Incompetent or Malevolent?

Too wrong to be accidental

As the leftists in the mainstream media continue excuse Barack Obama, I believe the American people are beginning to catch on.  At every turn, President Obama’s policies are failures, viewed from the standpoint of ordinary Americans who value the future of their country.  The problem is that Obama undoubtedly views these as successes, since he is in no way ordinary in his view of America.  Remember, he thinks America is an exceptional nation “in the same way the Greeks believe Greece is an exceptional nation.”  The truth is that Barack Obama views the United States as an exceptionally evil nation that must be crushed, and cut down to size.  He exhibits certain loyalties to other cultures and philosophies that are fundamentally at odds with the uniquely American culture that had given rise to our national prominence and prosperity.  Since his inauguration, virtually every policy he has advanced has furthered his aim of deconstructing America. This growing crisis isn’t a result of simple negligence, but instead the culmination of a drive to make America nearly irrelevant around the globe.  He has overseen a bankrupting of the nation that will effectively force the United States to withdraw from the world, leaving us unable to afford to defend even our own borders.  Some believe he is merely inept, or “in over his head,” but that doesn’t fit the facts.  Obama is achieving the “dreams from his father” to the detriment of every American, as well as the civilized world.

Before you dismiss this out of hand, you ought to consider the laundry list of policies he has undertaken that are by the fact of their aim, obnoxious to American ideals and values.  Providing missile defense secrets to the Russians cannot be in the interests of the people of the United States, yet this he has done without the first explanation of his rationale.  Fortunately, we know his thinking because it shows in every policy he has implemented:  The United States must not be permitted a technological edge against potential enemies.  In his view, it allows the US to have much more influence around the globe than it “deserves.” You dastardly Americans have had your way in the world for far too long, and he’s out to correct that “imbalance.”

He has driven out regimes that were at least malleable in the face of cash throughout the Middle East.  It is true that some of these leaders were monstrous, Gaddafi for instance, but our relationship with Hosni Mubarak was hardly the worst convenient arrangement we’d ever entered in that part of the world.  As he pushed the “Arab Spring” forward, one had to question the wisdom of all of this as we saw radicals making huge advances in many of these formerly cooperative countries.  Turkey is now ruled by a growing Islamic radicalism, and Tunisia is a wreck born of this movement.  Iraq is coming apart at the seams again, and throughout the Gulf states, Islamic radicalism is leaping forward.  One might make a serious error in relation to one country or another, but what Obama has wrought is a region-wide disaster.  What do you suppose will happen when the radicals chase us out of every oil-producing state?  How long do you suppose we will keep the taps flowing?  What will become of us then?  Will you ride a solar bicycle to work?  Will you enjoy twenty dollar gasoline?  Obama’s “green energy” plans are a farce, and always have been, and he knew that too, which is why he invested so much of our money in various boondoggles that were really simple kick-backs to political donors.

He is in the process of making our nation defenseless.  Defense of our nation requires much more than a few bombers, tanks, and the personnel to operate them.  One of the greatest threats to our nation is the fiscal and monetary policy of the US Government.  Our government consumes too much, and the overwhelming bulk of spending is for the entitlement sector.  It is already squeezing out defense expenditures, which is one of the few perfectly legitimate functions of our constitutional form of government.  This was known long before it began to become a reality, and it’s been an object of Obama’s runaway spending all along.  What sort of responsible President would use the troops’ paychecks as a bargaining chip in a budget battle, threatening to cut them off if he didn’t have his way?

Obama has created a growing rift in American society.  This rift has racial elements, but it has created divisions between generations.  He is setting the stage for an environment in which the young will be at war with the old over diminishing federal resources.  His economic policies have created an entire generation of discontent, but because they’ve been largely indoctrinated rather than educated, too few are able to see that the man who poses as their savior is instead acting as the agent of their enslavement and impoverishment.  What else can be the meaning of Occupy Wall Street, a movement planned and coordinated, as well as funded by his radical friends?  To watch some of these poor dumb souls run about mouthing the articles of faith from communism, but unable to even recognize their advocacy as such is a study in irony only to be fully appreciated by the perfectly mad.

On the international stage, the man who promised to make the world love or at least accept America has accomplished the precise opposite.  Contempt for America has grown in all quarters, both because we have become weaker, and because we have abandoned many of our allies.  The snubs of the Brits and the Israelis are among the most telling, because these had been two of our best friends in recent years.  No longer.  The Israelis government must wonder each day if it is to strike Iran in a pre-emptive attack on nuclear facilities whether Obama will use the occasion as an excuse to create an alliance with Iran.  How many times, and in how many ways has he foolishly insulted our British friends, disclaiming anything “special” about our relationship with an ally who we together stood through two World Wars, and many lesser engagements?  To discover that we now have a cool relationship with our historical allies should be an embarrassment to Obama, but it’s not, because while those alliances have made us stronger over time, that is the antithesis of his goal.

Viewed carefully, one can detect even in his domestic policies a certain contempt for the American people.  Obama-care was enacted over the wild objections of the American people, and his policies on illegal immigration, including his de facto amnesty policies are obnoxious to every American who came here by standing in line and observing the legal process.  Examine how he is now using executive orders and policy changes in various federal departments in order to increase the number of gun confiscations.  Look at how his surrogates now agitate against free speech.  Remember when liberals told us that virtually anything goes in the name of free speech?  Look at how they have run away from that as they have shifted the limiting of speech into the service of their political agenda.

He abhors Christianity, at least insofar as it isn’t the product of broken minds like Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s.  Black liberation theology is more of a political philosophy than a religious one.  Meanwhile, Catholics and other Christians who may have serious ethical issues with funding of abortion and contraception through taxpayer dollars are now shocked to see that such policies will be imposed now through regulations on health insurance.  It’s funny that while he has undertaken to make the world safe[r] for Shariah, he has done everything possible to punish Christians of various denominations.

I could go on for many pages, but the fact is that it really isn’t necessary.  My readers will have known by now that this President isn’t making any “mistakes” in his eyes, or in the intentions of the left.  Everything he is doing or has done pursues as its ultimate object the diminution of the United States of America.  Nobody could get this many things wrong by accident.  Sheer chance alone would demand that something come out right once in a while that would be good for the American people, if all this were accidental.  It’s not.  What we are witnessing is the result of a coordinated effort to reduce the United States to irrelevancy, or even vulnerability. It’s being done with a malice aforethought in what can only be termed the premeditated murder of the greatest nation in the history of the world.  It’s time we deny to him the alibi of incompetence for once and for all.  His presidency has been too heinous and too malevolent to have been the result of negligence alone.

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16 Responses to Incompetent or Malevolent?

  1. bdwatcher says:

    If you are asking for a vote, I will say a definite Malevolent. This dictator in transition knows what he is doing. Do not be fooled again. (a book?)

  2. Christopher H Fromme says:

    BO is a Communist all the morons that went for H & C elected the enemy of the United States as it was founded

  3. MannaDelight says:

    Certainly calculated, as well. Evil……

  4. the unit says:

    “Book’em Danno.”

  5. meloryscott says:

    The first time I heard him speak in 2007, I knew exactly who he was and the plans he had for America.
    I have Romney’s number too, but people are not ready for that truth yet. I may even be banned for what I am going to say next:
    Everybody has an agenda for the presidency, even the Mormon Church. Before you call me names, remember Glenn Beck and Orrin Hatch also mentioned the Mormon prophesy regarding the presidency. Research “the constitution hanging by a thread” or the Mormon White Horse prophesy. It all sounds innocent and reasonable enough. Now you know why some of the Rombots are trying to bully you into submission. It is about much more for some of them.
    So now that we have shown that we will vote for a black and a Mormon, after this election, can we go back to just voting for what is best for America?

    • the unit says:

      Don’t think you will be banned here.
      The old saying is “six of one, half dozen of the other.” That’s good with nice fresh cage free chicken eggs in days of “yore.” Now all eggs(political ones) are cage(establishment) laid. Sorta messy and likely rotten. Cage proprietors really don’t care how subjugation for world order(proprietors in charge) occurs…Marxist, Mormon, Islamic. All three described in Wikipedia as to a vision of ruling world under “World Government.” Cage thinks it be in control. Like bad movie can rial up…good movie (MSM) can settle down. They hate “the Great Commission”, free will, accepted responsibility, liberty in general. Vote your conscience, if no rotten eggs then at least you won’t be barfing when we get to clean it up. :)

  6. meloryscott says:

    Mark I just double-checked. I can’t find any evidence that Beck ever mentioned the White Horse prophesy, he used the phrase “constitution hanging by a thread”, but we all have been saying the same thing for the longest time. Some say he is using that as a code word that Mormons understand, I hate it when the left does that, so I apologise that I did the same thing.
    Hatch also did not mention the prophesy by name, here more about what he said:

  7. susiepuma says:

    The fraud in chief said exactly what he was going to do to this country but no one wanted to pay attention to that – OMG – the first ‘black’ President – nothing but lies all the way around & very few people paid any attention to the warnings, etc. – ACORN voting helped to make his selection a possibility – I’m waiting for the arrest and conviction of this lying, narcissistic, fraud ——————— will probably be a long wait..

  8. Kathie says:

    Incompetent AND malevolent.
    But Obama couldn’t have seized power without the cooperation of a weak and duplicitous Congress. As usual, it falls upon the average American citizen to be the seawall against the surging tide of dictatorship.

  9. C Bartlett says:

    Mark: Excellent chronicling of Obama’s actions during this term of office. I used to think this was just incompetence. After further investigation, I am convinced he is just evil. D’Souza’s film also looks at many of these same actions and says that the “anti-colonialism” philosophy is what fed the decision

  10. the unit says:

    Our Libya ambassador had no Marines, only local riftraft guards. And Secretary of State lauds them for carrying him to the hospital? Dead? Violated? Dragged? Valerie Jarret has 5 Secret Service agents 24/7 (source Rush today, thats good enough for me).
    And didn’t McCain visit Libya and support this…this Arab Islamic, not Spring, but Cesspool?
    Maybe electing O then really gives us a 4 year headstart to squash now instead of being elected first time now. That’s not good and our alternative isn’t better as he’s from the McCain establishment and all. But if you’re going down for the third time…grab a plank from the sinking ship. Float til morning and maybe light will show land on the horizon…”Morning in America.” Remember?
    Here’s the down side. Grew up on the sea. If your eyeballs are at sealevel holding to that plank and you see tree tops of land…you got seven miles to swim, its the curvature of earth factor. Anyway we be dogpaddlin’ along.

  11. bdwatcher says:

    Has anyone seen this?
    Executive Order–Russian Highly Enriched Uranium–

    I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, in view of
    the policies underlying Executive Order 12938 of November 14, 1994, and
    Executive Order 13085 of May 26, 1998, and the restrictions put in place
    pursuant to Executive Order 13159 of June 21, 2000, find that the risk
    of nuclear proliferation created by the accumulation of a large volume
    of weapons-usable fissile material in the territory of the Russian
    Federation continues to constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat
    to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and
    hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat. I hereby

    • the unit says:

      I’m never sure of understanding when I read E.O.s. Here I went on to read sites which discuss it, HEU agreements and all. Seems U.S. is buying Russian nuclear high grade material. So I guess that means we are borrowing money from China to pay Russia. And I saw the word “transparency” in that E.O., … look out ! If its for sale, you think Russia won’t sell to whoever will pay, like maybe Iran? I don’t know myself.

  12. the unit says:

    It’s malevolence. Gotta take a stutter step with my vote. That’s as far as I can explain. Try to live to fight another day. Too much going on to sit at home on my vote. No world, don’t kill us and spit in my face about your hurt feelings about your own “nuckledragger.” Sorry? No not really.
    And besides that…just saw this…”Black Caucus Chairman Admits Obama’s Blackness Trumps His Failed Record.” Check out Conservative Black Chick for article…she isn’t loved by the caukeye bunch. And…Fools rush in where wise men (or angels) fear to tread.

  13. the unit says:

    I guess I don’t get tired of spouting off, however carpal tunnel is finally getting to me in just typing, if I have early morning home invasion I may be disadvantaged, but they won’t know. My left hand is taking over where my right hand is from time to time failing.

    I love M.A.s insight and thoughts. Now he’s left it up to us to decide what’s right path individually. Not promoting Yogi Berra’s quote..”you come to a folk in the road, take it.” Guess its chance? We know too much now. End game of fork path is evident. One is transformation of America…, other is what we do to prevent it. I won’t pay, too old, but kids and grands will.

    Mindplay is this…Rep. Cleaver said…”That’s why I become so angry at any African-American who refuses to vote. They are not worth the color if they don’t vote. They ought to give us their color back. Their African-American credentials need to be snatched if they don’t vote,” Cleaver said at a CBC forum on voting rights. That’s an accusation of traitors. But for America First?…Not. But notice…”credentials”…what… they do got I.D. ? Proud to show my DD214 and other.

    One guy has promised to transform America…other guy has not promised to not transform America and negate the other guys promise. But one has been hard at work between campaigning and golf and has been busy doing it. One is and will, other may be on the fence and accidently fall on the right side if we put petal to the metal.

  14. the unit says:

    Malevolence, malevolence, your pants are on fire! It’s everywhere! New saying to old one…lier, lier… See where senate voted “overwhelmingly” to continue foreign aid to muslim countries burning our flag and killing our people. Even now! 81 for 10 against and 9 present or missing in non-action. 81 out of 100? Takes about 30 republicans to get to that number. They must not be up for re-election, check out the ones who are and get rid of to let others know a bead is being drawn( you can see ones who voted no and decide for youself if real or just because up for re.). And like article at Daily Caller said…borrow from China to pay Mideast foreign aid, aka Muslim Brothers of Obama. Huh and Whut? Gimmie my ballot !!!