Secession? Pharoah, Let My People Go!

In what can only be described as a poke-in-the-eye to President Obama, residents of as many as thirty states have begun to petition the President to let their states peaceably secede from the union.  This movement seems to be gaining momentum, and it’s largely in response to the election results of last week.  Anger over widespread vote fraud is one of the chief complaints I’ve seen cited as the reason for the desire to split, but I think this simply demonstrates how divided this country has become.  Most of the petitions seem to originate from what have been traditionally “red states,” but no state has more petitioners at present than the Lone Star State, Texas, with nearly sixty-thousand signatures already.  No response has been forthcoming from the White House on this matter, but at some point, they will be forced to respond in some way.  I don’t know that this is anything more than symbolic at this point, but the plain fact that so many Americans are openly talking about secession is certainly amazing.  On Foxnews, Monday, the following graphic was run, captured by a Facebook user:

Since this graphic aired on FoxNews, more petitions have been added.  The petitions can be viewed on the White House website, here.  Maybe we can petition him to resign. What are the chances that he’ll respond favorably?  Will he respond like an actual liberal and come down on the side of self-determination?  Will he simply ignore it?  Will his staff laugh it off? Will his response demonstrate his radical Marxist view by being somewhat more dictatorial?

My bet is that the White House tries to ignore it, and if cornered on it, Carney will laugh it off as just the rantings of nuts.


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5 Responses to Secession? Pharoah, Let My People Go!

  1. cares_about_alaska says:

    Alaska began their petition last night. Since this graphic, OK, AZ, PA have also been added. Carney may laugh it off, but the people are not going to be silenced. This may only be symbolic, but it’s the start of 4 years of hell for Obama, because we have 4 years of hell coming from him. But, it’s not just him, it’s the whole of DC, the GOP better wise up as well. They are just as blind as the libs are, not seeing that the reason they lost this last election was because they stopped listening to their own people and gave up their principles. People are angry out here in the real world and this is just the beginning, half the country is out of their seats and awake and not stepping down.

    • jdjg says:

      you are delusional it seems and wrong. The GOP did not lose because they gave up their principals…they lost BECAUSE OF their principals. They have moved way to far right and have become crazy extremists maniacs (all seeming to become like Limbaugh-an incredibly scary scenario IMO) It amazes me that anyone would think that 4 years of Romney would be any better. The only correct statement in your post is “But, it’s not just him, it’s the whole of DC”, and on that I agree, a truer statement has never been uttered. The corporate greed which has become apart of the government at all levels is THE problem. $$$$ is what is running all the decisions in this country. It buys off all our politicians at every level and corrupts every social issue. I am no big Obama fan and he has made plenty of mistakes but thinking that things would have been just fine if Romney was elected is very small minded thinking and just plain wrong.

  2. Kathie says:

    Congratulations to Texas for being the first to gather the required signatures to force this into consideration. The big surprise is New York–maybe they plan to leave New York City behind?

  3. Guest says:

    Obama is ROFLOL.

    It seems like it is time for a teaparty rally, while the iron is hot.