Obama Administration Had 48 Hour Warning – Did Nothing

Arabs Spring a Trap

The UK Independent is reporting that there had been a high level security leak that provided the militants al-Qaeda the information necessary to carry out the attacks in Benghazi, including timing about Amb. Steven’s visit, and information about the safe-house location that ultimately came under mortar fire.  Worse, the White House knew about the threat but did nothing to pass the information along to personnel on the ground in Libya, waiting until after the disaster to send a special Marine anti-terror team into Libya.  No warnings were issued to personnel that would have permitted them to call off the Benghazi trip or otherwise augment security.  It was a set-up.  It had nothing to do with any film, except perhaps as a cover.  With this new information, it should be clear that Barack Obama is incompetent to lead this nation, and his lack of leadership is now a security threat all its own.

The entire attack was orchestrated, and it is now becoming clear that somebody who had extremely sensitive inside information about the movements of the Ambassador and other Embassy and Consular personnel must have provided that information to the attackers.   Muslim Brotherhood links to the White House must be examined, as must all Libyans, or other personnel working in and around the Department of State both in Washington and on the ground in Libya.   This crisis evinces the most stunning foreign policy and intelligence failures since the “Bay of Pigs” in 1962, and it appears to be worsening.

Given past threats on or around the 9/11 anniversary, one would think there would have been at least general warnings sent out to Embassies and Consulates worldwide, but neither the State Department under the leadership mismanagement of Secretary Hillary Clinton nor anybody in the Executive branch answering to the President seems to have been the least bit concerned.  More, we ought to suspect there are insiders in either the State Department or in the Executive branch feeding information to al Qaeda and its affiliates.

Not only do we have amateurs in the White House and in the State Department, but we must have somebody playing for the other team in close proximity to sensitive information.   Barack Obama has left us financially broken, militarily naked, and isolated from our only reliable ally in the region, Israel.  He has no time for Benjamin Netanyahu, no time for security or intelligence briefings, and no time to lead this nation.  Meanwhile, the lapdog media in the US continues to pretend none of this is happening, while  none of our reporters will even attempt to ask President Obama a question.  We had 48 hours or more of warning, and President Obama didn’t bolster security? Nobody in the lame-stream media is even slightly curious?

This is a dereliction of duty that shouldn’t be forgiven or forgotten.  I don’t want to hear any excuses about him having a blind spot with respect to Islam because of his acculturation.  No way.  This is the President who bowed his way through the Middle East, and apologizes repeatedly to Islam.  This is a wreck, and he made it.

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8 Responses to Obama Administration Had 48 Hour Warning – Did Nothing

  1. the unit says:

    Obama…”Don’t worry Bibi and Israel…I’ve got your back. Baby back ribs that is…I’m working on my new WH barbeque recipe…go good with my WH brewed brew. Will discuss further on Letterman show.”

  2. Willik says:

    From the article: “Not only do we have amateurs……..”
    Please, Please, PLEASE! Do NOT think these guys are amateurs! One does so at one’s peril. They decidedly are NOT amateurs, in any way, shape or form.
    They are committed Marxist Socialists (read Communist)! Though they seem buffoonish at times, their handlers (Soros, Ayres, Piven, et. al.) are humorless, hard over revolutionaries out to totally destroy, with the help of Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood), the entire American Capitalist culture.
    AND they are using our own culture’s natural penchant for tolerance against us. The Constitution was once declared “Not a suicide pact” but it appears it is being used as such by our enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

  3. Reb in Texas says:

    Excellent article Mark – with the one exception that Willik makes – these people are NOT amateurs……..they are committed to what they are doing and allowing…and our media is helping them achieve their goals………to destroy US.

  4. susiepuma says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood was invited to the WH & given access to everything there including security………………… nobody cared……………..our military leaders are muslim lovers too just like the fraud – so, who do we trust? sure not the leadership but our military is trained to follow orders from higher command – so, are we screwed or do they remember they protect the Constitution and not the CIC?

  5. Kathie says:

    I can think of only two reasons why, knowing that an attack was planned, the Obama administration did nothing. One is that they wished it to happen. The other is that the administration is in such chaos that the usual lines of communication, which operated in previous administrations, are now dysfunctional. Can’t wait for the tell-all books to come out.

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