Boehner Must Go

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Back in the days of the early Cold War, Senator Joe McCarthy spent a good deal of effort trying to uncover crypto-communists, people in government and in popular culture who hid behind labels like “liberal” and “progressive,” but who were secretly working directly or indirectly for the world-wide communist movement.  The media (being dominated by crypto-communists) set out to destroy McCarthy’s reputation, and their friends in the historical community helped to blot all of the communist betrayals from future generations.  Today, we have a putative Republican majority in the House of Representatives, but for the second time in less than two years, the Republican leadership in the House is working to undermine its conservative members while offering deals on the “fiscal-cliff” to Barack Obama, both publicly and behind closed doors.

These so-called “”deals” are only good for President Obama, but they are disasters for our Republic and its future.  No conservative can possibly believe that any of the deals being discussed publicly are anything but destructive, and yet here is our Republican House leadership, the last firewall against the predations of Obama, and he’s making deals, planning for defections, with the intention of getting it through the House primarily with Democrat votes!  I believe this is evidence of more than mere incompetence because what these repeated sell-outs evince is a thoroughgoing contempt for the Republic.  I no longer believe Boehner is merely weak or foolish.  I don’t believe there’s a sober human being alive who could be this incompetent. Instead, I believe he is either a crypto-socialist plant of the leftist variety, or he has been compromised in other ways.  Either way, for the good of the country, John Boehner must go.

Never have I seen a Speaker of the House work so unashamedly for his adversary and against his own party.  This isn’t the behavior one should expect from a Republican, never mind somebody who claims to be a conservative, but if Boehner succeeds in throwing a deal to Obama, it will be on the strength of only a few hands-full of Republicans.  It will be the moderates who will pass this deal out of committee, and there will be a sudden bloom of support from across the aisle.  There’s no point in extenuating the matter.  When the election for Speaker occurs in the next Congress in January, we must get sufficient abstentions to ditch this jerk.  As Ned Ryun writes at RedState, it will take 218 votes to re-install him as Speaker, and that means we must work to prevent Boehner from obtaining that number.  It’s a long shot, but it’s our only chance to rid ourselves of this man, and the problem is that Cantor is no better.  We are going to need to say no to a number of these DC establishment Republicans, and we have just four weeks to bring sufficient pressure to do so.

On Wednesday, Boehner held a press conference during which he took several questions.  His answers indicated that he has already surrendered.  He talked about taxing the rich, saying:

“Now the revenues we’re going to put on the table come from…guess who?  The rich.”

What has happened to the so-called leadership of the Republican party?  Here, John Boehner adopted the language of the left, providing a de facto endorsement of it.  Boehner isn’t interested in fixing any of this, but is instead leading his party to doom.  As we know from earlier in the week, he dumped four conservatives from influential committees because they were not “loyal.” To whom or to what does a conservative owe his loyalty?  John Boehner?  Forgive me, but my representative does not owe his loyalty to John Boehner.  He must be faithful to the US Constitution and loyal to his home district, but not to freaking John Boehner, particularly when it means abandoning these higher principles.

This sort of damage is not accidental.  Either Boehner is corrupt and compromised because those FBI files (or their contemporary equivalents) have come back to haunt him, or because he’s simply a leftist who obtained his office and position as a Republican by playing a role.  One might have concluded that he is merely a fear-driven political animal acting due to a faulty perception of his political survival, but that doesn’t explain his behavior with respect to the conservatives in Congress. No, I suspect that Boehner is compromised, and that he is acting as an agent for the left, but even if it’s not that simple, the effect is precisely the same: The destruction of the United States as we have known it. You may be satisfied to leave him in place, but I am not.  For the good of the Republic, and in faithful service to that writ of our supreme law that had formed it, John Boehner must go.


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11 Responses to Boehner Must Go

  1. Dave Pavano says:

    Amen brother! I mentioned this years ago but who listens… Just another RINO… And of course there is nowhere left for the communist Trojan Horse to go but infiltrate the Republican Party since they already have the Democrats in the bag. And that started long ago with daddy Bush speaking in behalf of the new world order…
    We need more Joe McCarthys in government but it’s hear no evil, see no evil and speak no TRUTH! And I believe that is why both parties were so scared of Sarah Palin… She would have been the new sherif in town!

  2. the unit says:

    Then I think it would work if he is not nominated in the first place. Mr. Ryun’s idea as he states it is ” assuming no Democrats would vote for Boehner as Speaker.” Afraid I can’t assume that if Boehner is likely to work like we think he does.

  3. MACHGLOBAL says:

    Boehner cannot see down the road if congress increases taxes. In 2014 the democrats will have their war party blaming republicans for increasing taxes and the same reason GHW Bush lost . They republicans never learn and simply fold when the going gets tough. I’ve had enough. The republican party must be washed out top to bottom to purge the weak and stupid.

  4. Guest says:

    Incompetent or malevolant? I now think he is both. Speaking of Boehner.

  5. Angela Hale says:

    This has been the plan since the rise of the Tea Party in 2010. They were shaken to the core at the success of the grassroots so they set out to destroy us in 2012. They even said so on FOX but no one seemed to be paying any attention. Soon after so many warned that the Tea Party would not prevail in 2012, FOX announced that they were moving to the center. It’s all been orchestrated. If you don’t believe that, watch the mainstream “conservative” media. They’ve already started singing the praises of this “new, moderate Republican Party.” We will not win. Not this one and not at this time. God willing, Sen. DeMint’s new position will be less “think tank” and more activist. We need all the help we can get.

    • Mark America says:

      Sadly, Angela, much of what you say is true, and their attack on the Tea Party is not quite finished yet. When they lose the House in 2014 due to their surrendering on the debt and budget, they will blame the Tea Party. It’s been decided.

      • Kathie says:

        Anyone afraid of being blamed should simply not be holding public office. It’s no place for cowards.

        As for Constitutional Conservative and Tea Party representatives, one might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. If Republicans are going to lose the house in 2014, and CCs and TPs go down with them, considerably weakened and discredited, why not break away now from the Republican party, while they still have credibility? Doing so would give CC/TPs political muscle in the House and serve as a rallying point for all those who support the Constitution. Imagine a House with 201 Democrats, 202 Republicans, and 32 Constitutional party members. Boehner’s speakership would hang by a thread. We’re at a point where we can’t afford to take timid half-measures anymore.

  6. wallypalo says:

    The group, American Majority Action, has a plan to convince 16 low-level GOP Congressman to withhold their vote for Boehner’s speakership. Then another Speaker must be found. As long as those 16 don’t vote for a Democrat, we’ll either get another GOP Speaker, or have no speaker (as was the case during the Civil War).

  7. V for Vendetta says:

    People from Ohio…keep the calls to Washington coming.. You must flood the phones. You are his constituents!

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