St. Lucie Florida Area(UPDATED) Help Has Arrived!

Allen West is in the fight of his life.  St. Lucie County Florida’s Election Supervisor seems to be playing shenanigans with the counting of ballots, and at around midnight Eastern time on Friday night, she finally decided that it was time to count the military ballots. Shocker. Delayed until the middle of the night, when it would be hard to have sufficient observers on hand.  At this late hour, if you can get there, you are needed. The address is:

7865 Central Industrial Dr. Riviera Beach

You can still help if you’re close and can get there quickly(and safely.) The reported turnout in that district so far is 141% of the eligible population. I want you to think about what kind of vote rigging that implies.  They’re attempting to flank Col. West with this sneak attack.

Somebody asked the question about what can be done if the Democrat machine succeeds in ousting Col. West from Congress so that he still has a role. I won’t get into details now since time is of the essence, but there damned-well is something we can do.  The Speaker of the House need not be an elected member.  We need to replace Boehner anyway.  We could hound our Republican representatives into making him the new speaker whether he is ultimately re-elected or not.

Now, back to the matter at hand, because the idea posited above is a long-shot, and we know what kind of fraud he’s up against. If you can get there in a timely fashion and do so safely, please lend a hand to a patriot in need. If you’re a Facebook member, you can get additional updates and information by joining the group located here:

Allen West Republic

UPDATE 0200 Eastern

The vote shows a slight lead for Allen West at this hour. The long knives are out. People ARE showing up even at this late hour to help with the observation of the counting.  The people already there are undoubtedly exhausted but soldiering on. Good news is that Breitbart is carrying the story now. That will help.


From the group linked above, Gary Angelo Galiano posted:

Update: Please put the word out we have enough people now! Thank you everyone!!!
Thank you to every one who responded to this call.  They now expect to have a final tally within an hour or two, and they have plenty of people!!! Thank you Patriots!!!
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3 Responses to St. Lucie Florida Area(UPDATED) Help Has Arrived!

  1. the unit says:

    Not on facebook. Nearly 7 am there. Any news?

  2. Kathie says:

    Thank you, Mark for posting this! Allen West’s fighting spirit inspires us all — I pray that he wins. 141%! One only imagine what might have been uncovered in the presidential race, if Romney hadn’t folded like a cheap umbrella. This also reminds me to send a blistering letter to my representative against any further support of the current Weakling of the House.

  3. the unit says:

    Last I saw West won. I guess won’t be the last though. Oops, now I see they got to recount all votes.