Vote Fraud Rampant in FL18 Contest – The State of the Union is Broken


If one were to extrapolate the unbelievable fraud that pervades the election in Florida’s 18th District, contested by Allen West(R-FL) and Patrick Murphy(D-FL,) and superimpose that fraud across certain “battleground states,” one could rightly suspect that the election of 2012 was an act of thievery, and of treason of the highest order.  This election has been characterized by all sorts of odd statistics, but in FL18, there’s one that simply blows the mind: In Precinct 93, there are just seven registered voters, but that precinct reported 900 votes cast.  Would anybody from Florida’s Governor Scott to Attorney General Pam Bondi care to explain how this result is even possible?

The sole object of the Murphy campaign over the last several days has been to run out the clock, and at noon today in St. Lucie County, that’s precisely what happened.  In order to get a full recount of every ballot cast, the count needed to be within one-half of one percent(0.5%) and that count needed to be uploaded by noon, today.  There were malfunctions at the last minute with the memory cards from the tabulating machines, meaning the deadline elapsed without the recount of the St. Lucie County early votes being uploaded.  Murphy is claiming victory, having successfully run out the clock, but ladies and gentlemen, it’s no longer about Allen West: You are being screwed. This isn’t just about disguising the FL18 vote count for Congress. They’re also concealing the count there for President.

If this is how our elections now work, and this is the nature of the corruption, it is no wonder that Barack Obama can win re-election in the worst economy in my lifetime.  To say that there are plenty of dead-heads who would vote for Obama is nothing revolutionary, but it has caused me no shortage of consternation since election night that he could win by a slim margin in a nation so wracked by trouble.  It simply didn’t make sense to me the night of November 6th, and it still doesn’t make sense to me nearly two weeks later.  The irregularities in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, and Pennsylvania have been troubling me because they were so overwhelmingly in favor of Obama that the counts in these states may have swung this entire election.

Considering what we’ve seen in Florida, with phantom voters, faulty memory cards, and what I believe was intentional sabotage by some election officials, I have begun to wonder how widespread this fraud really may have been.  Could this entire election have been stolen, with the results of FL18 serving as a microcosm of the nation at large? I submit that such a thing may indeed be the case, no matter how horrifying it seems, but if it is, it means our country is being stolen from us, one precinct at a time.

Thinking about what FL18’s Precinct 93 could mean when multiplied by the whole of the country, in all of these precincts where we witnessed turn-out greater than 100% of the registered electorate, what are we to conclude?  If it’s this bad in one little precinct in one Florida county, how bad might it be across the entire nation?  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your country, and it’s being stolen. The Union is broken.



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6 Responses to Vote Fraud Rampant in FL18 Contest – The State of the Union is Broken

  1. Kathie says:

    That’s been on my mind, too–that the apparent Obama win was not a win after all. And there stands Allen West, fighting his lonely fight like the man in front of the tank at
    Tiananmen Square. What remains incomprehensible to me is the behavior of the GOP & RNC in light of all this evidence of election fraud. Since Romney’s concession, there’s been no challenge to any of the questionable races. Rove and party apologists instead make excuses, and plot damage for 2016. They act like people who expected to lose the election.

    If it were not for Allen West’s fire-in-the-belly fight in FL18, the contrast would not be so conspicuous. But it IS conspicuous, and it suggests one of the following:
    1. The GOP didn’t want to win the presidency, and are therefore corrupt, or
    2. The GOP are congenital losers, and are therefore incompetent, or
    3. Both.

    • BevWKy says:

      I lean towards #2 but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it’s #3.

      I still haven’t pinned down what exactly the ramifications that old lawsuit between the DNC and the RNC had on the GOPs response to this election. Some people say nothing. Some say it does affect things but only at the national level, not state and local. Any way one slices it, though, they appear to simply be accepting whatever happens – without even commenting the possibility of problems.

  2. the unit says:

    Check where you like, Snopes, Politifact, where ever. If Stalin didn’t say “it’s not who votes, but who counts the votes,” then it’s because a dictator don’t even consider the vote. There we be.

  3. Reb in Texas says:

    Thanks again Mark. It may not be totally over yet – but, regardless – IF the elite GOPe nationally and in Florida don’t step up and begin to deal with this voter fraud issue, I don’t hold out much hope….for LTC West…..or for my beloved country. Now is the time to get that new party off the ground.

  4. Supertx says:

    The results didn’t make sense and still don’t. This week, they said the Hispanic vote did NOT change the race, which reinforces the fraud theory even more. Note that the GOP is not questioning any of this whatsoever, but they are using it as an excuse to blame conservatives. That about sums it up.
    Most people I know are really in despair over what is happening but are giving up hope on having any power to stop it. I am a “never give up” person, but the corruption is so deep that it is overwhelming. Pray.

    • Mark America says:

      You’re right to refuse to give up. Don’t. Ever. The fraud was massive. The GOP won’t do diddly about it. We’re going to have to be the force that compels a clean-up.