A Viral Video Every Voter Should Watch

There really isn’t much to add to this.  I’d ask all voters to consider the implications of this video appraisal of the Obama presidency thoroughly.  The facts are shocking.  The creator of this video compilation did a fantastic job.  Take a look. This is what I meant by “Becoming the Media:”



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One Response to A Viral Video Every Voter Should Watch

  1. the unit says:

    You’re right not much to add. B movie actor wised up to become A+++ Leader. Yep, misstep in Lebanon, but wall came down. Now tax wall comes up here…move out if you can…be taxed heavily…still I got no where better to go. And prefer to stay.

    Now… I saw old Reagan movie years ago can’t remember name…movie buffs may…probably before his enlightenment…retired marshall…town subjected to I guess bank robbers and mayhem back then… they asked actor Reagan to be sheriff…said he would “if townsfolks turned in their firearms.” Old timers sitting around saloon table asked…”who protect us if we turn in our guns?” I’m talking about old gabby bearded ones. Ole B movie.

    Reagan wised up…who will now? Hopefully voters tomorrow.