Dan Riehl Fighting for Life – Update: Out of ICU!

Conservative blogger Dan Riehl is in the ICU at the Fairfax County Hospital. This is terribly sad news, as by now, most Internet-savvy conservatives are familiar with him via Breitbart.com, his own Riehl World View, as well as Twitter, and frequent hat-tips to his blog by radio phenomenon Mark Levin.  Dan has had emergency pulmonary bypass surgery.  Gary P. Jackson has full coverage of the situation here.

Dan is a first-rate blogger, and most of my readers will be familiar with him.  Send prayers, love and support his way.  He’s always been a great fighter for conservatism.  Let us hope and pray Dan wins his personal fight.

UPDATE: Dan was moved out of ICU. Gary Jackson has the great news here.  Let’s hope there is a full and speedy recovery!

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3 Responses to Dan Riehl Fighting for Life – Update: Out of ICU!

  1. MooseBain says:


  2. Karenena says:

    Praying for you, Dan!!!

  3. meloryscott says:

    Prayers from all over America going up for our beloved Dan Riehl. Jehova Rapha hears, Jehova Rapha cares.