The Alex Jones Freak-Show With Piers Morgan

Jones Launches

As a resident of Central Texas, I’ve been familiar with Alex Jones for more than a decade.  When I first heard him, he w as on KLBJ-AM radio in Austin on weekends, as well as a daily Internet broadcast. Jones has always been easily convinced of conspiracies, and while he bumps into a number of real ones, he never seems to have the self-restraint to realize that not everything is a conspiracy, and not everything bad that happens is strictly the result of some conspiratorial actions of some shadowy elites.  I knew I could never listen to him again once he proposed that the twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition.  All of the video from that day shows the real cause of the collapse, and it wasn’t a thermite plasma device, or a series of smaller explosives, but the structural failure of steel load-bearing members weakened by heat and bearing much greater and more asymmetric burdens then they had ever been designed to bear.

It was from that moment on that I dismissed Alex Jones as an overblown crackpot.  The sad part is that he does more damage to his own credibility than his adversaries ever could, and it’s too bad because Jones is right about a number of things on the issue of freedom, and the never-ending growth of government.  On Monday night, he appeared on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN and scored some excellent point before melting down and making a complete ass of himself.  The freak-show may have been entertaining in some respects, but ladies and gentlemen, he is a loose cannon, and conservatives shouldn’t rely on him to carry the banner of liberty.  I get as angry as the next conservative when I see what the left is doing to our country, but most of us realize you can’t win an argument if you appear to be off your nut.  Jones never saw that memo.

The first thing Jones should have known was that he was being set up like a carnival side-show freak.  If Piers Morgan had wanted a serious debate about guns, there are much more authoritative sources he might have interviewed.  John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime would have demolished Morgan without challenging him to a boxing match. As soon as Morgan began pummeling Jones over his beliefs about 9/11, it was clear that his entire aim was to discredit gun-owners by association with the likes of Jones.  Of course, by then, Jones was quite angry because he knew he had been set up, but the problem with Jones is that he never knows when to shut up, and his own kooky pet theories know no bounds.  One would think that with his conspiratorially-tuned mind, he’d have been looking for a big ambush after his run-in with TSA on his way to this interview.

It’s not to say that Jones doesn’t air real issues of consequence, like the extensive coverage he gave to UN Agenda 21 long before it got any mainstream media coverage.  Jones is a constant critic of TSA, and the Department of Homeland Security, but one needn’t be a conspiracy nut to see that those agencies are fatally flawed and reprehensibly managed.  Jones seemed determined to point out Morgan’s hypocrisy, and yet with his inability to maintain his composure, a lacking he’s suffered for all the years during which I’ve been acquainted with his work, he comes off sounding like a ranting loon, and if there was a conspiracy this day, Jones was too incensed to see how he is being used as a propaganda score against the very cause he went to CNN to defend.

I think Alex Jones firmly believes he is doing as he should, and that he believes he is advancing the fight for liberty in America, but each time he gets drawn into one of these battles, he looks the part of the fool he had been selected to play, and he never quite seems to recognize that in the mainstream of America, he’s not going to score points with average viewers by screaming at the interviewer.  Instead, he looks like a raving maniac to most viewers. Rather than ranting, he should have mentioned the stories in support of his thesis that big multi-national corporations are helping government to disarm Americans, like Bank of Americaca that seems to be hostile to gun manufacturers banking with them, or how the Obama Administration is on record as seeking the assistance of big business in getting rid of guns.  Instead, he sat there  flipping verbal channels like the ultimate expression of ADD/ADHD, and in so doing, squandered an opportunity to speak to the issue at hand in a cogent, sensible manner.

Jones went to the interview armed with crime statistics, but as he rightly complained, Morgan was prepared to pepper him with factoids on the subject of mass shootings.  The problem is that sensing the snare, like a trapped animal, he exploded in rage, and rather than making his best arguments, he came off as a clown or a nut.  It’s not to say he didn’t say anything correct or worthwhile, but that the way he said it in combination with all of his extensive conspiracy theories made him look like a raving maniac. It’s too bad, because he made some great points until Morgan got him off-kilter, and from there on, Jones was in purely ballistic trajectory. He spews tenuously-linked tidbits of stories, strung together like a flow of lava from an erupting volcano, and it makes Jones seem unbound and disorganized like a library shelf full of books suddenly deprived of their bindings, but that is also the nature of many of his conspiracy theories.

Here are parts 1 and 2 of the interview, as aired on CNN, H/T

Again, I think that Jones is probably sincere in his efforts, but sincerity is not a substitute for reason.  I think he’s right when he asserts that a gun ban will result in greater violence, and I also know he’s got an important story to tell about such things as the seeming correlation between some psychiatric medications and mass shootings, as WND reported on Monday.  As you can see by that article, WND was careful not to assert that the linkage is certain, but they relied on a variety of cases that are well documented and sourced, rather than innuendo and supposition.

In stark contrast, Jones frequently relies on a trail of bread-crumbs that he spots on a bakery floor, making more of them than might be reasonable.  Again, it’s not to say that Jones and his website don’t present important information, as they were among the first to run the story on the unbelievable amount of small-arms ammunition being purchased by the Federal Government, numbering nearly two billion rounds, for the Department of Homeland Security and other civilian agencies.  In Jones-speak, that’s enough to kill every man, woman and child in America nearly seven times over.  As I said, it’s not that he covers all nonsense, or that all of them are made-up, fanciful conspiracies about globalists, but it is to say that it’s hard to pick your way through it all to separate the wheat from the chaff, and all too often, there’s a good deal more chaff than hard news.

I rather like Alex Jones, in the same way I liked the entertainment value of other loudmouths in media from time to time, not as a steady diet, but as a diversion.  I know that with Alex Jones, what you see is what you get, and most of the time, it’s not smoke indicating fire but steam warning that the pot is boiling.  Watch and listen to Jones at your own risk.  At times, he says some very sensible things, things I have said myself, for instance indicating today in his interview that no entity has committed more murder than statist governments over the last century or so.  It’s undeniably true, and it’s likewise true that in each of the countries in which that occurred, the people had been more or less disarmed without significant struggle.  You see, Jones will say that with the passion it deserves, but when he then follows-up with one of his more outlandish theories, it wastes it all.  One might be tempted to take him seriously if he didn’t follow up every good point with two bad ones, an absurd one, and a challenge to a boxing match.

The most disconcerting thing about Jones is that he doesn’t understand the power of propaganda when he is made into its instrument for the other side.  CNN will make the most of Monday’s freak-show, and haul it out every time something bad happens and they want to discredit patriots, Tea Party folk, libertarians, Republicans, and conservatives.  They will hold Jones forth as exemplar of the nuttiness of the so-called “right,” but naturally, he’s not representative of any of those groups.  He’s one man, with a very loud mouth, and a microphone, and he appeals to some people, particularly young men, under thirty, because he’s angry and he’s loud and he’s obnoxious, but he is not the voice of reason.  Most of his audience outgrows him like a pair of high-water pants, wanting more depth and substance than the yelling man from Texas can provide.  If only he would stick to what he could prove, ditch the bizarre theories, and tone down the yelling a bit, he might just find himself with a larger audience, but after nearly twenty years of his yelling, conspiratorial rants, there’s not much chance of that.



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15 Responses to The Alex Jones Freak-Show With Piers Morgan

  1. Kristen Peterson says:

    your last paragraph nails it. alex was only asked on the show to make us normal people look nutso. we need to break from this cycle.

    • Mark America says:

      Kristen, exactly so. This is part and parcel of the left’s tactics for isolating conservatives.

    • Matthew6:24! says:

      I don’t consider my Italian family Nutso because they yell like Alex>never bring up religion or politics at family dinner? bunch malarki>thats why we are where we are in the countryAlex is against gay marriage and ABORTION (he listens more to the Father than all of them)>thats another reason they hate him .TUFF!

  2. TeaPartyBarbie says:

    We need to counter, of course, with those of us who are not Prison Planet Devotees. Piers… this was like shooting fish in a barrel. Why not have a serious second amendment advocate on the show? BTW, Mark, the interview AFTER Jones shows how they will spin it.

    The problem for MORGAN on spinning it as a truther thing… Paul Krugman and many on the left agree with Jones on this issue, and they are part of the Obama Regime. Thus, don’t look for Morgan to get too many Kudos on this one.

  3. Section 9 says:

    Alex Jones couldn’t resist the lights and the camera. Most smart conservatives know that the media is trying to trap you. Alex Jones is smart, but not shrewd.

    • Mark America says:

      Section9, that’s exactly so. There’s a reason I won’t talk to the leftist media, and you’ve understood it perfectly. The leftist media exists to deal out disparagement and ridicule. I don’t play with fools lest I become one.

  4. Batmo Beal says:

    The one thing I’ve learned over my last 4+ yrs of searching for the truth (which none of our TV “news” media will ever tell us), is that, by the time we’re finally told about that truth from our “representatives”, we’ll be dead. That leaves WE THE PEOPLE as the ones responsible for finding the pieces of the puzzles, and putting them together by ourselves (while we still can, before the powers that be finally censor the internet). As such, I am very grateful for Alex Jones in providing many of those missing pieces, and letting me put those pieces together myself. Loudmouth? So are Beck and Limbaugh at times, but I never hear any of them mentioning the well known FEMA camps, chemtrails, HAARP or other such means of destruction that has been created by the New World Order, to help destroy the American people. So why is it that Alex Jones is allowed to tell us about such “conspiracy theories” which by now common sense should tell us is more fact than fiction, while Beck and Limbaugh are not? Probably because Jones has been effectively labeled a “nutjob” by the commie powers that be, much in the same way Larry Sinclair was allowed to live because since he is a street punk, no one would take his word about his sexual encounters with the usurper. I have come to the point in my life where I can see our government for the lie it has been for 100 yrs now, ever since the foreign tyrannical Federal Reserve was allowed to come to America and illegally control our money, essentially making us slaves to their powers. The media is totally manipulated today, and ever since I realized that, I no longer watch ANY TV news, relying more on the individual over the internet, who may have spotted something, the powers that be didn’t want us to know. As such, I appreciate Mr. Jones, and what he puts out there…Outlandish, crazy, insane? Maybe…but I thank God it’s out there, for me to decide for myself! Great article, as usual, Mark!

    • DeplorableNPCVoiceofReason says:

      While I can appreciate your “zeal for real” I think you need to see the big picture in this matter. No offense intended.

      Jones is a known commodity. Pretty much anyone who knows the name knows the man…….and this includes the producers at CNN. As this blog’s owner rightfully pointed out, Jones never got the memo regarding the package your message is delivered in. And keep in mind……with most of “us” he is preaching to the choir and we forgive much more than your average Joe coming to Jones for the very first time.

      As the moderator of a conservative site for some time, I found myself provided Jones material more than once to bolster an argument or attempt to discredit another. I had already found Jones shortly after 9/11…..screeching for all to hear about thermite charges and controlled demolitions…….and had pretty much decided he wasn’t for me. While I do LOVE……..and I mean LOVE!!!!!!!!!…….the quest for knowledge and spend my days pouring over articles and blogs in said endeavor, I cannot stand to be screamed at, talked down to or presented with opinion masquerading as fact…….three bullets in the Jones gun. I find Mike Church to be much the same and generally don’t listen to his show either.

      But what really tore it for me and drove the final nail in the coffin of Alex Jones in my life was something you mention above……FEMA concentration camps. The reason why I even broached the subject was again due to my moderating duties. Yet in investigating the claims of these camps I found iron clad proof that Jones was very much full of “it” on this matter and I have a HARD FAST POLICY THAT I NEVER DEVIATE FROM………………..Lie to me once on a critical matter and you will NEVER have the opportunity to do so again. The truth is precious and I refuse to operate in a paradigm where a “trusted source” feeds me crap.

      So, how do I know? Well the claim was made that one of these FEMA camps was set up very near where I work and reside. So I decided to go by and take a look. Not really knowing what I was to find, I searched out the location and much to my surprise………I found a rail yard. Now before we go too much further let me afford a bit of disclosure…….I work for the DoT in my state and deal with railroads every single day. So, it was VERY, VERY simple for me to contact my guy at that specific railroad and garner UNFETTERED access to the site. I poked around for quite some time, talked to a ton of the guys working there and found……………

      EXACTLY what I thought I found. A rail yard. Rail cars, locos, men working on rail cars and locos, miles and miles of track for staging and switching, etc.

      What I didn’t find was a single dissident, incarcerated patriot or chained to the wall, racked by torture conservative. Not only did I not find anything of the sort, I couldn’t even find anything that seemed out of place like maybe they were in the process of a reorganization of some sort or a change in the “product”. What I also did not find was a single soul who denied me entrance ANYWHERE. I wandered this locale for some time and not a soul stopped me from going here or there.

      So, while Mr. Jones made some very salient points on CNN, he simply could not resist tripping the light fantastic with regard to other things that he has little to nothing to go on other than conjecture.

      And therein lies the problem. I doubt I am alone in my “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” mindset and when Jones strays from the credible to the downright comically inane, he loses a lot more than just me.

      And at this point……we cannot afford anymore losses. Especially when we can easily rectify the situation and garner victory.

      Just my $0.02………….

    • Matthew6:24! says:

      their life being threatened all the time>did you not know that?? and their children.Alex is no coward >no time to be nice to these evil people! do you not understand Oh! look up someday people, and everything done is a conspiracy(for your soul),bible says so(prince of the earth ruling NOW)_ untill Jesus returns you do not need alex tell anyone what is going on around us>OPEN EYES

  5. the unit says:

    You’re right about Alex Jones being on the scene nearly 20 years. A friend probably about ’95 gave me info from him and maybe tapes to listen to. We had local radio call in programs back then and friend who called in with information couldn’t keep from showing anger at not being taken seriously even then. Nobody seems to learn. It is aggravating.

    I do believe NWO is real, planned and I have old books advocating world government on our “little” planet. I can drive from Florida to Atlanta and fly most anywhere in the world faster than I can drive, say from Florida to L.A. or Seattle. So why not the same rules administered by government? Cause it won’t work. That shown by our world today.

    There have been many quotes about what the Founders said about the 2nd. Amendment. But Walter Williams today gave a more modern one that we should take to heart…

    “Here’s a more recent quote from a card-carrying liberal, the late Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey: ‘Certainly, one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms. … The right of the citizen to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America but which historically has proven to be always possible.’ ”
    Historically possible when “they” get the guns. And likely.

  6. the unit says:

    Just for a change before pro football in half an hour…then all consuming til Sunday night…

    Some of you may remember “Mission: Impossible” from years ago. Had lots of stars, but my favorite was Peter Graves. little brother of James Arness of “Gun Smoke.” Peter was on the Saturday morning TV show, boy and his horse, I wouldn’t miss, “Fury.” You mignt like “Pigeon: Impossible” while waiting for the football game, or in spite of the football game.

  7. the unit says:

    You be marked man Mark. Note to Obama…”Comments closed.”

  8. Matthew6:24! says:

    disagree MARK!

  9. Anon says:

    Jones is a:
    Patriot First
    Entertainer Second…
    Debater Sixteenth

    It’s not his nature, he is what he is, a patriotic entertainer that gets a lot of things right. But he is not the kind of guy that can bottle his strong emotions for a debate. He is like a viking berserker. You bring him in the room to beat the opposition up when you need it.