Covering Up the Cover-Up: Petraeus Sideshow

The Main Event

I realize that the leftist media is happily pursuing former CIA Director and retired General David Petraeus, and I also understand that this is their way of giving Barack Obama cover.  This story is designed simply to cover up a cover-up.  You will remember that almost every media person asked has said that Petraeus had to go, because the affair left him subject to blackmail and coercion.  All those who said that are right.  The thing they missed is that such blackmail had already occurred, as we now learn that the Obama administration used the pending disclosure of the affair to force Petraeus to sing the administration’s song on Benghazi. The fact is that the Obama administration is proof-positive of the reason why we must have people of unimpeachable moral character in the highest offices of United States Federal Government.  On the opposite end of the blackmail of Petraeus sits a President who actually used blackmail or coercion to gain compliance from Petraeus to help conceal the truth about Benghazi.  This is the scandal, and this is the reason Barack Obama must go.  I say again: Barack Obama must go.

There can be no doubt that the character of a person who sits at the head of the CIA must be examined.  I don’t think there are very many people who would endorse the conduct of David Petraeus.  The problem is that as terrible as his actions had been, and as awful as the possibility of his vulnerability to blackmail may have been, the stunning fact remains that the man just re-elected to the presidency actually used that leverage against Petraeus.  Can we be blunt?  Anybody who uses his power as President to coerce or extort an appointed official in any respect does not belong in the office to which he had been elected.  Instead, he belongs in jail.

On Wednesday, Barack Obama held a press conference filled with softball questions during which he said that whomever might decide to “go after” UN Ambassador Rice would have a problem with him.  His threat was explicit.  I’ve got two words for our illustrious leader: Bugger off.  When Obama sent Rice out to all the Sunday shows to spread the administration’s garbage about an anti-Mohammed video as a cause of the attack on the Benghazi installation, she put herself squarely in the spotlight.  If Obama wants to absolve Rice of wrong-doing, there is a way he can do so:  He can publicly admit that he had given her those instructions, and that he is therefore directly responsible for misleading the American people.  If he’s not willing to do that, Rice is fair game.  When the Marxist thug finds the testicular fortitude to take responsibility for that, maybe we can then drop Ambassador Rice.

At the same time, we have the pending testimony of David Petraeus, but I would not expect too much dirt to be dumped by Petraeus.  You might wonder what could cause Petraeus to bite his tongue at this late date, no longer in the administration, but I will tell you why I now expect the Petraeus testimony to produce nothing of value: They used the affair to keep him quiet, but if he was willing to do that, what other untruths will he speak in testimony if the Justice Department is waving possible charges in his general direction?

Put another way, if Petraeus changes his story at this late date, that will mean an admission that his earlier testimony was false, particularly if his testimony was tainted due to administration coercion.  He’s damned if he tells the truth, because he will be subject to prosecution.  If he maintains his earlier lies, then the administration can let it go without prosecution.  Besides, given the clearances to which Petraeus has access, it is possible that charges may be filed related to the access that Ms. Broadwell may have gained by virtue of her relationship with Petraeus.  All of this means he’s likely to keep his lips stapled shut and claim the 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination. At this point, for him, it is much easier and safer to maintain a lie or say nothing than to tell the truth or make any disclosures.  He may be spitting mad and vengeful with respect to the Obama administration, but chances are that they have him over a barrel.  If there was any chance of him spilling the beans, he’d have wound up “suicided.”

Most media outlets have been distracted by the sex and sleaze aspects of this story, but that’s not the important part of this story except as the means by which to understand how Petraeus we being blackmailed.  The critical thing to expose is that Barack Obama and his administration concealed the whole truth from the American people in the run-up to the election.  They concocted a narrative that was demonstrably false about Youtube videos that they knew at the time was false.  Whether directing the cover-up, or as an adjunct to it, Obama had all the authority in the world necessary to prevent it.  Instead, they tried to bury the truth, both about the fact that it had been a planned terrorist attack, as well as the fact that they failed to take any sort of remedial actions once the attack had begun.

Four Americans were slaughtered, and to conceal their inaction, especially through the election, they used all the leverage they held over David Petraeus, and despite what some may think, through the prosecution powers implicit in the Department of Justice, they still hold him over a barrel.  We need more than some dog-and-pony show investigation.  This President misled the American people, and he should be considered to have suborned perjury if he instructed Petraeus to lie to Congress, which almost certainly occurred on September 13th.  The media is complicit, because they’ve helped to cover this mess for Obama, and they aren’t apt to tell us much because they’d be admitting their own dishonesty.  That shouldn’t stop us from demanding answers, because it’s our country.  Enough of the Petraeus sideshow, as it’s long past time we move on to the main event, in which Barack Obama is the rightful star of the show.

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7 Responses to Covering Up the Cover-Up: Petraeus Sideshow

  1. bdwatcher says:

    I definitely hear what you say, but I am not ready to say Petraeus was blackmailed. I thought of this when he first said he resigned with his indiscretions. All I know is we need to keep pressure on everyone we know to get to the truth.

    • the unit says:

      Well, today he be talking before congress. Haven’t heard anything as yet. We will be told what “they” want us to be told. Remember who he joined…Obama, Jarrett, Emanuel, Panetta, Holder, the Clintons and etc…why would a good man do that? Yep, he be “suicided” if going to spill beans. I be glad to be wrong here. And maybe he be tripped up, but remember his credibility diminished.

  2. Reb in Texas says:

    Good article – there is still the comment Petraeus later made that NO ONE from or associated with the CIA ordered anyone to stand down. Course, I wonder if we even have anyone on the committee willing to ask the tough questions and continue probing…..

  3. C Bartlett says:

    This is SO much worse than Watergate. The difference in the treatment of a Republican vs a Democrat in the media is absolutely incredible. On a somber note – if we, by some amazing miracle, managed to get BHO impeached because of this tragic event, we will end up with Biden. For four years. Why, oh why, did we see the “heartbeat away from the presidency” over and over with Sarah Palin but nobody ever questioned Biden’s complete lack of competency for the job? Oh yeah – it’s that liberal media again…….

  4. Guest says:

    What do we have to do to get people like Mark as analysts on shows like Hannity, Greta, ect. Many of the “political analysts” we do have are just propagandists for the Republican party.

    • Mark America says:

      Honestly, if you want people like me as analysts, first you’ll need to buy a network. Even if I wanted to be on TV(and I’ve always studiously avoided it,) there is no network now in existence of which I am aware that would put me on to say “boo” about anything. As I like to say, I have a face for radio and a voice for newsprint. I understand your general point, however. Thanks!

  5. richb says:

    When the dust settles, we will find out that our Ambassador and/or one of the men with him figured out that the very advanced weapons they were selling these terrorists (our proven enemies) were NOT going to be used against Assad Jr. in Syria, at all. And for this knowledge, they were literally killed by a decision to do NOTHING to protect them from the very group of animals that Obama called (via Power or some other lackey with connections) to attack and hopefully kill them. You KNOW he watch every damned minute of it like a kid watches a cartoon. He is way beyond SICK. And my God can that man tell lies.

    The rockets and other very advanced weapons were, in fact, destined to be used against one of our greatest allies, Israel. In the next few days you may see it come to pass. They have now fired 2 Iranian missiles well over 40 miles into Tel Aviv, but they missed the densest populations. If they fire accurate US missiles from Gaza, Israel needs to roll into Gaza FULL FORCE, find the US missiles and using the US serial numbers, HANG THEM AROUND BARACK OBAMA’S SKINNY, NECK.

    I think Biden may actually be safer as President than Obama since no one, and I means NO ONE actually listens to him or takes him seriously. We would need a strong General and Admiral or two to hold the fort down until the next election.

    I hope I’m wrong – but if not, he better HANG for it, and hang HIGH, for it is high treason he committed.