Turn Out The Lights: The Grand Old Party Is Over

That’s it. You can shut down the convention right now. It’s over. Romney’s camp just shut down all dissent, and they rigged it that way.  Twitter is awash in angry tweets from people who know this was a sham.  John Boehner actually wielded the gavel without a hint of a tear as he said “the ayes have it.” They didn’t have it, and I think it was pretty clear that even if they did, this was a set-up. I have news for the GOP establishment. I am voting in November. I will vote for all the down-ballot candidates who are worthy of my support. I am not going to vote for Mitt Romney.  Don’t look at the page as though you’ve read the words of a man pledging treason. It was not I who rigged the primaries.  It was not I who rigged the convention. It was not I who rigged the rules committee. All of those things are actual treasons against the conservatives in the America, and all of those things were carried out by Mitt Romney and his legion.  I am a small matter to it, but I will have my say.  If the Republican party wishes to commit suicide by Romney, they may do so, but they will do so without my help in the matter.  John Boehner may have enjoyed his moment in despotic pleasure, and Reince Priebus may have been doing his masters’ bidding, but Mitt Romney had it within his power to put a stop to all of this, but when tested by circumstance, Mitt Romney’s fatal character flaws prevailed.

The Republican Party is dead.  It’s time we get on with this convention and consider it a funeral.  You’re witnessing a party that will now fall, and I’m going to help it on its way.  Some of you diehard Republicans who read this blog may wish to find other haunts.  It’s not going to be pretty. When I saw John Sununu begin to surface with regularity on Fox News over the last few weeks, I suspected the fix was in.  His conduct of the RNC Rules Committee on Tuesday demonstrates that fact.

I am a person who refuses to separate his convictions from his actions and choices. Mitt Romney could have done many things to gain my support, and the support of many others, but rather than do so, he seized control.  He used all his pals and buddies to take over and make the voices of grass-roots Republicans and Tea Party conservatives silent.  Some will urge that we remain focused on November, and I agree, but my focus is irrevocably changed. I am out to defeat the GOP establishment in any and every form that may take.

Note to conservatives: I will understand if you swallow your pride and your principles and vote for Mitt Romney, but do not come to this site to chastise me or others who refuse to join you.  Your argument had consisted of convincing us that the Romnoids wouldn’t behave this way, and at precisely that moment when they needed to prove it, they behaved precisely as we dissenters knew that they would. Save it.

Romney had his chance.  Today, he blew it.


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48 Responses to Turn Out The Lights: The Grand Old Party Is Over

  1. RichB says:

    Let Sarah take the lead. I will follow. She saw this coming, too.
    They will get my vote this one time, just to get rid of Obankrupter. But in 2016, we will work to push the GOP and the Marxists aside for a REAL party that knows how to say NO to things like the “Cell phones for Crackheads” program at a cost of $2B per year.

    • CC says:

      Not to chastise you RichB, but this attitude, that the “Anybody but Obama” theme, is the reason we got the WORST Republican Nominee in modern history. The Newt faction, which I was PROUDLY a member of, and part of many Pro-Newt websites, we warned, and my hero markamerica WARNED long ago that Romney would Flip on a dime. The GOPE doesn’t want those “pesky conservatives” in the GOP, OKAY, then you can go beat Obama by yourself and those robots in Tampa. This isn’t the Party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan anymore. Time to find a new party!

      • capelady says:

        Newt would not appreciate you taking this stand. He is smart enough to know the reality that we are facing… and you can be sure Newt will vote for Romney because he cares about his grandchildren’s future. If you respect Newt (and he was my candidate too) then follow Newt’s lead in this.

    • Jeanie says:

      I’m afraid that if something is NOT done this year, 2012…….we’ll be lucky if we survive for the 2016 elections! And that is IF we ever have Elections again.

  2. Guest says:

    I’m right with you Mark and there are many more of us!

  3. carl says:

    In 2010 Jeb Bush was no where to be found, but sure did see a lot of Sarah Palin out campaigning getting people elected, so here we are at the RNC 2012 and guess what, no Palin but a whole lot of Jeb Bush. Oh but the Bushs were good Presidents, really? In what universe? between the two of them we had 3 wars and two economic melt downs and got stuck with Clinton and now Obama as presidents. Oh but Carl, Bush loved the troops because we know he visited them in the hospital, well LBJ use to visit us in the hospital during vietnam, and we hated his guts. But none of this matters, because as Mark has said, we did not leave the GOP, they just kicked us out. They want us to be good little troopers and pull that lever but keep our mouths shut,

  4. Kathie says:

    “I am a person who refuses to separate his convictions from his actions and choices.” That says it all. We’ve been commanded to deliver up our vote to someone whose conduct reflects everything Tea Partiers came together to oppose. Now, here it is, writ large, and in blazing colors. It’s a bitter vindication of Romney-skeptics.

    I want to thank the delegates who fought these rules changes, from the bottom of my heart–and thank the Ron Paul delegates, who were so tenacious and vigilant throughout. Though we don’t agree on everything, we agree on the things that count most.

  5. meloryscott says:

    Well said Mark! I’m with you.
    “Conservative” media and blogosphere do not approve of your message.
    Anyway, It is insanity to keep voting for the RINOS and hope for the best. It has to stop – NOW. I am fine with those who can hold their noses and vote for RR. They have to do what they think is right, and I can only do what I think is right.
    I was willing to give RR a chance, but they make it way too hard.
    All the best to you and Mark Levine.

  6. Genevieve says:

    It is situations like what occurred today, that changes the face of America, If people will not stand for what is right, than they stand for nothing. This whole deal was perpetrated to change the RNC the plan since 08, I will not vote Mitt Romney, I know so many others that are saying the same, Just not out loud as you and I. I believe Ron Paul was in on this all along, to give the impression that this was done to keep Ron Paul from the Nominee, and he went along with it. I guarantee you this was the mission, Fact is, it was done to ensure a second term for Mitt Romney should he become the Despot President. I will not support such deceptiveness, Whether anyone agrees with me or not. At any rate, Mitt Romney will not be supported by me. And don’t give the the argument that a no vote is a vote for Obama, because, A non vote should not be counted for Obama. I’m Conservative to the core. My opinions, My decisions.

  7. Pat says:

    I still refuse to vote for Romney…..I can’t buy into the anybody but Obama theory….I refuse to be shamed into voting for someone I can’t believe in…If my one write in vote for Newt causes Romney to loose the election, so be it….I am no longer going to be a member of the Republican Party….

    • capelady says:

      So, you would rather hand the election to Obama and watch him spend the next four years destroying our country. Newt was my choice too… but Newt would not appreciate your loyalty in this, and would counsel you to vote for Romney, even if you have to hold your nose to do it. When we get rid of Obama then we can figure out how to advance the cause of conservatism going forward. Your stand on principle and refusal to beat Obama will destroy the future for our children and grandchildren, and you will be just as culpable as the drones who vote for Obama.

  8. stevethird says:

    I’m with you brother. Where do we sign up for the Constitutional Party. WE need clear dispassionate thinking. A clear idea of what has gone wrong, why, and how to fix it. This is the beginning…

  9. Jimmy Z says:

    You ought not be surprised. I’ve been warning about this for years.

  10. famouswolf says:

    I’m with you.
    I just hope these power mad fools have not destroyed the country along with the Republican party.
    Time for a new party, and a return to our foundations…if we still can.

  11. Peter J Shepherd says:

    I will not disagree with you, Mark. Is your choice, then, Barack Obama? That is unthinkable. I supported Rick Perry and then Newt Gingrich. I could also have supported Michell Bachmann, Rick Santorum, or Herman Cain. I did not support Mitt Romney in the primaries, presumably for the same reasons you didn’t.

    I recently watched 2016: Obama’s America, and it is unthinkable to give Obama a second chance to destroy America. He does not love America nor the Constitution. That’s where he and Romney are as different as day and night. I believe Mitt Romney sincerely loves America, has lived the American Dream, and can help put America back to work. Unlike Obama, who hates the Constitution, Mitt Romney actually believes it’s a sacred document.

    I will follow the lead of Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachman, and Rick Santorum, and vote for Mitt Romney this fall.

    That being said, however, I agree with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who has said that America will be saved, not by the agenda of the donkey of the elephant, but America will be saved by the agenda of the Lamb. ( http://lambsagenda.com )

    • capelady says:

      Good post.. you are absolutely right and when I read that all these folks have decided that now is the time to stand on principle, I find it very dismaying. We all admit there are serious problems with the Romney Camp and the GOP establishment – but this is NOTHING compared to what Obama will do if he wins a second term and there will be very little we can do to stop him. So, it is time to be a pragmatist and join with Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Allen West and the other conservatives that we respect… and vote Obama OUT by voting for Mitt Romney. THEN we will deal with the RINOs!!!

  12. consptheory77 says:

    I completely agree – I had many people tell me before that the lesser of two evils of still less evil, and contort themselves to try and absolve Romney’s ownership of a fetus disposal business. I heard all the emphasis on his personal morality, and generosity. But this travesty today seals the deal. I am voting straight down the ticket for the GOP, EXCEPT for President, which I will leave blank.

    • CC says:

      Most states have write in candidacies, also Gary Johson is looking better and better, if they could just take out a couple of things.

  13. Seedsower says:

    I can’t vote for Romney and today he has shown how he will be President if he wins. I don’t believe he will but I didn’t think he would today either. He will do as Obama and force his will on us. He lies, cheats, and buys his way. He has not won honorably. He wasn’t elected he was placed like a King. Presidents are elected. If he does get it I will call him King Romney because he can’t win it honestly! He will do as he has in this primary! I was an assistant mgr. and my manager gave me tips on how she became a manager. I told her if I had to step on someone to get where I was going I would stay right where I was. Anyone that will lie and do like he has to get a job will do the same to keep it. I think we have just seen how he obtained his wealth and I don’t think it was honorable either. O’Rielly calls him squeaky clean! O’Rielly needs to dip in the river Jordan along with Romney about 7 times!! I know the Lord will bless and keep each of us who have stood against this. I don’t see the Lord going before him either! We don’t have Kings we have Presidents. Makes me wonder how many Kings we have had that we thought we elected!! God bless you all!!

  14. Sue says:

    THIS true and honest conservative is with you, Mark. I stated in 08 I would hold my nose one last time, but that was ONLY for Sarah Palin. Either we begin to speak with our non votes or this will never stop. Well, it has stopped with THIS American! God Bless you Mark. Your words of wisdom and passion often kept this American with hope. Reagan would be proud.

  15. blueniner says:

    That great prophet Sarah Palin saw this coming and warned us that this could happen. She has warned that if the GOPe moves away from the original planks and becomes Democrat lite, then the GOPe will go the way of the Whigs, and it will be time for a new “Conservative Freedom” third party. Im with you Mark….

  16. littlesorrel says:

    My thoughts exactly

  17. Phil Arnold says:

    I’m tempted to write in Betty Boop for President! Does anyone know where I might purchase bumper stickers and yard signs to promote her for President. I would love to start displaying them as my way of saying F.U. to the GOPe.

  18. Magdalene51 says:

    Hi Mark, It was a year ago this week that you and I met in Indianola, with Sarah Palin and a few thousand patriots, cheering on a dream we shared. That dream just won’t die, not matter how hard the GOPe tries to squash us under their domination. No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot make myself imagine pulling the lever for Romney, after the years of backstabbing and betrayal, and the final power grab that sickened us all today. I’ve realized that there is no place in the RNC for a patriot. Time to pull up stakes and find a new home. Lordy, I’m getting too old for this.

  19. FearlessVictor says:

    I am with you 100% Mark. Thank you. Great post as always!

  20. Arizona Patriot says:

    Thank you Mark. You & I think very much alike.
    I actually burned ny GOP card about a year & a half ago when it was obvious they know the truth about Obama & continue to aid & abett him anyways.
    Now, we will replace the black socialist with the white one & America wil continue down the path to hell.
    Thank you for always being right on top of the truth that no one wants to hear.

  21. God Emperor TRUMP says:

    Not supporting the rule change but I hardly think it is time to bail. Romney is the nominee. Ron Paul or anyone else was not going to be the nominee. The establishment didn’t ‘rig’ the nomination process. The establishment ran one candidate. Several others vied for TEA Party/non establishment support. Occasionally one would rise to the top only to be beaten down – probably with the help of the establishment.

    In the end we divided and conquered ourselves against the establishment. We were not ready for a POTUS candidate. We don’t have the groundwork in place yet. We need to keep working toward that goal and down ticket 2012 races could go a long way in helping our cause.

    Recent talk of the TEA Party ‘going away’ after 2016 by some of it’s leaders (never intended to be a permanent movement apparently – screw that talk IMO) and a willingness to bail on the effort to defeat FAUXbama is sheer cowardice.

    Priebus won’t be around forever. If the TEA Party can make some noise in 2012 and 2014 we may get a more grassroots friendly chair. This is not the end, I can assure you of that.

    If you are in a state like NY or CA where, if Romney were even close, it simply may not matter because it would be a rout. If you are in a battleground state then your actions are reckless and short sighted.

  22. Section 9 says:

    Good for you, Mark. But remember, Third Party movements NEVER RESULT from some obscure rules fight at a national convention. That’s what Palin knows that you don’t. That’s why she hasn’t bolted. The GOP itself resulted from the national trauma that resulted over the collapse of the Whig Party as a result of northern revulsion over the Compromise of 1850 (iirc). Only a God and Man issue like the prevention of the expansion of slavery into the Territories and its successor, Abolition, could give rise to a new party. And it did, and the GOP dominated the landscape until the late 1920’s.

    I too won’t lift a finger for Romney, although I suspect this has less to do with him personally than it has to do with the Bush Family. All the guys behind this, including Sununu, were old Bush hands. This is about Jeb. It was much more about Jeb than it was ever about Romney. If Romney actually controlled this thing, which he does NOT, he’d have put a stop to it. But I suspect he doesn’t.

    Palin’s insurgency begins in earnest after the election.

  23. angie says:

    in the long run what counts is: do you want another four years of Ovomit? 6 Republican’s vote for someone other than Romney, four people vote for Romney…meanwhile on the Democratic side 10 people vote for Ovomit. OVOMIT WINS b/c the GOP is crooked. and split….PLEAZZZZE, what about the Democratic’s, don’t you think they are crooked too? What politician is NOT crooked?????????????? so Ovomit wins, thanks to people that will split the party just for their on satisfaction. VERY SAD!

  24. JennyNoles says:

    I have said all along, there is no difference between Romney and Obama. They both want to control and mandate to We The People. Mitt started his mandate out of MA with RomneyCare. He is just branching out his tentacles with this power grab. He will lose. I will not vote for him either Mark. Thank you for standing up for yours and my principles. More people feel the same than disagree with you, I think.

  25. keimh3regpeh2umeg says:

    I’m new to this site, so I don’t know who you would have preferred, but I am with you on this one. I am not going to waste my vote on Obama-lite.

  26. capelady says:

    I understand exactly what you are saying and how you feel… and I think it looks more and more like we will have to create a Constitutional Conservative Party for 2016.. BUT, to stand on principle and refuse to vote for Mitt Romney is helping Barack Obama. You cannot deny that. And no matter how difficult it is to vote for Romney, nobody who loves America should have any problem voting AGAINST Obama. Once we send Obama packing, conservatives in this country will have to do everything we can to advance conservatism – whatever that takes – but to refuse to vote for Romney in the face of this existential crisis is irresponsible. If Obama wins, it will because good men did nothing…. and that is what your acting on principle in this way amounts to in this election. We must remove the Marxist and his czars and leftist loonies from our White House and Congress. Then we can figure out how to deal with the RINO’s!

  27. CharterOakie says:

    Excellent commentary, Mark.

    It’s harder for me to get worked up about it at this point. I changed my registration from R to Ind in the mid-90s. Saw what they did to a super-patriot in ’92.

    Have I voted for a D? Of course not. But I haven’t always voted for the Rs.

    Corrupt two-headed PPC. We the People will have to reassert ourselves if the republic is to be restored.