Updated: Walmart Denies It Won’t Re-Stock Ammo

Walmart Denies

Walmart has denied that it is changing its policy, even temporarily, on the re-stocking of ammunition.  This is according to a WND report.  From that article:

“That information is inaccurate,” said Ashley Hardie, a spokeswoman located at Walmart’s corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.

WND then asked whether the retail chain is cutting back on orders of ammunition.

“No,” Hardie said. “We’re continuing to serve our customers as we have in the past.”

She said Walmart’s ammunition sales policy has not changed, even amid talk of gun-control legislation in Washington, D.C.


WND is also reporting that CNSNews, the source of yesterday’s viral story, has in fact pulled the article at this hour.  On the other hand, as WND further reports, they had the following information from people not connected with the original story on which Monday’s CNSNews article had been based:

Meanwhile, WND reader Sam Singleton said his local Walmart in Myrtle Beach, S.C., has a very short supply of ammunition. According to Singleton, the store claimed it had received a letter from corporate headquarters on the issue.

“The clerk said they only had what was left on the shelf and that there was a ‘hard lock’ on the reorders. She said they hadn’t been getting any replenishment and that just today the store had received a letter from the corporate office stating that they would not be able to order any replenishment of ammunition, other than some for shotguns.

“She said they were not stocking anything that could be used in an ‘assault-type rifle.’ I said, ‘This is ammunition I use for practice,’ and she said they were just told there was a ‘hard lock’ on ammo sales.”

Another WND reader, Patrick Clemons, reported a similar experience today after he visited the Walmart in Folsom, Calif.

This is all very curious.  If we are to believe Walmart’s denials, then it’s hard to square with the reports from various people independently reporting very similar things.  Either there is a massive conspiracy to “get Walmart” or there’s a cover-up under way.  At any rate, as of this update, Walmart says it’s not true.


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7 Responses to Updated: Walmart Denies It Won’t Re-Stock Ammo

  1. flintlock1949 says:

    I have shopped at Walmart for decades! If they bow and kiss the dictators feet, that ends!

  2. Supertx says:

    This administration owns big business and by whatever means, has them cowered into a corner. They are clearly afraid to defy this administration, whether it be about guns, gay marriage or anything else. What is being held over their heads?

  3. cnw says:

    Spread this news. I’m done with them. I know several people I will be informing and I can say the same for them, as well.

  4. the unit says:

    Folks and you’all, If you live on ole Rocky Top with your grub and guns and bullets you might make it thru the night of the country’s failure. Hungry folks from the city will smell the blossom of your survival like a honey bee learns where the food is. Downlands…they will have consumed the provisions and roasted whoever saved for a hard time. If they hungry enough, and they be by then.
    The buck stops where?, it stops with what the Constitution says, WE !, no here, no E.O. or new terminology called E.Action. !

  5. Al Saibini says:

    The only reason to shop at Wal-Mart in the first place is low priced ammunition…

  6. JohnInFlorida says:

    Last I’ve heard on net is that Walmart is denying that they are suspending buying ammo. Who knows what the truth is, we’ll just have to wait and see. Although, I’ve always found Walmart to be highpriced for ammo. I’ve always been able to find better deals online (shipping included) although that doesn’t negate the point Mark is making here, if they knuckle under on this it’s just one more feather in Obama’s cap. It’s criminal that none of our elected officials are willing to stand up to the illegalities he’s perpetrating.

  7. the unit says:

    On Drudge and Fox, O will be surrounded by loving children tomorrow at announcement about executive action on gun control. At least they will be real, not like doctor actors in white coats with the Obamacare promotions. Well I guess so, there are lots of aspiring child actors, and their parents. But I at this time give benefit of doubt, ’til tommorow.
    Will Obama be wearing a fetus necklace? …maybe like this …
    No he didn’t start it , but will he be glad to finish it?