Holding Mitt’s Feet to the Fire

Time for a Shake-Up

I’ve been told repeatedly that we must elect Mitt Romney, come what may, because the country won’t survive Obama for another four years. Whether this assertion is true, those who hold this point of view invariably follow up with a claim that I now find utterly laughable.  I am told: “Besides, if Romney wins, we’ll be able to hold his feet to the fire, and get him to do our bidding…”  I wonder if the people who express this view realize how thoroughly nonsensical that position really is.  There is only one way to hold a President’s feet to the fire, and it is by being able to exert electoral control, but as of the Rules Committee report of Tuesday at the RNC, that option is now all but effectively gone.  I would like those who claim that we conservatives will be able to exert some influence over a President Romney to explain to me with precision how that is to be accomplished, apart from vague platitudes:  How can we expect to “hold his feet to the fire?” By what mechanism?

First of all, what fire?  Romney hasn’t pledged much except to repeal and replace Obama-care.  Replace?  Yes, “replace.”  For those of you who practice self-deception, you might not have heard him say that, but now I ask you:  “Replace with what, precisely?”  Here we are delivered more vague platitudes about market-based solutions, but not once does Romney offer what those solutions will be.  More platitudes.  More vague generalities.  It’s a load of hogwash. Welcome to Romney-care 2.0. Welcome to Romney 3.0.

Let us assume, however, that there is some magical laundry list of things Mitt Romney had promised with some specificity.  Even if he has, could some brave soul please explain to me the method by which he is to be made to perform as promised?  What will you do if he refuses?  Will you “primary” him in 2016?  Fat chance.  The power grab begun in the RNC’s rules committee consisted of making that nearly impossible.  What will you do?  Deny him campaign funds?  The advent of SuperPACs has made this an irrelevant point.  Karl Rove will merely scare up a few hundred million dollars and spend it on his behalf.  Why should he care?  Now, if Karl Rove were to get mad at him, that would be a different thing.  What are the chances that he won’t do the bidding of his masters?

Right.  Now you’re catching on.

Once you understand that there is no method by which you will be able to even lean on Mitt Romney, except in the court of public opinion, you must also realize that this notion of “holding his feet to the fire” is as vaporous as spilled acetone.  There is nothing you can do to affect Mitt Romney if he is elected.  Nothing.  The influence any party and its voters exerts over a President is already slim once they obtain that high office, but in the case of Romney, given the rigging carried out on at the Republican Convention, but frankly throughout this primary season, there is virtually nothing short of an actual coup d’etats that would pry him from his positions, whatever they may be.

Amnesty?  Abortion?  Romney-care?  What are you going to do about it once you elect him, having effectively given him the power to re-write the rules of the convention at will?  You’re going to whimper and cry, and you will be stuck with eight years of his liberal tendencies, and as almost half the span of yet another generation will have elapsed believing that this had been  conservatism, your country will be lost. Even now, Governor Romney is out on the campaign trail explaining that he will not repeal all of Obama-care, but will instead opt to keep some of it.  This is what we are told is conservative?  This man, it is said, can be held to perform the promises he’s made?  It hasn’t been two weeks since the convention, and he’s already ditching promises.

One can’t help but observe that the GOP establishment is bound and determined to give us candidates who are not conservative, but who will claim the label long enough to win in primaries before becoming full-bore mush.  For a man who had described himself as “severely conservative,” whatever that means, the rush to retreat from his promise to repeal all of Obama-care is breath-taking.  For those of us who hadn’t believed him, the only thing breath-taking about it has been the predictability of the matter, and the gullibility of all those who have assured us it wouldn’t go that way.  Put another way, the Mittster has shaken up the Etch-a-Sketch, and he’s drawing a new picture.  Post-convention Mitt will now advocate a modified Obama-care rather than a full repeal.

Will anybody who claims to be a conservative please explain to me in unvarnished terms how it is that we will “hold his feet to the fire” on this issue?  This is the enduring problem with Mitt Romney, and it puts the lie to the claim by some who argue that despite his clear attachment to liberal positions on a variety of issues, we conservatives will somehow be able to exert some sort of governing force over him.  It simply isn’t so, and the delusions attached to such claims are astonishing only in the implicit motives of the claimants.  Why pretend?  Why not simply deal with the truth?  If conservatives expect anything but Obama Lite from a Romney administration, they’ve been led astray.  It’s time we begin to contend with the reality at hand:  The GOP establishment moderates who are running the party have led it to ruin, and it’s going to be up to we conservatives to rescue the country, not only from the rabid left, but also from their collaborators in the Republican party’s liberal wing.

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19 Responses to Holding Mitt’s Feet to the Fire

  1. JD Cash says:

    Mark America _ Its very sad this election has come down do who you are voting against rather than who you are voting for. I will be voting for God & Country as an Independant Conservative who has left the GOP. Food For Thought ~ If Two Gunmen Were Shooting At You, The 1st Gunman Is 50 FT Away With A Machine Gun & The 2nd Is 50 Yards Away With A 22 Caliber Pistol……Which One Would You Shoot Back at First or Would You Just Roll Over And Die?

    • famouswolf says:

      It’s like the difference between sure suicide and Russian roulette to me. Romney I am just not sure where his heart is. So put a bullet in a revolver, spin the cylinder and see what happens. However, voting obama back in or allowing him to win by not voting for the lovely chance to play Russian roulette with a one in six or one in three chance for self inflicted destruction is akin to playing Russian roulette with a loaded semi automatic pistol.
      I’ll say one thing for Romney- he’s Machiavellian. That’s good in one way, but I’d say there is about 0.0% chance of ‘holding his feet to the fire’. Kind of too late for that, IMO.
      Unless…the House and Senate gets really stacked with Palin endorsees- that might get interesting.

      • Joe Conservative says:

        There’s a good reason you perceive him as Machiavellian, the mormon religion considers it righteous when in the “larger battle for their faith” that they can “bend the truth”.
        That fact isthat Mormon Missionaries are trained to lie about certain facts of LDS (mormon) theology . Their justification? “those things are a higher knowledge that non mormons are not ready for yet”…

        Thus its no surprise at all that he is perceived as Machiavellian, no surprise at all. In fact it’s expected.

    • Kathie says:

      Like Clint Eastwood in “Good, Bad & Ugly”, I would take care to disarm one of my opponents in advance, then turn my full firepower on the other. We must think outside the political box. We came close to disarming the RINOs, and they know it, which is why the RNC rammed through their rules changes. “Roll over and die” is never an option, especially if you have children.

  2. isabel matos says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! If anyone expects to change this man, or the party, they are in for a rude awakening. The GOP has no intention of keeping the TEA PARTY conservative message they’ve usurped for the campaign. It’s been just two weeks since the convention and they’re already back to their old ways. We must continue exerting pressure and exposing their hypocrisy. Never again will we be fooled. We’re on to them and they know it! Good article.

  3. C Bartlett says:

    Watch this video and tell me if this election is really going to matter at all. Very scary stuff – we are NOT hearing the truth from either side.

  4. Linda Shepard says:

    HOW are we going to “hold his feet to the fire” is the same question I have been asking all along but no one can answer that for me either. Hoping for a miracle before Nov 6th or I will have little hope for our country as a free nation any longer.

    • Angela Hale says:

      meh, They tell me that they’ll do it by voting in a conservative congress. Because we know that the R congress is going to buck the R president …oh. Wait.

  5. Guest says:

    And that “holding his feet to the fire” will only usher in another dem takeover of the house and senate in 2014 like in 2006. When the court of public opinion goes against the president…it’s not the president that pays…it’s the congress.

    • Exgunman says:

      And I believe that “Willard the Woefully Wobbly Wimp” would get along swimmingly with a demoncrat Congress as they together gleefully killed the goose that lays golden eggs so that they might have a delightfully divine dinner, with a proper wine of course…………………………………………………

  6. TENCOLE says:

    Mark, first the bill…..that Mitt pushed through by twisting arms and making sure that the congress knew this is what he wants done……of bypassing senate approval for Presidential appointments. …..
    Then the “rule changes” at the convention…..
    Now changing ObamaCare to HIS healthcare bill…..
    Holding Mitt’s stinky feet to the fire is truly delusional.

    It gets better though….with Boehner, McConell, and Cantor at the helm and having already co-opted the Tea Party candidates….anything Mitt wants done…or doesn’t want done….will pass with flying colors.

  7. Welcome back! Your point is well made.

  8. JennyNoles says:

    There used to be a country song with a verse that went “some fools never learn.” The folks who have stomped on the conservatives who have refused to back this elistist Karl Rove and GOPe pick deserve what they get if the Mittster suceeds in squeezing his way into the WH. Only problem with this scenario is that WE have to suffer along with these idiots just as we have had to endure the life with those who thought we needed Obama to “heal our planet.'” People like to say, “How is that hope and change working for ya?” Ah don’t know. Think we’ll try some mandate Mitt and see if we can get a different “boot on our necks” and “hand in the ole’ pocket.”.

  9. Guest says:

    Bravo Mark!

  10. meloryscott says:

    Mark, you are doing what Rush and Sean should be doing. They have sold out. The country needed them now more than ever and all they did was carrying the water for the GOP.
    They were harder on McCain. If they did their job, by now Romney would have been shaking in his pants. But Romney isn’t bothered, the “conservative” media are doing for him what the LSM did for Obama in 2008.

    I am so mad at all of them.

    And shame on all of those in the right-wing media who, instead of trying to move Romney to the right, focussed on bullying conservatives into submission to the despicable Romney.

    Someone needs to email your post to Rush and Sean.
    Thanks for staying true to your conservative principles.

    Yesterday I thought of giving Romney a chance. Today I am back to thinking that it will really be the end of conservatism in America if Romney wins.

    Another four years of Obama should rid the country once and for all of liberalism, now that Obama and the Dems have shown us what it really is all about.

    If the GOP do their job and keep Obama in check, he should not be able to do any more damage. Blame the GOP for most of what Obama has been able to accomplish, they neglected their job as official opposition.

    If it is so easy for Obama to undo decades of hardwork and policies, it should be as easy for the GOP to undo the damage of the Obama policies – all they need is the political will. Romney and the GOP do not have it.

    Sarah/Walker 2016.

  11. lulu says:

    I would vote for anyone the republicans nominated instead of voting for that communist dictator playing like a president of my country. I am sure no one wants another Hitler or Stalin ruling our United States of America, and that is what Obummer has planned.

    • meloryscott says:

      Obama will be as successful as the GOP will allow him to be. Unfortunately the cowards have allowed him to act like the dictator of a third world country.

      “….that the primary goal of conservatives should be to retain control of the House and win the Senate so Congress can restrain President Barack Obama while the GOP grooms its talent for 2016.”

      Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0312/73541.html#ixzz26B3orqcO

  12. Kathie says:

    This phrase has been going the rounds so much lately, I suspect it’s a talking point from the Rove playbook.

    When it comes to holding feet to the fire, there are only a few ways to do it. One is to withhold votes; another is to expose duplicity. The trump card is to coalesce into a constitutional “third” party. It’s a matter of who backs down first–and unfortunately, voters have backed down too often “for the good of the country.” Until we learn to stand our ground, all talk about holding feet to the fire is simply another way of saying “kick the can down the road.”