Former Marine Who Told Feinstein “No Ma’am”

No Ma’am!

Joshua Boston is the former Marine who published a letter on December 27th, informing Senator Dianne Feinstein that he would not obey any law that demanded he register or surrender his firearms and his right to bear them. Corporal Boston’s letter was a response to all the talk about gun bans, and particularly Feinstein’s proposed legislation. CNN interviewed him, and he figuratively stuck to his guns, telling the CNN interviewer that an unconstitutional law is no law. The interviewer naturally seemed argumentative, but that’s to be expected when a Marine talks to the press.  Watch the interview here, courtesy of Mediaite:

Feinstein’s office responded, saying she respected the Corporal’s service, but like most leftists, I believe the Senator from California is lying through her teeth. If she had any regard or respect for Corporal Boston or any of the millions of other veterans who have worn the country’s uniform, fought it battles around the globe, and kept the nation secure against all threats, she wouldn’t be considering this sort of legislation. Among other things, in his interview on CNN, Boston said:

“Whatever happens happens. I have a right granted to me by the Second Amendment in our bill of rights and it says ‘shall not be infringed.”

In his original letter, Boston in part made his case this way:

“I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America.”

What I find interesting in this interview is the demeanor of the CNN interviewer, who seems to hold his remarks in contemptuous, laughing disdain.

“The law is the law, right?”

As the 8-year veteran observes, an unconstitutional law is no law.

This is another example of what I explained in my piece on Sunday about Confronting Ignorance About Guns. These people in the newsrooms are frequently factually ignorant of almost everything relevant to the issues they cover, and it is perfectly understandable why conservatives and conservatism never seem to get even-handed coverage in media.

To his credit, Cpl. Boston acquitted himself well in the interview, and he did the Marine Corps proud.

Semper Fidelis!

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4 Responses to Former Marine Who Told Feinstein “No Ma’am”

  1. NY4P says:

    “The law is the law, right?”
    It is surreal, like we are living inside Atlas Shrugged. The Marine’s logical points aren’t dealt with. A simple wave of the hand to throw all intellect into the trash bin for the sake of liberals’ notions of social engineering.

  2. USAPatriotSC says:

    He should have been there in person and brought his backbone with him to nail this stupid reporter on he dumb questions. When will Conservatives stop being so nice and wimpy. Go after these idiot Liberals like they go after us!

  3. NY4P says:

    “An unconstitutional law is no law.” So true. And this is where the real prize for liberals will decimate our laws by corrupting what is considered constitutional by packing the Supreme Court with like minded social engineers.

  4. the unit says:

    There may be a song one day about a young Corporal Marine, that nobody cared about. Hopefully not!