Obama Supporters All About the Freebies

Obama Phone?

If you want to know the sort of America President Barack Obama is building, check out this video.  This woman appeared among a number of protesters at a Romney event outside Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday.  Ladies and gentlemen, viewing this video, it is hard to understand why Republicans in Congress have refused to put a stop to some of the hand-outs, and what this woman is contending is true: There are government subsidized phones, but in truth, this actually goes all the way back to Bill Clinton, and was continued under George Bush. Still, this woman believes it is an “Obama-phone” and quite obviously, it is one more reason she supports Barack Obama.  I wonder how she would feel if she were informed that this could also be called a “Bush-Phone?”


For Mitt Romney to win the presidency, this is the mindset he will need to defeat, but sadly, it’s growing and spreading like a cancer across this nation.  Can anybody defeat this? Have we passed the tipping point whereby people who share this woman’s mindset will simply vote to install one dictatorial monster after another into the White House?

Time will tell, but if you want to know how the country is being destroyed, start with this video.

Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves.


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7 Responses to Obama Supporters All About the Freebies

  1. the unit says:

    :)…I start with a smile. You got an O phone? Dial O…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxtRH9hlruo
    Oops…wrong number. I’ll be more flexible after the election. But you gotta know I got phones to be redistributed to the whole world, your phone included. This message may be recorded…buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Then if you got nothing else to do before NFL and new refs or “reality” tv here’s Lily Tomlin as the operater…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0l9fE2RAj8&feature=endscreen

    When tv was fun not an advertisement erection exercise.

  2. the unit says:

    MLK said it…judge character not color…
    :( Now I start with a frown. Thought I knew video…saw one 4 years ago…”no more car note, no more mortgage payment !” Didn’t really want to watch that flapping mouth spout in this one. But did finally. Founders ain’t turning over in grave, they’re oozing out and inspiring some intestinal fortitude to combat this attitude… gotta stop. Now, or 11.6.12.
    Emmanuel Cleaver told them at some voting rights conference couple of days ago…turn in your color and your African-American certification if you don’t vote (for O of course). What? Certification? Then that’s I.D. Let’s see it. Show at voting booth.

  3. the unit says:

    Visiting other sites and reading comments led me to this conclusion…y’all internet users missed this one four years ago. Lady in Cleveland video asks for nothing more than Obamaphone for her vote. Expected was … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P36x8rTb3jI

  4. the unit says:

    Sunday 9/30/12…Drudge has had the pic on all morning. Don’t know how to copy and post. But bet you saw it. Six American soldiers carrying casket of a fallen soldier. Six Americans, soldiers they are, Americans they are… that should be enough said.

    • the unit says:

      Here I am replying to self again. So here goes…Point was white and black support and tote each other to the grave. And all hues in between. Most folks white and black…red and yellow…God loves all the little children…are moderate and say live and let live. Politicians divide us for their own ends. Their ideology is basically the same…as the war we are in with Muslims…not color but ideology… divide our minds.

  5. Steve Viglio says:

    Do you actually know what it means to be a dictator?

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