Shell-shocked: Allen West’s Seat Stolen

Can we afford to lose him?

I can’t even begin to characterize how thoroughly disgusting this fiasco has been.  Retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West lost his bid for re-election after what can only be termed an incompetent and dishonest count by officials of St. Lucie County.  They did not recount everything, but only three days of early voting.  Military ballots were never counted.  I want to say this one more time. According to sources on the ground, all of the military ballots languished in a warehouse, uncounted, and they never will be counted.  This is a shocking development, and West’s legal team is pressing their case, but at this point, he’s been screwed.  There were problems with bad memory in at least one voting machine, and any number of other clear irregularities.  The GOP establishment got their wish and rid themselves of Allen West.  To be honest, while I had been hopeful, I have been expecting this sort of result.  West tangled with the machine, and they redistricted his butt to the curb in answer.  The most dynamic, forthright, and clear-minded speaker for conservatism in the House of Representatives was sent home, not only to punish him, but I believe to dispirit and punish us.

Some will choose to focus on the irregularities, the vote fraud, and all of the things that have occurred in that district, and we should certainly fight against those transgressions, but ladies and gentlemen, that ought not to have been Allen West’s district at all.  The Florida legislature, particularly those in tight with the GOP establishment, redrew West’s district knowing he would face these issues with corrupt St. Lucie County.  They knew it.  That’s why they made this area part of his district.  It was sabotage, and after all we have been through together here on this blog, if you don’t recognize it, you’re wearing blinders.  In January, I brought readers this story.

Just minutes ago, directly from Facebook, in the Allen West Republic group, Gary Galiano, boots on the ground, had this to say:

“It’s all in the attorneys hands now I feel they have so much evidence to fight this it’s not even funny. It’s a sad day when you have to count on a memory card from Office Depot to determine the final results of an election.”

And then:

“I’m signing off now going home. Sorry I couldn’t give you all better news. Take care.”

And from Tanya Grimsley:

“UPDATE from Florida. This will effect all of you soon. The SOE, Supervisor of Elections, in Saint Lucie County just kicked out all onlookers and was escorted away by the St Lucie Sheriff’s deputies (not in handcuffs). The public by the Florida State Constitution has the right to be present at any voting recount. You will think I am crazy, until you open your eyes, this is the start of the Dictatorship will will live under. The “Republic” has fallen.”

Indeed. This entire process is despicable.  While the attorneys will continue to fight as they should, you and I must carry this fight in another direction.  You see, this ought never to have happened.  The GOP establishment wanted this outcome, and it was the result they wanted when they created this new district and told West he could run here, after breaking up his district. On this Veterans’ Day, when we ought to be honoring men like Allen West, and when we ought to be remembering all of those who gave the “last full measure of devotion,” we must instead mourn a defeat that ought never to have happened.  Instead, we must contemplate the meaning of losing a district in which the military ballots were never counted.  We must think about the fact that this is the system for which veterans have fought and died.  Did the honored dead and wounded fight to preserve this?  Is this what my own service had been aimed at defending?

I want to say this to my readers one more time:  There may have been rampant vote fraud that ensured this result, but the real theft of this election occurred during the redistricting.  Yes, you should be angry with the lying, cheating, thieving, and fraudulent Democrat machine, but you should be even more enraged with the same old GOP establishment that afforded the ‘rats this chance.  Allen West is now without a seat…just like the establishment wanted.

Now the question remains: What shall conservatives do about it?  The reason we admire Colonel West is that he has been willing to say the truth on issues that were of critical importance to this nation.  Will we speak the truth on his behalf?  I floated an idea on Saturday, and I’m still rolling it over in my head.  I’m not sure how to get it done.  I only know that the Speaker of the House of representatives is a role that does not require elected membership in the House.  A person is chosen for that job by the whole House.  Somebody must invariably place the names in nomination, and then they vote.  If the House of Representatives is truly the “Peoples’ House,” it seems to me it ought to be possible. I would love to see him taking the gavel from Boehner.  It would finally give John something worth crying about.

If that doesn’t work, I have a secondary solution.  I would be happy to have Colonel West move back to Texas, and contest the seat in my district, where John Carter is now the Representative.  Carter is getting on in years, and he follows along with the Boehner boys nearly every time.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him replaced.  He helped sell us down the river on the Debt Ceiling Debacle.  A good deal of what comes next will naturally be determined by Colonel West.  Most of all, we conservatives must continue to support him in his endeavors because he really does constitute a glimpse at the kind of leaders we will need if we are ever going to save or rebuild this republic.  I want to thank all of those who carried on this fight. It’s terrible to go into battle with one’s hands tied, knowing the deck is stacked against you.  On this Veterans’ Day, let us remember those who gave everything and recommit ourselves to retaking this country in their names.


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20 Responses to Shell-shocked: Allen West’s Seat Stolen

  1. Guest says:

    You don’t know how livid we are in Fl-22. Now we are stuck with a feminazi who already sent out e-mails in West’s former district here to send money to fight West.

    It is we in Fl-22 who are being punished by Jeb Bush and Crybaby Boehner because we had the temerity to send West to Congress.

    I’ll never vote for a Republican again. I mean it.

    Yes, the Bush crime family knew that Fl-22 would not be voting for Etch-a-sketch, they would not be voting for entitlement mentality Connie Mack, and they would not be voting for Bush lap dog Adam Hasner, who co-sponsored Gore-bull warming legislation in Florida, as West’s replacement. And we won’t be voting for lap dog Marco Rubio any time soon either.

    Jebbie’s motto is, “Better a democrat then someone who is not one of us!” So we in Fl-22 gave the Bush crime family a taste of their own medicine. How’s that workin’ out for ya Jebbie. You will never be POTUS and neither will Marco.

    • MickieMaloney says:

      It is time those of us who are truly conservatives STOP voting for moderates who pretend to be conservatives. We need to stop “going along” with the candidates the GOP forces upon us. . .and then they lose elections.

      If the GOP had put up a TRULY conservative candidate, such as Col. West or Gov. Palin, I think the conservatives would have come out in droves to vote for them. I will not be voting for a moderate in the future. Having an “R” behind their name means nothing to me…in fact, it means “repulsive” until they have proved otherwise.

      Give me a conservative or give me no candidate at all!

  2. Reb in Texas says:

    Thank you again, Mark, for a great article. If what the elite of the GOPe did to West, the rules changes at the convention, the banishment of the Tea Party and of Sarah Palin, and all romney and his cronies did both during the primaries and then during the last month or so don’t tell US (We The People), that a new party is now necessary, then we are blind, deaf, and most definitely dumb.

    Course, the other question is whether We will have a country in which a new constitutional conservative party will be able to have the impact needed. I can only continue to do the little I can, continue to pray and stay in contact with fellow patriots as you.

  3. Kathie says:

    “The most dynamic, forthright, and clear-minded speaker for conservatism in the House of Representatives was sent home, not only to punish him, but I believe to dispirit and punish us.” Which proves that they don’t know us. It’s also fresh evidence that a vote for the GOP is really a vote for the Democrat party. I’m nearing the “never vote for another Republican again” stage, myself. So outraged that the military votes were not counted—and on Veteran’s Day!

  4. IndigoRed says:

    There’s a previous article here entitled “When All Else Fails, Lie.” Well, for Obama there’s no need to wait for ‘all else’, just lie – and cheat – from the get go. By the time anyone catches on, it’s way too late.

  5. NY4P says:

    This railroading is another hurdle in starting a third party. Have you noticed that the post-election meme is that the Tea Party wing are extremists!? They want us out, they want us to sit down and shut-up, then let’s give them what they want and leave the Republican party and register in a new third party. Enough!

  6. Greg Legakis says:

    Seems like we’re throwing in the towel a little prematurely folks.

    Let’s give the lawyers a little more time to work their magic.

    • Mark America says:

      Greg, the lawyers may work some magic, but it was awfully well-rigged. I hope they are able to get something done, but honestly, this is just ridiculous. I read on WND that one precinct had 158% turnout? If I were a judge, I’d be inclined to vacate such an obviously fraudulent result, but it’s Florida and they have some real pips on the bench. I suppose these days, we all do.

      • Greg Legakis says:

        FYI. The image next to my name is a caricature of me done at one of my parties about 10 years ago.

        BTW did you know I got banned from C4P and P4A? The new “owners” are a real sensitive group over there. Say “boo” about Sarah and you’re chopped liver.

        Oh well, not much to say anymore anyway.

        I’ll bookmark your site and check in every so often.

        Go West!

  7. Cyd2293 says:

    If we are to never vote for a repugnant again. What is the answer to the question of how we change the direction America is headed?

    I say that Red should secede from blue. “A new nation based on our Founding Fathers visions and the Constitution. The Constitutional Republic of America. We peacefully rise up and take back our God given birth right of freedom. We reject the tyranny of government just as our Founding Fathers did!”

    But thats just me

  8. TENCOLE says:

    Mr. West……I’m extending an invitation to come live in Illinois. pleeeeze.

  9. f0rtylegz says:

    Darn… And Florida is such an honest state when it comes to voting. I’m just shocked.

    • Mark America says:

      Heh, Yes, the history of vote fraud there is astounding. We shouldn’t be surprised, but then again, will there ever be a time when we clean it up?

  10. redwolf6911 says:

    I intend to call the Secretary of State and the Attorney General in the morning and raise hell about the Supervisor of Elections in St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County. Fraud is continuing to exist I am sure in other counties. These partisan activists target was Allen West by any means necessary. I hope the lawyers forces a re-count in both of these counties and I hope these two women are removed from office. If they can not run a non-partisan and fair election (it is obvious they can’t) then they need to be removed from office. It is an absolute disgrace that Military ballots were NOT counted again. Something needs to be done about that too.

    • Mark America says:

      Raising Hell is the one thing politicians understand at all levels. Their operative theory is that the squeaky wheel gets greased. As long as it’s quiet, let it ride.
      Go get ’em, Red Wolf. I applaud all citizens who fight corruption at any level of government!

  11. redwolf6911 says:

    Oh, yeah, the New Speaker of the House or Senate Will Weatherby was the chairman of the redistricting committee.

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