Getting Burned…

Most of the time, I succeed in presenting factual information because I work very hard to verify stories, sources, and other relevant information. Sunday, I made an error in judgment about publishing a story, titled “Brady Campaign Tells Women to Take One for the Team and Submit to Rape” based on a story posted over at Conservative Daily News.  I had sent the author and the publisher of that site a request for verification, but I published without waiting for the verification to come back, making the faulty assumption that it was a true news story.  Subsequent investigation while waiting for verification from CDN revealed that this story had been determined by others to be a hoax.  In any event, the Brady Campaign denies having published such a poster.  There are a few who still insist the story was real, but without definitive evidence at this late hour, I wish to extend an  apology to two groups:

1.) To the Brady Campaign, inasmuch as while I continue to have severe grievances with their politics, I do not wish to falsely malign their organization, and it seems that I may have been led into prematurely relating an unproven news story that certainly was not flattering.  Fortunately, only a few dozen people saw the story on my site before I pulled it, and I am doing my level best to ensure that those who did see my story have the corrected record.

2.) To my readers. As I have indicated in the past, I do not make decisions to post information, opinions, or stories based on trying to beat the world to press.  This site is focused generally on activism and commentary on the issues of the day, so that I am not in the “news business,” trying to “scoop” stories and beat competitors.  On at least one previous occasion, I made a similar error, not long after the beginning of this site, but I corrected that one before more than a handful of people had seen it.  In this case, I should have waited for verification, but I failed to do so.  For that, I apologize, because I try always to give readers true and reliable information, and in this regard, I failed some number of you who saw the story before I pulled it.  Had I simply waited, it would never have been an issue.  Again, my apologies to you for having published prematurely.  I realize that the old saying about one “aw shucks” wiping out a hundred “attaboys” applies here, but I sincerely hope you will forgive this blemish on what has been a relatively spot-free record.  Likewise, I would like to apologize to those who might have passed along my post to others.

If I receive further information from my original source about this story, I will update this posting.  Again, my apologies for any who were misled by this story.

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3 Responses to Getting Burned…

  1. the unit says:

    With the price of eggs, milk and bread. Maybe you’ve struck a gold mine. :) Make “French Toast” out of it. :) You know the old joke saying…” I thought I made a mistake once, but I was mistaken.” Lets us and we “make hay while the sun shines.” And don’t dispair because of a cloudy day! I think really all was right on, as I’ve mention in the posts prior, Without attentiveness, hoax may become real time! IMHO.

  2. Alfred Friend says:

    Apology accepted. Now go forth and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  3. the unit says:

    Egg on your face? Remember when late night tv was funny, comical, and clean, although a bit sticky at times?