Hold The Presses: Ohio Isn’t Over Until It’s Over(Updated: IT’S OVER)

I’ve been keeping tabs on the Ohio count, and what I’ve noticed is that with roughly 20% of the vote still out, it’s still basically a dead heat.  Karl Rove(of all people) has made a good argument that the calling of Ohio by the FoxNews decision room was a bit premature.  This is a tremendously dangerous thing.  What if Mitt Romney winds up winning in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia? Then it’s President Romney, and there are going to be a lot of really angry people talking riots.  For once, I agree with Karl Rove that it is irresponsible(he didn’t use that word – he said “premature”) to call a state that is that close with that much of the vote remaining out.  This rush to call races could ultimately result in hot-headed people becoming violent if it switches up as the counting gets closer to the end.

I too find it curious that with so much of the vote remaining to be counted, the race in Ohio was called.  It may turn out that Obama wins all three states, but I think most Americans were prepared to wait this out.  Was this the pre-emptive strike the Obama camp talked about?  There are people still voting in Columbus at midnight eastern, meaning that we’re calling the race as people are voting.  Are you kidding me?

People are still voting! IN OHIO!

I smell a rat.

Update: Romney conceded. I should have known.



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