Obama and the Convention of Zero

Joining the Collective

In mathematics, it’s known as the empty set.  It’s a grouping with no constituent parts, and if the Democrat National Convention proved anything, it was that this is a party with no heart, no soul, and no intellect.  One of my concerns has long been that the Republicans seem determined to follow in the footsteps of the Democrats, and it is clear that the GOP establishment has its tendencies in the direction of the void, but this week, the whole world was treated to the meaning of what it is to be a Democrat in 2012, and it is horrifying.  One might feel badly having watched the grotesque spectacle of a clear majority of the delegates screaming their contempt for the State of Israel, never mind their dismissal of faith.  Among the sea of screeching voices, there were some who voted for the platform amendments at issue, and it is for them we might have a small measure of pity.  They succeeded strictly because it had been commanded from the top, but you could see it in their faces:  They knew they had lost to at least a simple majority of the delegates.  This is the fruit of three generations of Democrats who have sold their souls to an unerringly anti-American, anti-existence faction that is now an irreducible majority of their party.  Barack Obama stands now as the spokesman for a dead ideology that is both massive and empty at once.

In physics, a singularity is an object of infinite density, exerting a force of gravity from which there can be no escape. One may be pulled into a black hole, one’s very atoms being accreted onto its mass and subsumed into the whole, but one can never escape, and having arrived there, is reduced to approximately nothing.  Nothing escapes.  It is impossible to discern anything about a singularity, because we can’t see them. In this sense, they are nothing.  Not matter, in any form we know. No energy exists there, save for that generated by its gravitational attraction.  No light can escape its grasp, and nothing new is born there.  It is a place to which energy and matter disappear, never to be seen again.  This is the Democrat party, and those faces looking bewildered before the cameras as they realized that despite winning “in the opinion of the chair,” the majority of their party had condemned them to the blackness of their ideological singularity, thus pulling them in.  Those who still wanted Israel’s capital at Jerusalem to be recognized as such were confronted by a mass of people who did not.  Those who still wanted the simple but significant three-letter word “God” to appear in the platform realized they were a minority.  Like the stellar flotsam and jetsam whirling about the event horizon of a singularity, it was too late, and the look on their faces revealed the horror of their situation: The Democrat Party has become a party of death, destruction, and depravity, and drawn in too close, there can be no escape.

Bill Clinton was fetched-in to mount a defense of the indefensible.  As ever, Clinton did what he always does: Lie. Perhaps the more mortifying part of it in this instance is that he too had become part of the flotsam and jetsam, and while he offered one distortion after the next on behalf of a President who he doesn’t like, and who has ravaged the country by design, with malice aforethought, Bill Clinton waggled his finger at the American people just as he did when he said infamously: “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”  As he lied then, so too did Bill Clinton prevaricate with vigor at the convention.  He attempted with the feigned sincerity of  the ages to tell the American people that they are better off today than they had been four years ago.  Ladies and gentlemen, there can be no forgiveness for this.  There can be no rationalizations.  When a former President of the United States tells a whopper of this scale, what can possibly redeem him?  Naturally, the media loved him, but that had been a predictable result based on an ideology they share.  Once subsumed within the singularity, there is no escape.

Michelle Obama told us she loves her husband.  Forgive me, but I think she lied.  I think Mrs. Obama loves the idea of her husband, but what love is expressed in such a manner?  The entire focus of this speech was to answer Ann Romney, but if she held that as her goal, she failed.  She concocted stories of the early poverty of the couple, but those tales of woe do not match the record.  To say Mrs. Obama had fibbed to the convention, and to the American people would be a gross injustice.  She lied, and under the harsh lights of the convention stage, she did so with practiced, perfected gusto.Again, the media extolled her virtues, couching much of their praise in terms of the quality of her delivery, but seldom noticing the first thing about the shoddy set of alleged facts she presented.  We knew this would happen too, because once inside, there is no return path.

Not to be outdone, President Obama spoke about the things in which Democrats believe.  He lauded Bill Clinton, but he did not mention that Clinton had been on a path to a disaster similar to his own until the Gingrich revolution of 1994. He did not explain how more of the same would save the nation.  He did not offer an excuse so much as he begged for more time.  He appeared like the man whose car is being repossessed, begging the repo crew for more time, for one more extension, and for one last chance to make it right.  He might plead with the lenders, but they are tired of his excuses and want no more of them.  They simply wish to be made whole, or to minimize their losses.  They are not in the mood to offer more time, believing it has expired, and they have begun to suspect that to extend more patience will be rewarded only with more broken promises and a longer list of unrealized deliverables.

The President made more promises, vows about continuing a change begun with his election, but nevertheless being a change that has been disastrous for the country. The truth of Barack Obama’s “change” is akin to the spaghettification one would undergo on the way into a black hole: It might be change, but it won’t be pleasant, and it’s not what had been imagined. The “hope” also abounds, but it is baseless: There can be no escape and no coming back from this singularity.  These last four years, we have been fortunate in one respect, and one respect only: We have defied physics because we have been able to catch a glimpse what lies beyond the event horizon, and the American people, driven by self-preservation, simply do not wish to go there, knowing now in full what it will mean.

Clint Eastwood’s empty chair is an apt symbol of the emptiness of the President Obama, but it is also an expression of the fundamental problem of the ideology of the left.  The only source of their power is the gravity of their aggregated mass, but they have no energy, they create nothing new, and they offer nothing but death as an answer to all problems.  Consider the litany of issues in which Democrats and their cohorts offer solutions, and it is always in the direction of the zero.  Unwanted pregnancies?  Abortions. (Kill them!)  Profits?  Taxes. (Kill them!)  Increased longevity?  Death Panels. (Kill them!)  Civilization? Environmental regulations. (Kill it!)  Population growth?  Contraception. (Prevent them from living!)  Everything about the root ideology of the left is leveraged in favor of death, destruction, and depravity.  This is the hallmark of their message, but whether they succeed or fail is entirely your choice.  You have now been dragged to the edge of their event horizon, but unlike so many of their past victims, you know what lies beyond it.  You know that it’s a gargantuan, relentless, and crushing emptiness.  This election may very well be your last chance at escape.

Six billion subsumed voices await you inside.  After all, misery loves company.

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6 Responses to Obama and the Convention of Zero

  1. Steve T. says:

    Excellent Mark! To bad the leftists won’t read this, of course, they wouldn’t understand it even if they did!

  2. the unit says:

    Studied lots of math, chemistry, and physics though long long ago. Great article which I sum up with this equation. A pint jar of nothing (A) + another pint jar of nothing (B) = a quart jar of nothing (C). Nothing escapes from nothing. As for Clinton…a stain = tarnish. Glad you’re back M.A.

  3. JennyNoles says:

    Thanks Mark and welcome back. I love your analysis. Obama and everyone around him is truly like an enormous black hole that continues to suck us and America down with him. I only wish we had a better alternative to him. I get nauseous when I realize the choices or the lack thereof.

  4. meloryscott says:

    Again, the best analysis.

    It was emptiness and lies, lies, lies. It was sick.

    And I thought of what we have to replace them with, sigh…. Immigration – Romney the same; Obamacare – Romney the same, etc. He just said this morning that he is going to keep parts of Obamacare, no intention of repealing it. What was 2010 all about?

    If I may rant a little:

    Unforgiveable Romney not mentioning our military – shielding himself and his 5 sons from criticism as well as not upsetting the libs were more important. Only Romney could make the libs look like they care more for our military.

    They felt safe to boldly display all their pervertion at the convention because they knew Romney has no credibility to attack them on any of the issues they so proudly promoted. He was for all of those in MA. As Santorum said, Romney is uniquely unqualified to be our nominee.

    Ann Romney started her speech listing groups of people she wanted to thank for their sacrifice, I kept waiting for her to thank our military, but nothing. How she and Christie can talk about sacrifice and not mention our military?

    What is the shared sacrifice nonsense Christie was going on about anyway? He sounded like Obama. I am not dependent on the government for anything, we the people are not the ones that mismanaged, so I don’t need corrupt policians to lecture me about shared sacrifice.

    Are you saying Mark that we have to give RR a chance – I am willing to reconsider, Romney has two months to win me over.

    His father walked out of the 1964 GOP convention, agry that Goldwater was nominated – unfortunately it looks like Romney wants to continue that fued with conservatives. He needs to get over that and try and unite the Party. He need to show some humility, even the narcissists-in-chief showed some when he asked the Clintons for help.

    I may vote for him after witnessing the pure evil at the DNC convention this past week, sigh…
    We can win this, the majority of the people want Obama out, it is in Romney’s hands now… will he keep spitting on his base, or will he reach out to them, that is the question..

  5. meloryscott says:

    I apologize for the spelling and grammatical errors in my previous post:

    “agry” should be ‘angry”
    “fued” should be “feud”,etc.

  6. the unit says:

    P.S. equation A+B=C was just summing it up for me. Didn’t mean such simplicity summed up M.A.’s excellent scientific explanation. My other equation is Dumb+Dumb=Dumber! :) It does explain mathematically about one half the voting public.