we all sit around on our back-sides waiting to be fed, clothed, housed, doctored, and entertained.  Are you feeling the love yet?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want any part of that, you’re on the wrong damned website.  If you expect me to blow you kisses because you’ve accepted a nominee in your party who is willing to participate in building the nightmare described above, you’re on the wrong damned website.  If you believe health-care is a right, or you believe that humans don’t have the natural right to self-defense by any means necessary, or you believe that property is something that gets in the way of human relations, you’re on the wrong damned website.

I did not create this website to be a pant-hoot-howl for Republicans.  I created this site to be a beacon for liberty, and whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or Communist, if you expect me to keep mum about people in politics who are now disparaging our liberties, you’re on the wrong damned website.  You don’t want me to talk about Boehner’s betrayals? Tough. You don’t want me to mention Romney’s shortcomings?  Tough.  You don’t want me to mention the kind of things that your own party does to you when you’re not watching?  Too damned bad.  If you want that kind of world, you won’t find it here.  Seek your utopia of togetherness wherever you can.  There are plenty of Republican cheerleaders on the Internet.  There exists an endless array of Romney shills.  Just turn on Fox News.

To those of you who are interested in knowing who is screwing you today, and you want to know it even when they happen to have an “R” trailing their names, stick around.  The premise of this website is that we know the left is monstrous, buffoonish, and demonic.  Nobody here doubts that.  It’s a given. Why repeat it when there’s no novelty in it? It would be like prefacing every sentence in a conversation about weather with “the sun is our largest heat source.”  No, I do not wish to spend time talking about the villains in the Democrat party.

I find it much more fruitful to point out all the disguised villains in the Republican party, since there exists no shortage.  My object is to reverse the infection of the Republican party with the same disease, or if we cannot cure it, how to find a new host party, even if we must build it ourselves.  This is not MarkGoesAlongToGetAlong.com, but if that’s what you’re after, I say: “Go build it.”


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25 Responses to Oh, Let’s Not Fight…

  1. Wraith says:

    I have no idea how you managed to write the first few paragraphs without throwing up.  I couldn’t do it.

  2. MiBones says:

    Mark, I started following you after you wrote about “Leadership” and Sarah Palin. I have been an avid follower ever since. Keep it up. Me and mine are with you all the way.

  3. the unit says:

    I don’t think for a New York minute I’m on the wrong webpage.  But without the ability to turn to the page you describe…then increments are necessary…a few blank pages in the meantime.  Toss gains in ’10 under the bus, reelect the executive order guy, who even the gained representives can’t fight because we reelected the direction wanted by the takers,  we make it easy.  A little scouring of the pan is needed from time to time to keep the eggs from sticking.
    You know my thoughts concerning who governs now,  NWO.  Governs when we go into conflict, U.N. approval and international partners say jump,  just inform Congress of the fact. 
    Since no hope of grabbing by the handle…grab by the tail, til one day handle becomes available.
    Long time getting here, a long swim back.

  4. meloryscott says:

    You are the only blogger that still has credibility with me.
    The GOP is as bad as the Dems, period.  Both need to be called out.


  5. meloryscott says:

    You are the only blogger that still has credibility with me. 

    Mark Levine the only radio host I still respect.  Very dissappointed in Rush, did not know he was such a good little Republican.  Still loves him a lot.

    The GOP is as bad as the Dems, both need to be called out.  Keep doing the right thing Mark, your readers respect you for that.

  6. Kathie says:

    Mark, knowing you’re out there gives me hope that America isn’t wall-to-wall insane. This year, we’re told not to think about “I”–what I believe, who I think would be a good leader for this country. It’s all about “we”–we have to set aside our principles and vote ABO. And along with that nasty, selfish “I”, the political elite trash other precious “i” words–“independence”, “individualism”, “idealism”, and “integrity”–while they try to herd us into a compliant mass.

    But the more we exercise our individuality, independence of government, ideals and integrity, the more likely we are to lead America out of darkness. We will do it; not the politicians.

  7. Guest says:

     All right!  My enemy is the gopE. Get rid of the enemy within and beating the Obama’s, Pelosi’s, and Reid’s of the world is a cakewalk.

    I want no part of Romney’s America just like I want no part of Obama’s America.

  8. Magdalene51 says:


  9. Ron says:

    I believe that public employees and elected government officials may
    have violated numerous criminal laws.  I requested a criminal investigation into this matter by the Texas Attorney General.

  10. susiepuma says:

    Thank you Mark for this terrific article – funny how all of those so-called “Conservative values and principles” slowly disappeared since October 5, 2011 (actually since November, 2008) – one by one by one by one and then there were none………………..

  11. Guest says:

    Well it appears that everybody doesn’t want to get along. Team “Animal House” doesn’t want the Governor to speak.


  12. mainelysteve says:

    So, are we looking for a new political party headed by a Moma Grizzly??

  13. TheresaAK says:

    Mark, you are the man…..a great Patriot….like I told you before, you are the Paul Revere of today.

  14. TENCOLE says:

    Start naming names Mark…..I’ll echo them. ♥

  15. Chris says:

    Great post!

  16. DAN C says:

    Good post. Sadly, the conservative movement that I have fought for is rapidly becoming a complete joke due to its own hypocrisy. 

  17. the unit says:

    Y’all, I think, know I love and agree with reasoning in this webpage’s articles from since about October, and gone back to read some from last summer.  And I respect the opinions of all who post.  Twenty years ago, while even older than Mark America is now, used technology then available, booths at flea markets, roadside waving, local radio and tv appearances, to get message out about United We Stand, and later the Reform Party,supposedly as we believed to expose both dems and repubs.  Even supported Scarborough, the now tv star.  Now know it was a setup then, as much is a setup now. If you get a legit 3rd., watch out as to its real purpose.
    Wish I could be here in twenty years to see how y’all’s influence affect the future, just 2 decades down the road.
    Not likely that I’ll be here to see that, is possible as don’t know when the good Lord will take me (government may before that:)  Anyway if I make it thru Nov. 6…for one vote for O, mine will be the nullifying vote, called voter nullification.  Then getting past that, still have a chance to kick my vote down the road,…til kicks some sense somewhere.  Best of Luck Kids, go for it.  Be successful or you will be questioned as I was here before…”what did my generation do to prevent what we have today?”
    I had an answer, you will too.  But hope you can be called…The Second Coming of the Greatest Generation.

    • Mark America says:

      You aren’t leaving us, are you? I expect you’ll be around for a few more election cycles, perhaps more than I.

      • the unit says:

        As you know…I’m still here. Of course, not leaving. Sorry been so much trouble, but thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it.