Mr. L Cuts Through the Nonsense on Islamic Supremacists

Telling You What the Media Won't

Take a little time and listen to Mr. L’s Tavern from Thursday, the 13th of September.  His commentary is on the money.  It’s disgusting that our lame-stream media won’t offer honest appraisals like this, but it’s the reason they’re slowly losing the last of their readers and viewers. Mr. L takes on the coddling of Islamic supremacists, as performed [again] by Barack Obama and his foreign policy.  It’s a disaster for this country, and whether you believe he is simply naive, or you believe that Barack Obama is actively engaged in undermining this nation, it’s impossible to dismiss what Mr. L explains in this installment of his show:



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7 Responses to Mr. L Cuts Through the Nonsense on Islamic Supremacists

  1. the unit says:

    Well, who among us who have been reading here for quite a while doesn’t know all this? Or has paid attention to the new media most anywhere? But the MSM is again telling us this new 9/11 attack, as with the first…the chickens have come home to roost, we brought it upon ourselves…this time because of our free speech. Mike Barnicle in Boston Globe wants movie makers tried as accessories to the crime, still a law enforcement issue, not terrorism. It would be a good time to review M.A.’s article…’Barack Obama: Natural Born Enemy,’ Nov. 1, 2011. It is the MSM who are accessories to our problem.

  2. Mr.L says:

    As always Mark, I appreaciate the shout out.

    • Mark America says:

      Mr. L, absolutely my pleasure. Your work is fantastic, and I love the passion you bring to the subject matter. I’m only too happy to direct my readers to visit your site!

  3. Kathie says:

    At the core of these abominations is cowardice. Obama and the left wing are bullies against Americans, but cower when threatened by murderous Islamaniacs. Similarly, the brutality of the Mahometans is directly proportional to the timidity displayed by the Obama administration. Maybe we should ask ourselves why we allow cowards to push us around.

  4. susiepuma says:

    Muslims have been infiltrating this country for years – think about it….. scary, isn’t it? did you see them at the DNC Freakfest? shouting down OUR God? I, personally, would not care one damm bit if the Middle East becomes a sea of glass, rather than sand……………..