Krispy Kreme Keynote?

Embracing Islam...

I find it baffling when some politicians take such pleasure in behaving publicly like thugs, as has Chris Christie. With his bullying demeanor, and his non-stop vitriol, a loudmouth like this might be expected to take a tough stance against actual threats to the nation, but that’s hardly the case.  As obnoxious as he has been at times, I hadn’t known he was such a suck-up for the cause of Islam, but according to an article appearing in FrontPage Magazine, Christie hosted an Iftar dinner at which he has singled out a supporter of Islamic suicide bombers as his friend.  Yes, that’s right, the New Jersey blowhard, known for shouting- down members of the public, virtually groveled at the appearance of Mohammed Qatanani, an Imam well-known in New Jersey who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a proven supporter of Hamas.  This is a man who has helped raise money for the families of suicide bombers, and Chris Christie is hanging out with him? As I read this on Monday afternoon, I became perplexed at Governor Christie’s stance, but I was even more baffled as news came out on Monday evening that Christie would be announced on Tuesday as the man to deliver the GOP convention’s keynote address.

How is it possible that the Governor of New Jersey, who throws verbal bombs in every conceivable direction, and who has such ties will give the RNC’s keynote address? Part of the problem we face has been well-covered in such blogs as Pamela Geller’s AtlasShrugs, consisting of an unwillingness on the part of many Republicans to discuss the infiltration of Islamists into American governmental institutions.  Many of them are compromised, having ties to wealthy donors, and when questioned, they inevitably accuse the questioner of carrying out some sort of Salem’s Witch Hunt, or accuse them of “McCarthyism,” never acknowledging the facts of the matter.  Christie is no different on this score, using the occasion of the dinner to again defend Sohail Mohammed, a man he appointed to the Superior Court bench in Passaic County, New Jersey, who had been a defense attorney for Imam Qatanani:

“Ignorance is behind the criticism of Sohail Mohammed,” Christie declared, without bothering to explain how “ignorance” provoked Qatanani’s guilty plea, or involvement in Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, or Mohammed’s other ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-linked individuals and groups.

When you hear a politician fetch out this kind of language, it is almost invariably because there is something to be hidden.  I am concerned that as bad as Governor Christie’s demeanor has been in many instances, his ties to these sorts of unsavory characters calls into question what sort of man he really is, because there’s nothing in this to exculpate his behavior.  Why is the Governor of New Jersey involved with such things?  Is this a case of pure political back-scratching, and if so, is Christie unaware of the threat?  It would seem unlikely that Christie could have managed to ignore all the information to which he had access on Imam Qatanani, and it’s incomprehensible that he would be unaware of its implications.

I don’t know what Chris Christie will say at the GOP convention as its keynote speaker, but you can bet it won’t be about the threat of Islamic radicals that our nation faces.  I’m tired of politicians on both sides of the aisle who seem inclined to play patty-cakes with people who have a professed interest in undermining our nation.  The piece in FrontPage Magazine merely punctuates this point with respect to Christie, calling into question why he would be chosen as the keynote speaker.  It’s not as though one couldn’t think of better.  Ahem.



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