To Hell With the Republicans, We Must Save the Country

Let it go…

It’s time for conservatives to realize that the Republican party doesn’t want us, surely won’t serve our interests, and will not fight to restore our constitutional, representative republic.  The Republican Party is a walking corpse, a zombie that feels nothing, knows nothing, except to feed like their cohorts in the Democrat Party.  One person I chatted with on Twitter made the point that “at least we didn’t get Pelosi as Speaker,” but I wonder if that’s not a hollow victory.  In real terms, what would have been the difference?  I have had some difficulty in distinguishing between the two parties of late, and I’m not sure we’d be any worse off with a devil in the open uniform of Hell than a demon in Republican guise.  After all, you wouldn’t be tricked by Pelosi, but by Boehner, you might well be.  I have thought for some months that the Republican Party had become a useless hulk, from its insipid primary process, to its disgusting anti-conservative convention, and on through an election wherein conservative principles were often implied, but never stated, and certainly never adopted.  No, I won’t do it any longer.  As Alan Keyes details in other words, the GOP has nothing to offer but slavery to a different master. If this country is to be saved, we will need to do it without them, around them, and over them, but we can no longer rely upon them.

In that vein, I am looking for a few good conservatives.  Perhaps more than a few.  It’s time to discover if we can begin to put together a party that will displace the Republicans as the Republicans displaced the Whigs.  It’s been 150 years since that happened, and I think it’s time to start over again.  I certainly can’t do it alone, but if you’re interested, let me know, and we’ll get started.  We have nothing more to lose but the rapidly disappearing shreds of our liberties, and left to Boehner and his Crybaby Caucus, we won’t retain that for long.  Today in making his re-election speech as Speaker, he said that members should focus not on the demands of their constituents, but instead the demands of the times.  I want that to sink in, and I want you to hear the ugly meaning implicit in that declaration.  He’s not interested in what you think, what you believe, or what some scrap of decaying parchment may say.  No, he is going to be a “man for the times,” and he expects his members to do so also. In short, the only rule Boehner will abide is expedience.

The irony is that our crisis is as timeless as human nature.  It’s born of all the same vices, but rather than oppose them, he and his party have become the exemplars and enablers of them.  It’s time for us to stop talking about it and begin to get on with it.  If the longest journey is birthed in a single step, we must commence or never depart.  If you’re satisfied to watch it all cave in around you, with your liberties dying by the truckload, join Boehner and the Crybaby Caucus. As Ambassador Keyes writes in his excellent piece:

“The GOP has become the political vehicle in which this power-mad elitist clique gathers the conservatives who are willing to be used by the elitist faction to legitimize the political sham behind which they mean to sell out and shutter liberty’s house once and for all. Then, like disposable cameras, the duped conservatives will be thrown away, along with the liberty they profess to cherish, yet fear truly to serve. But for this faithless fear, they would get out of the GOP now. It’s late, but not too late.”

Shall we begin, or shall we whine about it?  Shall we recognize the truth of Keyes’ reproach?  It is not yet too late, but it is very late.  Short of getting out now, to return to our principles outside the bonds of that broken party, conservatives will perish for lack of the courage to walk away.  It really is about the choice we face between cowardice and courage.   If conservatives permit themselves to linger in confused, half-evasive hopefulness that the GOP will somehow regain its way, we are already lost. They will not, and we cannot force them to it by any means.  No, it’s time to wave goodbye to the Republicans as they careen toward the ash-heap of history, our only role in their midst  remaining to deliver to them the final shove.


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21 Responses to To Hell With the Republicans, We Must Save the Country

  1. Melodie Carr says:

    Yes, Mark, it’s time. What do we do?

  2. SteveBayrd says:

    I’m in Mark. Old now and on a small fixed income, trapped in the Peoples Republic of California, but will help all I can. Sarah’s been very quiet lately but IMO she symbolizes the platform that a new party must have. I’m at @SteveBayrd on Twitter.

  3. Nancy Rizzo says:

    I’m ready. Count me in!

  4. Lynda says:

    It is time but we do not have a Lincoln to lead us…

  5. Fight4Freedom says:

    I spent 4 years trying the “work within the GOP” bit. It didn’t help. Even locally it’s hard to upset the apple cart. I’m done with the GOP so count me in. Someone posted on a blog that “conservatives are to the GOP what the blacks are to democrats.” That really hit me. It is so true! Done being used and abused!

  6. oyster0302 says:

    Waiting for the General to lead the charge

  7. Ken says:

    There is a party waiting for you. It’s called the Constitution Party. No need to start from scratch. It’s perfect for our time:

    It has been years since I saw much difference between the Republican and Democrat parties.

    • Mark America says:

      In truth Ken, like you, I’ve not seen much difference between the two since at least the days of Reagan, and absent his influence, there wasn’t a lot there about which to crow either. I’ve looked into the constitution party before. It’s easy to like their platform. On the other hand, it suffers a deficit that makes it like all other non-D and Non-R parties: They’re on the outside looking in because in so many places, the two-party oligopoly has frozen out any and all other competitors. This is perhaps the greatest obstacle we face: ballot access.

      • ShawnNJ ✓Swamp Drainer says:

        WE need a grassroots effort to work as a new Republican Party to get real Conservatives elected.

        You are right a third party won’t get any attention. The tea party is in disarray and there isn’t anyone with the power to pull it togehter. Palin had the chance During the primaries and sat back and watched as the establishment picked our candidate. We all know the outcome.

        She could have made a difference with Newt Gingrich the only true conservative running.

        With that said, we need a place to gather to exchange ideas and implement them to win back Congress in 2014 and the White House in 2016.

        We also need a powerful force to call and write our representatives when they are going down the wrong path. We need to have one voice.

        This site could be turned into a place for true conservatives if Mark wants to go down that road.

        if he does I will be one of the first to sign on.

      • Ken says:

        Yes, they are on the outside looking in in some places, but they have obtained ballot access in 37 states in 2008. I haven’t been able to get the numbers for 2012. Still, how would the new party you are suggesting not be in the same situation? I just suggested this party because it’s been around for 20 years, has done a lot of groundwork, and the platform is what the Founders would write.

        If if a majority of the Republicans switched en masse, and a high percentage of the 67% of American voters who have said they would be willing to vote for an independent joined, would not we “suddenly” have a national player?

        I agree that we need a new movement and a new party. I am on board, I know that. I left the Republican Party and joined the Constitution Party at least 4, or maybe 5 years ago.

  8. richb says:

    I am a big Mark Levin Fan, and I am sure most if not all of you also appreciate The Great One. Dr. Levin has something up his sleeve and he keeps hinting he will be announcing it in a few months (not sure exactly what or when – but he said he needs to “clean it up” and “flesh it out” more). It sounds big to me. They guy does not “do small” – he does BIG – GREAT – LARGE – ETC. And does he ever hate the Socialist GOP jerks.

    I have to wonder how the states fit in since he has been pushing states rights and responsibilities pretty hard lately – but I ma sure you all know he is a constitutional marvel. And since he has been educating as many as 7.5 to 8 million people each day, in many cases – he would need to be part of anything real – anything that would work in time to save us. I think that things are a lot worse than many people suspect. And I KNOW it is not a real majority – it is criminal in nature. Levin’s 7 to 8 Million is an “ARMY” of voter any way you look at it. Granted 10,000 to 20,000 of them are listening for mistakes and are the Snitches and Drones of Media-Matters-Not (my name for them) and such as that – but that is of little consequence.

    But you can surely count me in.

    Ken mentioned the Constitution Party, but I remember looking at them and I backed away for some reason – But I don’t remember why, but I will take a 2nd look. I have been building a web site and methods to get rid of the socialists in our schools, colleges and universities – They use TENURE like shield. Tenure must be destroyed – done away with. I think I have an idea on just how to do that. It won’t be real pretty, but I think it will work. More on that pretty soon.

    Well.. it’s getting scary out there – I know good and well that our moron Speaker of the Almost Dead GOP will never have the guts to shut down the government like Reagan did – that was SO SWEET. But it needs to be done, and NOW – or rather 2 months from now when Obama threaten to NOT PAY Interest on our loans, if they can’t raise the debt ceiling. No. 1) He does not have that choice under the Constitution – it is pretty darned clear – we pay our debts first. I think we need to get a LOUD VOICE – one that he Obumbler and everyone else in the U.S. will hear when we call him on it, and tell him he does NOT have that choice. And the Speaker needs to hear it at the same time – Mr Speaker needs to know we mean business and we are large in numbers. I have completely “withdrawn” from Facebook – no entries in a year – and even I signed up to the “Whitehouse newsletter.” What a joke – but you can usually see how and when the major lies are going out to the masses of drones and morons. And, no violence is NOT an answer – not now anyway- I’m a retired military officer and I know better – i know where that goes. So Like I said – count me in.

    And I wonder – I really wonder… How many (besides me) would get behind Alan West in a real OUTSIDE run for the Presidency? No one will OUT debate him- period. He is just too quick with his mind.

    Well, back to work with me…

  9. CC says:

    Sign me up Mark, I left the GOP when they had that SHAM of a convention.

  10. ShawnNJ ✓Swamp Drainer says:


    You have this web-site that can be turned into a site like one of Newt Gingrich’s grassroots sites. have a look here http://newtgingrich360

    It was a place where like minded people came together to dicuss issues, come up with strategies and go back to the official site to make calls.

    If you want to have a new Party or work to get real conservatives elected in every Statehouse, the Senate, the House, President, then Im willing to help.

    Newt Gingrich has written about strategies to be implemented in the coming elections of 2014.

    To beat the Democrats and RINO’S we need a strong grassroots effort. There are many Americans looking for a place to help and there isn’t one out there.

    Many of us are posting on sites to try and make a difference, but we are not working together as a whole.

    There needs to be a site to gather all these true conservatives. You have that opportunity.
    I will be one of the first ones to sign on.
    Shawn Simpson

  11. the unit says:

    I support…but harder said than done. That purpose is why I supported United We Stand in ’92 before the election of Clinton that Nov. Not sure our general then or the one you get now will not be wolf in sheeps clothing! But more power to you…most here are about the age I was back then, in the brother/sister range. When I look down 20 years from now, with Thomas Jefferson, hope I’ll do and sing “Rollover Beethoven” because of your success or at least efforts. Now…………..

    Was just thinking…about map I’ll link to concerning red/blue areas. I think they are red not so much as supported Rep nominee…say Dole, McCain, Romney. But as to core values of God, country, family. Although I suppose the area colors were determined as to presidental vote.

    Now all who come here to read know why those very old dead white men arranged the Senate in the Constitution the way they did. A long past states rights issue of liberty vs. pure democracy. Oh well…

    Look at map link and suppose…an exercise in futility, I know…but suppose… Question… what if each county had one electoral vote for president. And what would the makeup of the Senate be now, had not the Constitution been changed? I might say there’s not a dimes worth of difference…but that’s now. What if state legislators elected by red counties still sent the senators to D.C. ?

    Transformation of America has been a work in progress for a long, long, long, time.

    Map link:

  12. donpurser says:

    I’m in. The Republicans are dead to me as a party. There is no hope for them. I would like to think the Tea Party could gain traction, put up candidates, and become a real party. I don’t know, we’ll see.

  13. narciso says:

    Well didn’t the fact that Romney signed up Jones, who wrote Schmidt and Wallace’s CYA
    memo,that became the template for the attack that became ‘Game Change, and Madden,
    indicate they had declared all out war on the activist right,

  14. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Count me in! WE have Republicrats, & basically there’s no difference between most of them, from the Dems. There are a few that still hold the line, but not many. Michelle Bachman plus some of the new ones that just were sworn in have already shown they are not happy with the status quo. Paul Ryan is a MAJOR disappointment. So let’s get started! Rebellion, pure & simple! Rand Paul is a good example of a REAL conservative too. We need more like that. If I had known back when I voted, what I know now. I’d have written in Ron Paul, or even Spongebob Square Pants, instead of wasting my vote on Romney.

  15. john norton says:

    Whatcha think Gov.Palin time to get back in it agn ‘both feet’ … ~ !

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