The War Starts Now

...And then there were none

The War for the conservative movement starts now. I have now read reports that Allen West, Mia Love, and several other noteworthy candidates have gone down to defeat.  Let me be blunt: This is the result of having a moderate at the top of the ticket.  Fox News is already pushing the meme that the Republican party is too conservative.  Screw that.  I am sick and tired of the RINO news network telling me I’m too conservative.  I suppose if one views law and order, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, and an efficient administration of essential departments of government to be too conservative, I’m guilty as charged.

Mitt Romney lost this election because he was unable to substantially differentiate himself from Barack Obama, and in two debates, along with the Vice Presidential debate, he and his running mate spent half their time insisting that they agree with Barack Obama on this or that.  Screw that.  I don’t agree with Barack Obama about anything.  Anything he says that would lead some poor, brain-addled sap to believe Obama agrees with me is simply the result of Obama’s attempt to conceal what he’s really about.  Sadly, with too many people in this country, that sort of dishonesty works.

Mitt Romney is a nice guy.  What is it they say about nice guys?  He’s a nice guy in precisely the sense that he offends no one, except the perpetually offended left.  They’re always pissing and moaning about something, and nice guy Mitt Romney is exactly the kind of sap upon which leftist descend like locusts to devour.  His “Obama is in over his head” schtick played like Milli Vanilli right after the lip-syncing was exposed.  For all his good traits, Mitt Romney was sorely ill-equipped to stand in and battle a fight with no rules.  His first mistake was to believe there are any. On national television, in a debate with Candy Crowley, he permitted Barack Obama to get away with a lie and use Crowley as the authority on the matter.  He stood there impotently, amazed that Obama would lie, and that Crowley would back him up on it.  That moment silenced Romney on Benghazi, and from that moment, he was doomed, irrespective of the great winds Hurricane Sandy and Cyclone Christie, although it’s certain that bit of sabotage didn’t help.  I don’t care what the blowhard New Jersey now claims.

Let’s be blunt.  We conservatives were led by the nose from one candidate to the next throughout the primary season.  First there were nine, but Pawlenty jumped out, and then Johnson was in, but he didn’t last.  Now, more than a year later, there are none.   They trotted one after the next out, and each one would rise a little before being sabotaged.  How many were there? Three-quarter dozen?  After a while, it seemed to me each had played their appointed role, and each got out of the way in turn.  I’m not interested in such candidates any longer.  I’m not interested in the moderates that result from these set-ups.  I am going to write my requirements for the next conservative candidate I will support, and I really don’t care about the Republican party any longer.  With an even narrower margin in the House, and with Boehner leading the retreat, we’re in deep doggy-do.

We need a new party, and we need it now.  Does anybody know how to go about building one? I have no confidence in the ability of the Republican party to be an effective force in politics any longer.   I know this:  We must define what it is to be conservative.  We must make clear what positions a conservative must take.  Some will whine immediately that a party needs to avoid being to rigid, and too narrow, but I disagree.  A party that has no defining principles, no bright lines, and no boundaries isn’t a party at all.  It’s a mob.  Mobs are too easily steered by the personality of the moment.  Instead, we need to become a party of clear ideas that make perfect sense and are easily accepted by most rational people.  We need to educate many of our fellow citizens who are the victims of a monopolistic education system that has become the indoctrination camp for the left.  We have much ground to cover.  We can’t afford to waste even one day.

We need a party, and while conservatives tend to be rugged individuals, we need to come to terms with a few basic tenets that define conservatism.  It’s time to start down the path of rebuilding.  The GOP needs either a complete overhaul, or to be scrapped and cannibalized for its useful elements.  It’s more important to start out right than to be consumed with victory in one cycle.  We can’t afford any more of this, and who knows?  If we create a dynamic party with dynamic candidates, there may be yet a chance to turn this all around, though it seems remote at the moment.  Coming events will cause change, as they must, but in order to be positioned to take full advantage of these events, we will need to think this through now, while the sting is still in this defeat.  It’s when we’re most capable of brutal honesty, and it’s time we conservatives had this discussion.


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10 Responses to The War Starts Now

  1. Fight4Freedom says:

    Great blog! I was thinking the same thing myself this morning. It is time for the Conservative Party to rise. I think, these days, even Ronald Reagan might change his mind on sticking with the Republican Party. (They left me, I didn’t leave them.) I feel like we now have the Marxist/Communist (Dem) party and the Democratic (formerly GOP) party. I’m in Mark! But I’m sorry to say I know nothing about how to get the ball rolling. I’m sure it takes plenty of $$$. Course I have no intention of donating to the GOP anymore, or the big charities or disaster areas (0bama will donate for me)… I don’t go to movies or professional sports events anymore (can’t afford it and no intention of supporting 0bama supporters)….. course there are all the rations and guns I need to be stocking up on….. First on my agenda is removing myself from the R rolls…. I suggest everyone get out as soon as they can and switch to Independent for now. As least we can send a bit of a message right off the bat. I’m just waiting for the calls from the GOP that “the fight has just begun. Please donate.” I will be telling them point blank they won’t be seeing another f’ing dime from me. Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. It so helps to know I’m not alone.

  2. the unit says:

    Best post message Mark and comment by Karen I’ve seen all day. Old grey gelding (by time) ain’t what he (thought he was) used to be. Still got a kick. Postponing glue factory.

  3. JohnInFlorida says:

    Count me in …

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Enforce the 10th, repeal the 17th and may God bless America!

  4. Emerson_C says:

    The only prominent GOP leaders who has not been tarnished by this debacle is Governor Sarah Palin. She was dissed by the GOPe, by Mitt and their media shrills; her endorsement was not sought; she was not invited to campaign; she was not invited to address the RNC convention. But now the ‘politics of electability’ as opposed to the politics of principle have been utterly discredited. Its advoactes across the whole GOP have been discraced. Expect therefore to see a whole new onslaught on Gov Palin.

  5. Guest says:

    I know I should let it go. But Mitt is really only a nice guy when he deals with progressives. Have you forgotten the primaries?

    Mark I look forward to the fight, because we have people like you on our side. The Dems were defeated in 2010, yet they still acted like winners (it helped that Boehner and Ryan treated them as if they were the actual winners). We can learn from the Dems and never give up!

    • Mark America says:

      No doubt. I was referring to his personal behavior. His political behavior during the primary season sickened me. Said so. He was ruthless toward rivals.

  6. CC says:

    Mark, I came back to apologize to you and to say you may have wrote the article that got me upset and threatning to leave your viewership. Can I still be your friend in this crisis? We need strong conservative alliances in order to form a 3rd party away from the GOPE. I was wrong in criticizing you for wanting in desperation to vote for Romney to save the country.You will ALWAYS be the one and ONLY voice out there I will listen to. Let’s get this coalition of right-minded Americans moving in the right direction. I’m with you 100%, as long as you don’t go supporting the GOPE’s pick!

    • Mark America says:

      CC, when I’m trying to save the country from imminent danger, I may ultimately go along even though I know it’s apt to be a loser. I take the oath I took as a young man seriously, so when the republic is under direct threat, I oppose it. If you can live with that about me, welcome back!

  7. Kathie says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve had it with talk about Conservatives taking over the Republican party. If it hasn’t happened in 50 years, it never will happen with the lock-out rules passed at the RNC convention. I begin to lose respect for Conservatives, too, as it looks like they don’t have the will to break away from the GOP. What will it take to make them stand up for themselves? Look at Allen West. He capitulated to Boehner’s arm-twisting and voted for the debt increase. What did he get in return? Gerrymandered out of his district, and voted out of office.

    I spend much of my day among liberals, They were jubilant today. One said that the GOP has learned its lesson now, will throw out the Tea party “extremists” and engage in more bipartisan negotiation. I think she’s right. If Conservatives continue to flock with the GOP, they have no real respect for the principles they profess. The GOP is a sinking ship. Separate now, or go down with it. Third party NOW.

  8. CC says:

    I feel REALLY bad now going back and reading “Ive Made up my Mind!” I was in a different place than you, Mark, watching the primaries early and thinking Newt had a chance and hoping for a brokered convention. I joined Pro-Newt groups that splattered hundreds of facebook pages with Brokered Convention Propoganda, listening to Blog-Talk Radio, with Sammy Samford and Tex and Rex while they covered the Convention and saw and read the COMPLETE injustices that the GOPE did to the Grassroots conservatives. I was FIRED up and told myself “NEVER AGAIN!” In my mind, the REAL enemy were the Republicans.I even courted the idea of Gary Johnson and eventually voted Goode. I knew this country would make it through 4 more years of Obama. Just think what the Conservatives thought during the FDR years.Even Newt called in to Sammy’s show saying if anything ,vote Romney because of the SCOTUS appointments, and I was thinking, you mean like Souter or John Roberts!Obama doesn’t have a mandate and if Romney would have won it would have strengthened the GOPE and we would have to put up with him for 8 yrs. due to rules changes! So, as BAD as this may seem know, maybe it was God trying to shake this country’s foundations to bring about REAL change for the good, whether that shakes up the GOP, which I doubt, or brings our splintered factions together. BTW, I’m just an old Reagan Democrat, Evangelical,Constitutional,Physcal, Social, Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage,Pro-Gun rights, Pro-Military, CONSERVATIVE!