Time to Stomp Some @ss

Time to Stomp Some...

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had an outpouring of responses via email to the post on my decision, albeit very late, to go ahead and vote for Mitt Romney.  What I’ve learned is that I have a great deal of company.  Many people weren’t happy with Romney as the alternative to Obama.  Nearly all of them had finally decided that they would “hold their noses” and do the deed for the sake of the country, and for a chance to recover.  Having done so because I am resolved that this is the only way to save the country, to begin to turn the ship of state, I’ve also decided we have nothing to lose by going all out.  It’s one thing to vote in grim satisfaction that one has taken the only ethical course, but it’s another to fully support that decision.  We could simply vote and stand down after that with no further input, but I’d ask my conservative brethren to look around: The media and the Obama campaign are still trying to steal this election, and to mute your voices. They’re trying to make your difficult decision irrelevant.

The media is reporting that this is tightening, and there’s only one reason: It’s not going well for Obama.  If you believe the polls, or at least what useful information you can glean from them having sifted through the internals, what you must know is that this is a turn-out election: Get yourself and your friends and neighbors of similar inclinations to the polling places, and it’s going to be ugly for Obama.  If we want this torture to end, it’s going to be up to us.  It’s time to put aside all the recriminations and get this thing done.

Based on the traffic I am seeing on Twitter and Facebook, it seems to me as though the American people are ready to put four years of excuses, failures, lies, and treachery behind us.  The polls tell a different story, and I think that’s likely to be bias based on shoddy poll analysis.  They’re oversampling Democrats by a wide margin.  Because this is the case, I simply think that people inclined to vote for Romney should simply ignore all of this.  There’s no getting around the fact that we already know that the Obama campaign intends to call the election early on Tuesday in order to attempt depressing the turnout by Republicans.  The idea is to make Romney voters believe that it’s pointless to vote, and on that basis, give up in dejection and stay home.

IGNORE THE POLLS!  You are going to hear dispiriting polls reported on radio and see them reported on television all day long on Tuesday.  That was certainly the idea on Monday, as the mainstream press tries to get you to stay home.  IGNORE IT!    Report fraud wherever you see it. Report it to election officials on sight.  It’s time to drive out the demons. It’s time to take our country back.  You should be making sure that every wavering person you know gets to the polls to do the right thing.  Get yourself to the polls.  I’ve been listening to people tell me that each election I’ve witnessed would be the most important of my lifetime, but this time, it really is.  Don’t fail your children.  Don’t fail your spouse.  Don’t fail your parents, your friends, or your family. Don’t walk away from your neighbors, your congregations, and your communities, but most of all, don’t fail to stand and be counted for your own sake.  Tomorrow night, after the polls close in your state, go home and report what you’ve seen at the polls. Don’t fret. Don’t worry. What will happen won’t be known until long after there’s nothing to be done about it either way. You should relax knowing that you’ve done all you could, and wait out the results with the rest of us.

I felt a bit badly about changing my mind late in the game, and setting aside my various complaints to vote for Romney.  Having had a few days to think about it, I’m glad I did, and I’m proud that I will take part in tomorrow’s big count, because the truth is that it’s our one damned chance to have a say in much of anything.  I am going to send Ted Cruz to the Senate, and those of you in states with hotly contested Senate elections had better think about that too.  We also have House races, and we dare not lose that firewall, as flimsy as it has been at times.  My point to you is that tomorrow, you had better vote like you love your country because there will be plenty of tricks up the sleeves of the Democrats.  We can overpower them.  We can overpower their media.  Tonight, if you haven’t voted, I want you to resolve this minute that come Hell or high water, intimidation or chicanery, you will drag yourself to the polls and vote.  It’s finally time.  There can be no more delays.  The country cannot take four more years of this.  Tomorrow, we must put an end-date on the nightmare.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to stomp some ass, American-style: Proud. Certain. Undeterred.



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3 Responses to Time to Stomp Some @ss

  1. CC says:

    I’m VERY disappointed in you Mark. Did Mitt buy you off?After you so eloquently wrote “Do You Fear Obama?”. You’re just like all the other so call Conservatives who are willing to lay down their principles just to get Obama out. You were my HERO.Now you’ve lost a friend who was willing to stand by you till the end. AW well, I guess 4 more years of Obama will change even a strong conservative into a moderate. You go vote for the RINO and I will vote for Virgil Goode, at least i will have a clear concience! Goodbye and so long old friend.

    • Mark America says:

      Well Camaro Cowboy, the Romney campaign hasn’t bought me. They actually don’t like me very well. I’m sorry to have disappointed you, but at this time, it’s about the future of the country. Go vote for Virgil Goode if you like, but that’s not going to save the country. As I said a few days ago, we must have a country to save. I’m sorry you feel as though we can’t be friends any longer. I figured if a guy who likes Bail-out-mobiles and a guy who likes original American muscle could get along, what’s an election? Guess I was wrong, huh? See you down the track. In my mirror…LOL

    • JohnInFlorida says:

      Ah yes … a clear conscience and Obamacare … what a combination … congrats!