Mr. L’s Post-Election Rant

If you missed this, I’d like to point it out to you because Mr. L of Mr. L’s Tavern makes some excellent points.  He’s a man after my own heart in many ways, and I was gratified to hear him say the same of me.  He completely disassembles the post-election media spin. I hope you’ll enjoy it:

Be sure to visit Mr. L’s site and youtube channel. His commentary is simply excellent, and his style is straightforward, but he wastes no time in slicing through the baloney.

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10 Responses to Mr. L’s Post-Election Rant

  1. Mr.L says:

    Mark thanks for the shout out.

  2. MannaDelight says:

    This is so good! Truth has No Agenda!
    Thx, Mark & Mr. L.
    Tweeted it & posted on fb.

  3. TheresaAK says:

    It was a beautiful rant…

  4. Reb in Texas says:

    Had already listened to it – Mark – you and Mr L are 2 with whom I stay in close touch. We are all basically on the same page…….I pray we can garner many more to join US!

  5. Kristen Peterson says:

    sorry, but if i remember correctly it was this guy mrL that was part of the problem and tried to shove Romney down our throats.

    • Mark America says:

      Kristen, a lot of people voted for Romney in the end who wouldn’t have picked him as their first or even tenth choice. When you see your country being destroyed by a leftist monster, it’s easy to understand.

      • Kristen Peterson says:

        hi mark, i’m referring to the primary ‘era’…when many of us wanted a brokered convention and let the process play out. a la: steel sharpening steel. but 2-3 months before the convention, we were shunned and this person essentially called us out as damaging to the process.

        • Mark America says:

          Kristen, I think it’s fair to say that each person has his or her own breaking point. There was a very good reason that I was not willing to condemn all those who in desperation and resignation got onto the Romneybus. I suspected from the outset that Romney could not and would not win, and I said so here many times. As you may remember, there were those who chastised me for not jumping onto the Romney bandwagon as well. The thing is, I understand it. I understand full well why people threw up their hands and said “Fine, Romney it is.” Once they’ve made that choice, they tend to stick to it until later when they feel betrayed and cheated. I understand because in the finality of the voting booth, staring at that ballot, I thought about all we would lose if Obama won, and checked Romney. Did I like it? No. Was I conflicted? Deeply. We can all get to that place eventually, and that’s why I refused to damn any who did so, just as I refuse to damn all those who held out through the election, never giving their support to Romney. Even now, the notion is to blame conservatives who didn’t show up. Screw that. The truth is that everybody has their own breaking point, and I won’t damn those who reached it earlier than I, just as I won’t damn those who never reached it. The fact is that those who gave us this devilish choice knew this would be the result, so that I understand that rather than going after some people who reached their breaking point sooner than I, or never at all, is pointless in the matter. Mr. L may have chastised people for not going along, but it may have grown out of a sense of desperation. I really do understand it, and I don’t think conservatives going after one another will do anything but make it harder to recover. It’s not the conservatives who reached their breaking point who worry me, and not those conservatives who didn’t. My focus is on the non-conservatives, the so-called “moderates” in the party who run the GOP establishment and engineered this whole disaster. Their idea is to put the screws to us. Their idea is to make us all break. Their notion is that those who broke this time will break more easily the next time, but I think they’re in for a surprise when they find that the endurance of those who broke this time will increase. Watch and see. Go easy on Mr. L, as he was trapped in this same madness as the rest of us. I’ve been around just long enough to have been through this a few times. I don’t know if you were a participant in 1992, but this same sort of thing happened over Ross Perot. Then as now, I think that unhappy circumstance was engineered by the same crowd.

          • CC says:

            Mark, is there anyway us Conservatives can get a Face involved in a 3rd Party now where we can MOSTLY agree and get behind that Face in time for 2016? We’ve got to stand up and beat back this evil from BOTH parties!

          • Kristen Peterson says:

            from here on out, i will trust VERY FEW sources of information and opinion. period. your blog is one of the few i have and will continue rely on. you are a patriot. God bless you Mark.