The Inevitable Question Arises: What Shall We Do?

I am dispensing with the chore of attaching images to posts in this category.  It takes too much precious time, and effort, better spent on other things.  More than a few of my readers noted on Friday night in response to my To Hell With the Republicans… posting that we have no leader.  It is true that there is no formal leader if we are to do this.  At the moment, there is no Lincoln, and no General Patton, and those who might be haven’t stepped up as yet.  Let me take a moment to offer another notion, since it seems that all too often, we seem to wait on some savior to rescue us.  Why can’t you be that savior?  Why can’t you be the next Lincoln, or Patton, or whatever figure you might prefer?  It’s easy to lay about and pretend that we must continue to lose for lack of a leader to show us the way, but even were we to find one, that leader was not born knowing the ins and outs of the task at hand.  Chances are, they learned through trial by fire, and since it’s our damned country anyway, and nobody else has nearly as much as we who know fully the value of the liberties we have enjoyed, I think it’s time to stop waiting for a leader and simply be one.  Besides, it’s a good deal easier to attract an experienced leader to your cause if you’ve already assembled an army.

One of the things I learned during my Army career that had separated us from our Soviet adversaries had been the fact that if a battalion commander of the Red Army went down on the battlefield, his unit would be fairly ineffective, since without that leader in place, there was nobody who could step up into his place and do the job of commanding an effective unit.  In stark contrast, in the American tradition, every man knew the basics of the jobs two steps above him and had already done the jobs below him, so that when the time came, the American unit could continue to fight even if it lost half its chain of command.  This was because in our services, we expected every member of every unit to know at least the rudiments of leading, and I don’t think this situation is any different.  The top of the Republican heap has gone AWOL, but rather than wait around lolly-gagging in the hope they will return to their senses, it’s time we get off our duffs and lead this ourselves.

I have received suggestions that what would be easiest is to simply conduct a coup against the Republican party, take over its rotting machinery, and build a new party within the husk of the old, breaking out and discarding the useless shell when we are strong enough.  One of the problems is that this often leads to a co-opting of the new, as some of the old will try to cannibalize the fresh blood, or contaminate them with the same old diseases.  I think the average conservative to whom I speak is so thoroughly sick of the GOP in its present form that co-opting them will not be so easy a task.  Like any organization, we must start with a goal, and it can be ambitious, or it can be tepid; it can be vague or it can be specific. In any case, it will be up to you to decide what those goals must be, and what the overall mission of your organization is to be.

If you decide that the best approach is indeed to simply take over the Republican Party in place, I would suggest you find a way to differentiate yourselves from the old guard.  “Conservative” has been claimed by other parties, and let’s face it, despite the factually good record of conduct among Tea Partiers, the media has succeeded in destroying their good name in many quarters, but I had thought something like “Restoration Republicans” might do.  In that vein, we might also call it the “Re-Po Party,” since it would be our intention to re-possess the party from the establishment that now denies its own existence, but exercises a stranglehold over its machinery.  On that note, we might choose to call it the “Re-Establishment Party,” since we have a constitution our forebears once ordained and established, but must now be re-established as the supreme law of our land.  As a bonus, since there is an establishment, there would also be now a re-establishment wing of the Republican Party.  I know some of you will think that last is to play with fire, but if we’re going to be burned anyway, we might just as well make the most of it.

The other approach is to start from scratch, or to join an existing albeit obscure party and make something of it.  One of the most devilish obstacles laid before any party that is neither Democrat nor Republican is the matter of ballot access. Depending upon your state or locale, it may be exceedingly difficult to get a candidate onto the ballot for a given office.  One of the things that helps keep the Dems and Repubs going is that they have party recognition on their side.  Many voters will not have heard of the “Constitution Party,” as poster Ken suggests, or the “American Restoration Party,” one I’ve run across, and the reason is quite simple:  The two major parties basically control the vast bulk of media and media resources, even on the Internet.  The news covers Democrats and Republicans, but seldom any of the other parties.  This makes breaking-in that way difficult, not impossible, but very difficult, and the big two know it, and like it that way.

One reader posted a link on my Facebook profile to an older article by Erick Erickson at Redstate, who suggested simply conducting a coup within the Republican Party, and he offered a number of reasons it would be a good deal easier than most people might believe, and at least a few of the comments offered experiences in agreement.  Still, I believe whatever course we will take, we must embark, and we must do so immediately.  What shall be our first destination? I am investigating several things, but I am certain my readers have many ideas, as reflected in the responses to the previous posting.

One thing about which I am reasonably certain is that we do not have much time remaining in which to save the republic. It’s tempting to look at all that has happened and pretend that it will continue to go on as it has gone on for the indefinite future, but I think we’re all mature enough, experienced enough, and otherwise armed with sufficient understanding of our situation to realize that the system is on the cusp of catastrophic breakdown in some form. With the obscenely absurd spectacle of serious people suggesting the minting of trillion-dollar platinum coins, you have to know that it’s a good deal more dire than is being reported.  Time may be as short as that, never mind the gun-grabbing plans and all the other dastardly legislative proposals now in play.  When a country runs its course, and you see the airing of the most preposterous ideas to cure monetary matters, you know the “powers-that-be” don’t know how to fix it, and you know also that they’re not willing to do what it will take.

Let us begin with the premise that we haven’t the time to build a party from scratch in quite the way we might have done it a generation or more ago.  That leaves the notion of a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, from the ground floor, starting in a sweep of the local party offices.  We will need to begin there, and for that task, we will need lots of people, from all over the nation, pulling in the same general direction.  We will also need a few people who have some experience at doing this, and recent Tea Party experiences will likely offer plentiful, salient wisdom as to the pitfalls and the methods that work. As our faithful poster “The Unit” has mentioned, people who helped to form Ross Perot’s “Reform Party” came to discover that not all would-be leaders turn out to be what they had promised.  Let us be wary of any who too easily wish to lead. We don’t have the time to waste, and we don’t want this to die by sabotage or incompetence.  We have enough daunting challenges ahead of us without unnecessarily imposing new ones.

I believe our single-minded goal must be to restore constitutional government, in all the meanings explicit and implicit in that charge.  Our constitution worked until the politicians began to work around its restrictions and tempt us into turning a blind eye to it, as they bought votes with our treasure.  Now, there’s not enough treasure to be looted in order to satisfy all the promises, and the politicians are pointing fingers.  The problem is that we should have kept these people on a much shorter leash all these years, but how many times have we ourselves bent to the expedient measures of the moment?  If we are to take over the Republican Party, let us start now, this day, this week, and in this moment.  We must keep the pressure on Washington DC Republicans, but we must turn our immediate focus to the state and local levels in order to have any impact.  I believe it can be turned around with your efforts, and the efforts of your friends and neighbors.  Let us resolve that this will be the year that we will begin the task with redoubled efforts to wrest this government from the demagogues and incompetents.  Let it begin today.

Who’s with me?


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14 Responses to The Inevitable Question Arises: What Shall We Do?

  1. Guest says:

    I’m not optimistic that we can take over the Republican party. Waste of time. Don’t let the Republican party loyalists convince you otherwise. Do we want to walk around this same mountain for 40 more years?

    The naysayers w.r.t a new party remind me of the liberals who say refinaries will take 6 to 10 years to build, blah, blah, blah. excuses, excuses. If we started 6 years ago..

    I’m with you on the idea of a new party. Words of wisdom from Charles Spurgeon:

    “We never do anything in this world until we set our faces thoroughly to it. The
    warriors who win battles are those who are resolved to conquer or die. The
    heroes who emancipate nations art those who count no hazards and reckon no odds,
    but are resolved that the yoke shall be broken from the neck of their country.
    The merchants who prosper in this world are those who do their business with all
    their hearts, and watch for wealth with eagerness. The halfhearted man is
    nowhere in the race of life; he is usually contemptible in the sight of others,
    and a misery to himself. If a thing be worth doing, it is worth doing well; and
    if it be not worth doing thoroughly, wise men let it alone” (from a sermon entitled “The Dawn Of Revival, Or Prayer Speedily Answered” delivered February 10, 1867).

    I have set my face like flint. For decades have I voted and done all I could for the Republican party and they have done nothing but make the country ripe for the marxists to move in and take over – time to try something different.

    • the unit says:

      Hi Flintstone, melory2. Have a couple of flint arrowheads my dad found as youngster in the late ’20’s in Choctaw country. Story was…old bones around one of them…probably a deer. Huh? Not likely was a food source left to decay at scene. No CSI team available then. :)

  2. Charlie Huffman says:

    Mark. as of now there is not political solution but they will come for our guns and the resistance will be great..Then we can restore the Republic with votes..We will never win the vote as long as they control the computers that will cheat any vote that we post..Just pray that God will give us the strength to win this final battle.

  3. ShawnNJ ✓Swamp Drainer says:

    You can Count me in.

    The grassroots effort to accomplish this goal needs to be enormous. There are
    others talking about this very idea.

    There are many people waiting to find the place to go to start this fight to
    take back America.

    Lets get this going with a strategy.

  4. Maggielovesamerica says:

    Count me in Mark!! I am there!

  5. Guest says:

    Mark I am in agreement, whatever we are going to do we better do fast. Education has always been the key. An education program needs to be set up to inform the public about what we stand for and why. It will also help members communicate the message more effectively. A strong code of ethics should be instated ASAP to offset fringe groups that could sabotage this endeavor at it’s start. As Conservatives, our tools should be reason and logic to advance our arguments and beliefs, not the tools of demagoguery like the Left and the GOP use.

    “The way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to every one exactly the functions he is competent to (perform best). Let the national government be entrusted with the defense of the nation and its foreign and federal relations; the State governments with the civil rights, laws, police and adminsitration of what concerns the State generally; the counties with the local concerns of the counties, and each ward (township) direct the interests within itself. It is by dividing and subdividing these republics, from the great national one down through all its subordinations, until it ends in the administration of every man’s farm by himself; by placing under every one what his own eye may superintend, that all will be done for the best.” –Thomas Jefferson

    One of the biggest problems we face is a perpetual shift of power from the local levels to a strong centralized Federal Government. Even at the “local” level we are voting for strangers that we do not know to represent us. By not knowing them personally, we are easily deceived if they are truly men/women of integrity and share our common principles. In this sense, we are truly no longer a representative Republic.

    As the late Russell Means pronounced to the American people not to long ago, “Welcome to the Reservation”, meaning there is no difference between what the Feds have done to the Indians on Reservations and what they have been doing to the rest of us.

    We the People must unite and reclaim our Liberty and Freedom that the Federal Government (with collusion from various State and Local levels) has usurped from the individual. We must empower the individual with our inalienable rights recognized by our Constitution and the responsibilities that go with such.

    Let us show these Democrat and RINO’s, who are cut from the same cloth, that we have only just begun to fight, “Let’s roll”.

    • the unit says:

      Principles of 98, I posted so closely after you that it may sound like I’m trying to refute an argument for education. That’s not it. Just pointing out experienced difficulty. To be educated the target must want to be educated, not entertained. Therein lies the problem. Even with the new media, one has to look for and want information. The 51 % from the last election are not seekers.

      Various governments have recogniized education needs, and even instituted re-education camps. Not voluntary by any means, but attendees I’m sure wanted to get it done and over with. Hope that’s not in our future.

      • Guest says:

        Apologies for taking so long to respond.

        I agree, it’s easy to say but quite another to accomplish. After posting on Disqus, one quickly learns that a person has to want to learn or you might as well be talking to the cat.

        In your other post on this thread you mentioned working in the 90’s to educate people. The 90’s were different times, the economy was strong and the majority of the people did not think the Nation was in dire turmoil (no pain, no gain). One thing that is in our favor this time (unfortunately) is the state of the Union. People are hurting and are going to be looking for someone with solutions. We need to be there with a strong coherent message that is also one of hope. We must be the light in the darkness so people know where to go and it sure as hell isn’t this current GOP. People are running from them.

        Ronald Reagan gave us the blueprint to winning elections and he had no friendly media. He mixed education with entertainment and people listened to his stories that made liberalism a joke. I am under no illusions about the uphill battle we face, but we must remember Reagan’s eternal optimism:

        “It is no coincidence that our present troubles parallel and are proportionate to the intervention and intrusion in our lives that result from unnecessary and excessive growth of government. It is time for us to realize that we are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. We are not, as some would have us believe, doomed to an inevitable decline. I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing. So, with all the creative energy at our command, let us begin an era of national renewal. Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength. And let us renew our faith and our hope.” Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Inaugural Address

        • the unit says:

          Yes, in agreement we are. I really can’t add anymore. However, personally I have declined from ’92 to ’13. And more is inevitable. I can’t do now what I could then. When I got to 65 the financial wizards were saying “you need to work on to 70.” Now that I’ve been fortunate to arrive, they are saying “you need to work on to 80.” I can assure them that won’t work for most of us. I say this with a smiling face and optimistic attitude. :)

  6. the unit says:

    Oh how I thought that after the last 4 years… the ole ideal…”Missouri ‘Show Me State’. It conotates a certain self-deprecating stubbornness and devotion to simple common sense”… would prevail. So much for that.

    We United We Stand folks didn’t stop in ’92. Thru ’96 we did flea market booths hand outs and personal talk, low cost, of course, radio talk shows on evangelical stations, even local tv called BLAB. Ross had Pat Choate and Jesse Ventura come on board, hooray. Maybe the message was at fault, but I think it was the inattentativeness and other entertainment that was the problem, and the leaders. Huh? Watch out.

    Only after some years of atrocities by the British on the people could a warning of “The British are coming” stir action. Now we got 51% happy with what they’re getting as of today and waiting for more.

    So my first response is to tell from my experience what doesn’t work…education…educate who? True we didn’t have new media, but remember…free Obamaphones won out. Freedumb trumps freedom now.

    Well that’s a start.

  7. ShawnNJ ✓Swamp Drainer says:

    After digesting your post overnight, I had the opportunity to think and discuss with others about what needs to be the objective. I understand what your trying to convey.

    I have been out front as much as I can be, trying to make a difference by posting at many sites, emailing information, discussions at parties/phone calls with friends, business associates and anyone else who will listen.

    The problem is that we do need leaders to have a voice for all like minded people.

    Yes we can get the boots on the ground to help in our own states elections and even help people in other states. We can also put together a grassroots effort to get conservative elected to Congress.

    This effort still needs a leader that has the appeal to reach out and get that message to everyone.

    The Tea Party, I believe didn’t have a impact this election cycle because there wasn’t one voice banging the drum about one candidate. The Tea Party was a fractured organization with different candidates being endorsed.

    As a example, Sarah Palin could have brought the Tea Party in one direction towards one Candidate. She had the clout, she had the following, she is a experienced speaker and people just plain liked her. She voted for Newt Gingrich but didn’t come out front when she should have to endorse and campaign with him. I believe it would have made a huge difference in the outcome of the primary and the election.

    She did well for Ted Cruz in Texas when she went there to campaign for him with Jim DeMint. The crowds were larger when she was with him. She has the appeal and name recognition because everyone knows what she believes in and stands for.

    This is the task at hand. Sure we can all go out there and organize a small group in our states to help in getting the message out for the candidate we choose.

    This has been going on before I was born.

    The difference in the Tea Party during the 2010 elections was a united front that made the difference to take back the House. The Tea Party had one cause that they would not detour from.

    No matter how we all go about helping, there needs to be a United front with a Palin type of person with the recognition to be out there explaining what we stand for. There needs to be a site to gather the troops to get the message out and band together as a whole to accomplish the goal of riding ourselves from the RINO Liberal Establishment called the GOP.

    I am here to help in any way I can. But I am one person only known to a few.

    To be a recognized force you need a recognized person leading the charge.

    Whom will it be?

  8. Tom Petricka says:

    The “Freedom Party”…..

  9. the unit says:

    Principles of 98 and myself mentioned about education. Education in America this day and time? I’ve mentioned this example before, guess repetition is invaluable. But I’m beginning to wonder…does anyone, us supposedy alert know what the story of “The Little Red Hen” was all about?

    Lesson purpose from Utah State Extention service for teachers…


    This lesson plan uses the story of the Little Red Hen to explain the process of bread making and provides an opportunity for students to experience this process first hand.

    Omit the story here. Available below at link.

    But is that what that story is supposed to inform our children about? Come on now?

  10. wallypalo says:

    I am also “wandering” in the wilderness right now. I had a chance to attend a local Tea Party event this week, but was too tired (& had no babysitter).

    It should be pointed out, though, that the Republican Party was originally full of crony capitalists (Lincoln was a corporate lawyer for the Railroads, and fully supported government subsidies of all manner of businesses) and only recently (with Reagan) was led by an actual small-government conservative. Up to the second end of the 19th century, the Democrats were the Party of small government (free trade, no government run “internal improvements”). Funny how the core of the two major Parties has nearly switched places.

    As to starting up a new Party, I’ve thought about it, but I think the experience of the Libertarian Party is instructive. You can get and keep a core group together, but to break into the mainstream is difficult. The “Tea Party” name is mainstream, but as you mentioned, the MSM has successfully trashed the brand for at least 1/2 America. Without the weight of an established Party beside it, a new Tea Party political party would need a billionaire to finance it.

    Ron Paul, however, showed that state GOP organizations can be successfully taken over. Iowa is now in the hands of Paulites. Maybe there are other states, like Maine, as well. This takes far fewer motivated people to pull off. I guess that’s how Reagan’s supporters did it.

    For me, I’m hoping for something new entirely. When Europeans were sick and tired of their Monarchies and their lack of freedom, they moved away to America’s frontier. I’m looking for that new frontier.