New Hampshire Legislator Wants to Punish Freedom-Seekers

No Freedom Here!

This story is a perfect example of what I explained when I wrote The Return of the Wall last month.  In that case, it was a matter of French politicians seeking to punish Gerard Depardieu among other wealthy citizens for their willingness to move out of country to avoid the criminally high taxes their newly-elected hard-core socialist government is trying to inflict.  Now, as Breitbart is reporting, New Hampshire’s 3rd Legislative District Representative Cynthia Chase has gone to the blogosphere to urge her fellow lawmakers to make the State famous for the slogan “Live Free or Die” an unwelcoming environment to so-called “Free-Staters,” people who are moving to New Hampshire specifically with the goal in mind of converting it into a conservative or libertarian bastion.  The Free State Project has been around for some time, but lately, it’s gotten large enough to garner attention from lawmakers, and Democrats like Rep. Chase aren’t very happy about their presence.  She intends to use the law to restrict freedoms in the state, and thereby cause Free-Staters to rethink moving to New Hampshire.  Just as the Soviet Union’s wall between East and West served the dual purposes of imprisoning their people, while simultaneously keeping out the influences of freedom, Rep. Chase is urging her fellow legislators to help restrict the freedoms of conservatives to deter them from moving to New Hampshire.

According to Breitbart, Rep. Chase wrote the following in a blog post on the 21st of December:

“In the opinion of this Democrat, Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today. There is, legally, nothing we can do to prevent them from moving here to take over the state, which is their openly stated goal. In this country you can move anywhere you choose and they have that same right. What we can do is to make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come, and some may actually leave. One way is to pass measures that will restrict the ‘freedoms’ that they think they will find here. Another is to shine the bright light of publicity on who they are and why they are coming.”

This is incredible, but reading the full text of her post, it’s clear that Rep. Chase is a typical leftist who opposes freedom.  She actually dares to quote Martin Luther King Jr. at the conclusion of her post, in which she asserts that the Free-Staters are “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” without offering the first bit of justification for her conclusions.  She made a vague reference to “their website” without linking to it or offering the first inkling of what it is that she’s referencing as a threat to the state of New Hampshire.

Legislators and activists like Rep. Chase are the reason it is so easy to believe the most absurd statements attributed to lefties.  When one realizes that she is actually hostile to people moving to her state because they may by sheer numbers change the base polity of the state, I wonder what her stance is on making our Southern border less permeable.  After all, the Free State project seeks to build a conservative state by populating it to the extent that they can sway the legislative process in that state.  Is that fundamentally any different from what liberals have been doing to places like Texas for years?  It’s amazing how the left is willing to punish people who have committed no crime, and to enforce their own views on what proper political views should be by virtue of punishing those with which they disagree, but they are always the first to scream when they believe they are being oppressed. With a threatening slogan like “Liberty in Our Lifetime,” you can bet the left will punish Free-Staters at every turn.

Here’s to the Free-Staters! May they move to New Hampshire and paint the place red!

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8 Responses to New Hampshire Legislator Wants to Punish Freedom-Seekers

  1. Dave Pavano says:

    Proving once again, Liberalism IS a mental disorder!!!

  2. stevethird says:

    The biggest threat to NH is not the free-staters, but rather the invasion of Mass-Holes from the south. That is why we reflexed back to a blue state in 2012. Mass residents move here to escape from Massachusetts only to recreate the problems here. Maggie Hassan is already talking about what money she will throw at various “problems”. She can’t help it she’s a Liberal she is hardwired to overspend, thereby creating the need to overtax.

    • Fight4Freedom says:

      I would just like to note, as someone who just bought a small farm in NH to “prepare” and get AWAY from Massachusetts….. not all of us are moving there to change it. Although we have family in Maine, we felt NH was more prosperous due to being more conservative, as well as involved in politics. We paid an extremely high stamp tax to purchase our property, but thought it worth it to be in NH. (15% as compared to 4.5 here!) Then we see the state go blue and hear about legislators like this Communist who are trying to implement a state income and sales tax! We didn’t get it, until I read this article. I do agree that MA liberals moving there is a big part of why NH converted (as well as Dems voting as Repubs in the Primary and voter fraud in the election); however, please don’t lump us ALL into that category. If you do, you’ll discourage the conservatives from MA who are going there because we love your state and what it offers. I didn’t even realize there was a “free stater” movement, but I’m happy to be part of it. I grew up in the midwest and my husband in Maine, so we are not native Massholes – maybe that’s the difference? Either way, we can’t wait to sell our MA home and shake the dust from this God-forsaken state. If you travel throughout New England, that NH is the only prosperous state at the moment is pretty clear. One can only be amazed at those who are determined to destroy that. You can be assured of two newcomers/”Massholes” to NH who will be fighting against the liberal takeover there.

      • stevethird says:

        I meant no offense. I am a masshole myself! 5o yrs AGO i came here, and except for a couple years I’ve been here ever since. I live in the Exeter area and I love it here..but I fear we are losing it. We hired conservatives to fix what Libs broke, they did their job as promised, and then we fired ’em for doing it. I’m shakin’ my head.

        • Fight4Freedom says:

          Thanks for the clarification Steve. So you know exactly where I am coming from as well. Actually, reading about the “free staters” movement gave me a little hope. Here we were, thinking we were moving to a more conservative state…. then seeing it turn blue and hearing how an income and sales tax is expected…. but maybe not. After what I’ve seen in my political fights in MA, I’m more than up for promoting the conservative movement in NH. Keep the faith! NH is still the brightest light in New England for us freedom lovers. That being said, this “idget” has to go!

  3. Fight4Freedom says:

    I see she has a link for the “progressive online community” for NH. Interesting. Typical liberal hypocrite. Okay to collectively push the liberal agenda, but outraged by those pushing a conservative one. How do people believe liberals are the ones who believe in “diversity”? It’s absolutely astounding.

  4. John Ranta says:

    A good friend of mine has a “son in law” (hevrefuses to marry the woman with whom he has a child) who is an adamant Free Stater. He refuses to pay taxes, or contribute in any way to the community, even as he drives on tax-payer funded roads and takes food stamps to feed his family. Which leads me to equate “free stater” with “free loader”. My suggestion to all you “free staters” who feel so put upon by the society we have worked so hard to build ovef the past few hundred years – please, move to Texas or some other brain dead state where you can live in your fantasy world of “freedom”. Secede, establish anarchy, reject the community of cooperating human beings, as you see fit. Crawl off into your solipsistic cave. But don’t ruin New Hampshire. Because New Hampshirites have a long tradition of community, of neighbor supporting neighbor, of towns and cities paying taxes, building roads, schools and fire departments, to support one another. We don’t need your selfish, puerile, childish fantasies.