Killed By the Coward in the White House


As more facts are revealed about the events in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11th, 2012, what is becoming increasingly obvious is that President Obama not only lied to the American people about the role of the now-infamous anti-Islam video, but also systematically covered-up the entire fiasco resulting in the deaths of Americans serving at the President’s direction in Libya.  The President and others in his administration are playing fast and loose with the facts, and sources now say that there were at least three requests for aid that were denied by the chain of command.  This is astonishing news, because what it directly implies is that the President’s statements about his first direction being to secure Americans was a bald-faced lie.  President Obama not only lied to the American people, but he and those acting at his direction abandoned Americans on the field of battle.  He flew off to Las Vegas, precisely to create an alibi.  The problem is, as President of the United States, the White House goes with you wherever you may be.  No, there will be no alibis this time, and this President must face the music, but if he is re-elected, he will not.  Any political black eye will come long after he begins his new term, if it materializes at all.  I can no longer refer to him as “President” Obama.  No American president has ever behaved so cravenly.  Re-elect him if you like, but he will be “the Coward” on the pages of this blog, for leaving Americans to be slaughtered, some who fought valiantly to save others, giving their lives for their countrymen.

One of the lies being pushed around is that he needed to “get to the bottom of this.”  That’s hogwash.  We now know that there were Predator drones in the air over the scene, at least one providing a live video feed of the situation on the ground.  More, we also know that the valiant Tyrone Woods – one of the Navy Seals killed in this action – maintained contact and was actually ordered to stand down in his efforts to save others before he ignored orders and ultimately gave his life in that pursuit.  His father, Charles Woods, has given several interviews, but on Friday night, he gave one to Sean Hannity, and during this interview, we learn a good deal about the character of Tyrone Woods as well as the  Marxist Coward.  You can play the audio of the phone interview below:

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A number of the people in media are ignoring a central point about all of this, and I think it needs to be understood, because it demonstrates the absurdity of the Marxist Coward’s lies. There can be no way that Barack Obama was out of the loop.  There can be no way he ever believed this was the result of protests against a video.  That entire story was cooked up in the bowels of the Obama campaign.  You might ask how I know this with such certainty.

The reports of Friday morning that urgent requests for assistance were denied offers the first bit of evidence.  The damning bit of evidence came later in the day, when the CIA put out this statement:

“We can say with confidence that the Agency reacted quickly to aid our colleagues during that terrible evening in Benghazi.  Moreover, no one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.  In fact, it is important to remember how many lives were saved by courageous Americans who put their own safety at risk that night—and that some of those selfless Americans gave their lives in the effort to rescue their comrades.”(emphasis added)

“No one at any level in the CIA.”  Notice it does not say “No one at any level.”  This qualification is the damning bit.  The CIA does not claim that requests for aids weren’t denied.  The statement merely claims nobody in the CIA denied them.  Once you realize this, it’s now a more important statement, because it doesn’t tell us who did deny such requests, but merely who did not. With that in mind, we must now ask: Who else would have the authority to deny a CIA request?  The State Department doesn’t have that authority, except insofar as the request might have been made of them, but it wasn’t.  They were asking for military support.  That means the Department of Defense.

Those of you who have spent any time around any government operation will know that a situation or request spanning different departments and agencies of this sort will always go all the way up the chain of command, before coming back down.  Unless there had been some sort of standing order to the DoD to provide support, there would have been, of necessity, a request up the chain through the CIA, landing on the desk of whom?  Ultimately, there is only one office that can then take such a request and issue orders to DoD for such support.  Only one.  And that office and its occupant were beating feet for Las Vegas on Air Force One.  Got it?

That’s right, a move like that can only happen with Presidential approval, either explicitly in advance, in the form of some blanket order, or as events unfold, in the certain terms and context of the moment.  Hillary Clinton could not deny such a request.  The Department of Defense couldn’t deny such a request.  Only the President of the United States, in this case, the Cowardly Marxist, could deny such a request, or refuse to act on it.  A President could ignore such a request until the event was over and the request mooted by the outcome, but that sort of request must pass through national command authority.

That’s right people.  You want a smoking gun?  You want proof that the cowardly Marxist-in-chief knew all along, and was hip-deep in this?  There it is.  The CIA says no one at any level in the CIA denied such requests. They did not say that there were no such requests, or if there were, what had been the ultimate disposition of such requests.  What you have here is a CIA statement intended to relieve its director of culpability.  Later, it will not be said that this had been a false statement.  No, the CIA is off the hook.  This statement shields the CIA so long as it’s a true statement, to the degree it says anything of use.  The value in this statement is what it leaves unsaid, and that is a whopper that lands in the lap of the lying Marxist coward who sporadically occupies the White House between fund-raising jaunts and Letterman appearances.

Ladies and gentlemen, the matter is clear, and the answer is simple: Either Barack Hussein Obama denied the request, or he shelved it until moot.  What you have in Obama is a professional liar, and his administration is staffed with people who exist to obfuscate, shade the truth, and outright lie when necessary to fulfill their political agenda.  Americans have died because of this rotten, miserable soul, and there’s a reason Tyrone Woods’ father sensed something akin to a dead fish in Obama’s handshake: Like all miserable cowards, he’s dead inside.  It is time for Barack Obama to go.  He has lost all valid claims to moral authority.  Our country can no longer afford him, and if he remains in office, we will never know the whole truth, and no justice will be had for Tyrone Woods, a young man who acted heroically in the face of his own chain of command’s cowardice.


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15 Responses to Killed By the Coward in the White House

  1. Texmom says:

    And no one is even mentioning all the people hurt and killed in all the protests in the Middle east, fueled by the administration’s constant repeating of the “video” story. No apparent value for life if it gets in the way.

    • the unit says:

      As others have said…wish there was some other choice besides like or not like. I like in terms of your posting and know need to watch, although took me couple of days to watch. Knew what I was going to see as been watchful. Don’t like and voted that way yesterday on a Sunday morn.

  2. the unit says:

    Yesterday my questions about Petraeus joining Powell were before the CIA statement. I always wondered about him taking positions offered by Obama. As a general when change of command took place, he had no choice and remain active service. Anyway MSM is ignoring implication as to who gave “stand down” order. A resignation by Petraeus might get attention. With statement like…you won’t cover my guys back, I’m through. Actions speak louder than words. If that had any chance of happening, he is the only one I can see doing it.

  3. JennyNoles says:

    If and when he is put out of office, I wonder if the GOP will have the cajones to go after him for these crimes and others I think he has committed. It is always easier for “reelection concerns” on both sides to just put it aside and let it die. Still no answer for Brian Terry and F&F. I still think he had a toe in the BP spills that affected my state and others. We will never know. So sad the skeletons in this Presidents’ closet that everyone, even the SCOTUS seems hesitant to shake or rattle loose.

    • TENCOLE says:

      With Boehner and crew at the helm….and “I won’t put my hair on fire” President…….Obama won’t even get a slap on the wrist, let alone ever be sitting in a cell waiting for a rope.

  4. jerseyflash says:

    I have listened to EVERYONE for the past month and a half talk about Benghazi…just the orther day Greta waves e-mails in front of 2 million plus people…most of the zombies want to go to the end of the story…lets really focus of the beginning…how many attacks on the compound ???…what reports were sent and to who ???…request for ???…who denied them ???…no video inside the buildings…REALLY…they have it…it runs 24/7 ???…over 400 e-mails sent to WHO when the first shot was fired ???…where were the MARINE’S ???…the report of a UN-ARMED drone coming on station 2.5 hours after the first shot was fired…IS FALSE !!!…there were 2 drones assigned to that compound 6 days prier to the attack…FACT !!!…where were the MARINE’S ????

    The photo of Stevens being DRUG on the floor by the terrorist after he was SEXUALY ABUSED…why the sex ??…muslims do not like _____ (fill in the blank)…where were the MARINE’S ???

    This is my belief…Obama watched them die…WHY ???…remember what Clinton said a few months ago…if the Bin-Laden raid FAILED…Obama would lose the chance for re-election…he didn’t care what happened to all the Spec Op’s guys…plus it took him 3 days to say OK

    For Obama to pull the trigger on this terrerist attack would have taken a small or medium size ground force…along with Fast Movers and a few Spectres …FIREWORKS AT HOME AND ABROARD…BEND FORWARD…PUT YOUR HEAD BETWEEN YOUR LEGS…AND KISS RE-ELECTION GOOD-BYE…IF OBAMA PULLED THE TRIGGER…instead he go’s to sleep and everyone there in the SIT-ROOM watched everyone die….”COLLATERAL DAMAGE”

    That’s your guy that answer’s the phone at 3 AM…Vote Nov 6th 2012…BECAUSE ONLY YOU AND I CAN MAKE THE CHANGE !!!!!!!

  5. carl says:

    know that our commanders in Vietnam would have loved to had just half
    the digital information by way of drones and lasers these people had to
    base their decisions on, hell if these people called this the fog of
    war, well they would have been completely helpless years ago. LOL LOL

  6. meloryscott says:

    Hillary Clinton is every bit as guilty. She whole-heartedly took part in the cover up. She did not have to.

    Obama is a very sick man. Let us not forget he voted against the Infant Born Alive Protection Act. I wonder, did he enjoy watching Muslims kill Americans? In his sick mind it is our fault that they hate us. Consider his friends, Bill Ayers and Ted Turner and his mentor Malcom X.

  7. carl says:

    so for future reference, before our troops can respond to an attack they must provide the following information about the attackers so our leaders in Washington can avoid the dreaded fog of war, names and dates of birth of the attackers, any identifying body marks like tattoo`s, photo ID`s if possible, last place of known employment.

    • the unit says:

      How totally apropos your comment is ! Heard O had to show picture ID to vote early in windy city day or so ago.

  8. Reb in Texas says:

    I can feel the outrage in reading this Mark…..which must be the same as mine. Today and other events this week have finally proven what many of US knew and/or strongly suspected. bho and hilary and so many others – including generals who should have acted should all be held responsible……yet, sad to say, even if the mittster wins, I don’t expect to see that happen.

    Also – nice to see a number of others posting here who have not been regulars – least not in posting. Thank you again Mark……

  9. the unit says:

    We know General Ham was replaced by General Rodriguez Oct. 18. Rumor has it that Ham was relieved of his command of USAFRICACOM within one minute of stand down order because he was in process of disregarding said order. I sure don’t know. Some posters have said the command could not have operated without commander that long til Oct. 18.
    Perhaps should have said Rodriguez succeeded Ham. One poster said “replaced” not used in military. Panetta did use succeed. Yeah, I like that… not replace Obama…Delete.

  10. maksyn1437 says:

    Johnson 2012

  11. the unit says:

    And now have Obama photo-op…” we leave nobody behind…” Hat’s off to Johnny Walker @ Breitbart on comment. He said Obama forgot to add…”alive.”