Fighting on the Ice…

Nearly one-hundred-fifty years ago, in central West Virginia, William “Mudwall” Jackson(cousin of famous “Stonewall” Jackson) advanced on the improvised “fort” at Bulltown. He intended to capture it, and during the fight, more than twelve hours, he twice sent surrender demands under a flag of truce to the Union garrison commander, Captain William Mattingly.  Mattingly reportedly replied:

“I will fight until Hell freezes over and then fight on the ice”.

Mattingly and his men escaped and fled, but it was a tough road out of hell.

Barack Obama is having his victory speech, and he’s trying to sound magnanimous.  It’s fake.  He’s fake.  I’m not interested in his notions of unity.  He doesn’t want unity.  He wants to dominate.  I’m not interested in unity at the price of freedom.

That’s my message to Barack Obama, and to all of those who will be gleeful at his re-election.  We’re on the ice now, and with Hell frozen over, there’s nothing better to do, and nothing that needs more doing. I am going to fight you.  My message to conservatives is simple: Don’t yield, don’t surrender, and don’t give any damned ground to these ruthless, cheating Marxists.  Of course, this fight is just beginning, and there’s going to be some fighting in the conservative movement, and that starts now.  Right now.  To every conservative, I urge you to watch closely who you choose for your candidates in the future.  I wasn’t a Romney fan, but I did the only rational thing remaining and voted for him.  I don’t regret that decision, but I have already noticed some glee on the part of some who wouldn’t stand and do the same.  That’s fine, and you’ll have your day in the court of conservative opinion, but let me suggest to my conservative brethren that what you are about to witness is going to shock your senses and drive you to the brink.

We have people in the Republican establishment who have conspired to obtain this result.  They will undoubtedly continue to conspire against us.  First, they shove a moderately palatable candidate down conservatives’ throats.  Next, they hand-cuff us and him with the same old mush that has landed us in this quagmire.  Rather than aggressively campaign, he played it safe. On August 3rd, I wrote, in part:

“Romney is being careful, to the extent that he has begun to run what looks like an NFL “prevent defense,” intended to prevent any game-changing mistakes late in the game, but almost invariably leading to defeat by an accumulation of a series of lesser mistakes, any of which would be insignificant on their own, but that in the aggregate prove lethal.”

Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t this precisely what has happened?  When Chris Christie hugged Barack Obama in the wake of Sandy, wasn’t this an unaccounted circumstance that threw a monkey-wrench in the “prevent defense” plan?  How did Romney react?  He did nothing.  He continued to carefully plod along with no mention of Benghazi, no refutations of Obama’s shrill diatribe, apart from his line about “revenge.”

To be sure, there were several saboteurs, and you can bet that come 2016, we’ll see a couple throw their hats in the ring. The New Jersey Windbag will likely be one of them, or he’ll be somebody’s pick for VP.  Somebody from Florida, I’m betting.  Meanwhile, the best and the brightest conservatives in our party have been mocked and disparaged.  America  is likely to be on its knees before the passage of another four years, and if so, we must admit that a positive conservative message on all fronts must carry the day going forward.  We cannot win with mushy moderates.  Even if at this late hour, or in the days to come, Mitt Romney’s count is somehow found to make him the winner, it will be in court until time stops.  Can you imagine the infamy of it when it turns out that just like the illegitimate Senator from Minnesota, who holds his seat solely on the basis of fraud, Barack Obama turns out to have done the same?

No, our strategy must be a simple one from now until 2016:  We must rebuild conservatism even if it means walking away from the Republican party, and we must fight a stalling delaying action with everything we’ve got.  They own the media, the bureaucracy, the education, the executive branch, the Senate, and the judiciary.  We’ve got John Boehner. Don’t tell me we’re losing the country.  We’ve already lost it.  Now it’s time to take it back, if we can.

There’s nothing worse than knowing what’s coming, except perhaps for the poor fools who will be taken by surprise.  This country will not survive in this form.  This blog certainly won’t.  There may be a day in the not-distant future when I will be forced to suspend this blog for purely economic reasons.  By then, I’ll probably be eating horse, rather than raising them. That’s fine. When that day comes, I’ll do what I must, but every day from now until then, I am going to fight the statists and their miserable claim to the production of others who they would enslave to their service.  I am not interested in getting along. I am not interested in any more moderation. My message for the left? Andrew Breitbart said it best:


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8 Responses to Fighting on the Ice…


    I’m numb…my health suffered so much because of what I seen & experienced these last 4 years. My grandbabies went from diapers to school & I missed so much of it because of my dedication to country. I put off a poor odds but life saving surgery to make sure I was here to see Obama thrown out of office. I left my ministry & everything I was so I could be a tougher more radical fighter for my country, I lost family members because I come from a Democratic family, I went without food so I would have the money to attend rallies, protests, & demonstrations, & for what? To watch my country die, murdered by the people who should have loved & saved her, taken over by people who were always jealous & hated her & want to see her dead & she is dying a slow sad miserable death. I’m too weak, sick & tired to fight anymore. I just have to sit back & watch the lies, corruptions, fraud, attacks, continue & the destruction & total collapse of family, faith, hope, charity, decency, honor, morals, & principles…everything that was Godly & American. I forgot who said, that once you lose liberty, it is gone forever. I never wanted to believe it but I do now. Maybe you can remind me Mark because I can not think straight anymore. Everything I believed in is gone. Evil prevails & spreads like a cancer & you can not kill it & it’s spreading all of it’s citizens causing them to change into what I knew them to always despise before & God is gone. They laughed at him & mocked him as their leader does & so he is gone. I can feel it in my spirit because I feel it dying. I’m realizing I’m in a country I don’t belong in where my morals, principles, honor, sense of decency & even my God are mocked & ridiculed & considered silly & old fashion especially when it’s proven over & over & over again these days that criminal mob mentality & debauchery puts you above the law where it is not only condoned, it is encouraged & there are no serious consequences, It is just, Oh well, too bad & move on. It’s all about getting over for yourself, no matter who you hurt, take down or destroy because if you can do that to them & get away with it, then they deserve it because they refused to go along with the criminal program. And now I really don’t care about them anymore, let them swim in their own bile. My biggest & only concern is for my children & grandchildren & all my future generations. I don’t want them around these kind of people. How can I teach them to be good & decent & give them consequences for bad behavior when everyone & everything around them is so evil & corrupt & looks like more fun? They will think of me as the one bad apple in the barrel spoiling the rest never realizing it was the other way around. I’m spent.

    • Mark America says:

      I’m terribly sorry that all your efforts appear for the moment to have been for naught. I could easily tell you something maudlin, like encouraging you not to despair, but I think most conservatives are feeling some version of what you feel, though we all express it differently.

      The evil that is consuming the land is like a cancer, vast and malignant, and it will be difficult to overcome. That much is obvious. what is less clear is how to do it. I wish I could offer you some comfort, apart from mere words, because I know many who are in similar despair. Truth is, in my own way and by my own problems, I find myself in a similar frame of mind, but I refuse to give in. I can’t believe we are now a majority-evil country, and yet the results would seem to indicate it. Stick around dear lady. Maybe we will come up with something yet.

    • JohnInFlorida says:

      ” … God is gone. They laughed at him & mocked him as their leader does & so he is gone.”

      Patricia, God is not gone. While I admit that He has me scratching my head and totally confused, I must believe He’s still in control and directing this little stage play we call life in the US of A.

  2. the unit says:

    Well it’s over…this time. I thought we had a tiger by the tail. I misunderidentified the species. It was a lizard. Every kid learned you gotta grab it by the throat.

  3. JohnInFlorida says:

    A word for the mood of anyone who follows this blog? Despair fits, as does disgust, and having to listen to the braying of the other side only grinds salt into the wound. Who woulda thunk that the useful idiots’ desire for “stuff” would lead to this.

    For me, the only saving grace this morning is an odd one … I realize that I actually felt worse on the day that Sarah announced she was not running. I’m not sure why this gives me comfort, but it does. Maybe it’s that yesterday underlined, in the harshest way possible, what needs to be done now. While I have a very hard time envisioning Boehner and the boys digging in their heels and saying “No”, that’s what we need to demand of them. Demand that they disagree, deny, de-fund and do it over and over again, LOUDLY!

    “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense” Winston Churchill

    So much to do, so few willing hands.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Enforce the 10th, repeal the 17th and may God bless America!

  4. the unit says:

    And please keep this site going. May be my browser, but several conservative sites I like are not coming up this morning. For awhile may not be as many articles to post, but midterms will be coming. And conservative voices can’t stand down.

  5. Michael_in_NC says:

    Mark, I can’t thank you enough for your article and your reply to Patricia. After hearing Obama had won, I felt the same disgust and level of defeat as others have mentioned. My wife (in her 50’s), who spent her entire adult life never voting, actually registered to vote and stood in line to cast her ballot for the first time in 2008 and again yesterday. She
    commented this morning that she will never waste her time voting again. We had given up as we mourned what we fear is the death of America.

    But, after reading your words this morning, I felt that familiar spark deep within flicker back to life. I’m still disgusted, depressed, and I need time to mourn. But come this weekend, when I re-read your article, I expect that familiar spark to be more than a mere pilot light, once again ready for the fight!

    Mark, I’m going to print your words and hang them on the wall where I can see them as often as I need a kick in the pants. Thank you for writing what needed to be said and reigniting the pilot light that many of us need!

  6. Kathie says:

    At the risk of sounding optimistic, I want to remind us that America is not just a country. Everyone who cherishes and defends their constitutionally-guaranteed liberties carries America inside them. We each have a sphere of influence, where we can set an example by choosing not to live as victims or slaves. America didn’t grow down from the top, it grew up from the bottom, from determined, self-sufficient individuals who found each other and banded together. We question, we stand our ground, we reject the dependency mentality.