How to Defeat Liberals in Arguments About Guns – Video Goes Viral

Hard-Hitting Facts

If you ever wanted to know how thoroughly bankrupt the arguments of the gun-grabbers are, all you need to do is watch this video.  Watch the liberal host, Bray Cary, get sucker-punched repeatedly by WVCDL President, Keith Morgan on the State Journal’s Decision Makers. The WVCDL is the West Virginia Citizens’ Defense League.  If Alex Jones had been the model for how not to win an argument, then Morgan’s calm and collected demeanor is an excellent example of how to corner the left with their own nonsense, rather than coming off like an unhinged lunatic.  What this video reveals is the fear-driven mindset of liberals in media who want to get rid of guns.  Cary doesn’t really want to have a rational discussion, for all his posturing to that effect.  Listen carefully as a plainly rational man de-fangs this leftist vampire who eventually looks as though Morgan had been wielding holy water, a stake and mallet:

Here is a perfectly reasonable man attempting to have a logical conversation with a leftist who turns out to be simply another ignorant talking head.  As the host ultimately admits, he simply doesn’t think private citizens should be armed.  More, the moment Mr. Morgan corners him, he becomes almost desperate to go to break and end the segment, particularly once Morgan begins to describe the lie that is the claim that so-called “assault weapons” have never been used in defense against criminals.  This is a blatant lie, and it been debunked so frequently that it’s astonishing it keeps being re-told.

Here’s one example, from 2011, in which a 15-year-old in Houston defended his home and his sister from home invaders with an AR-15.  The original story and video posted here at KHOU’s website. You can watch the video below:

So much for the faulty assertion that none have ever defended their homes with an AR-15.  The truth is that most instances of defense never involve the discharge of a weapon, but merely the display of one.  There is no statistic on how many times guns were brandished or displayed causing would


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16 Responses to How to Defeat Liberals in Arguments About Guns – Video Goes Viral

  1. Shorty Stuff says:

    Too bad the mainstream media won’t carry something like this. They are nothing more than the Communist Obama Propaganda Machine. They are too stupid to realize that if Obama and his thugs succeed in destroying our capitalist society, then their voluntary servitude will become involuntary servitude.

    • Mark America says:

      They know it, but they believe they will be exempted somehow.

    • Meathead says:

      They are too wrapped up in themselves to understand that they are, in the words of Joseph Stalin, “useful idiots” and will be among the first to be eradicated from the wonderful new society where government reigns supreme and the citizens are servants to it. They are pathetic!!

  2. Beepster says:

    “Assault weapons”. What a misnomer. I can kill someone just as fast with a .357 Mag revolver as I can a .223 “assault weapon”. If you’re dead, it doesn’t really matter what killed you, you won’t know the difference anyway. AND, this joker was worried about his neighbor having an AK-47 (very good weapon, but .223’s outnumber them) and going “crazy” and killing “someone” (meaning him). Now, if that scenerio happened, what would be the fastest, a weapon of your own to defend yourself, or a phone for 911 to have police instantly teleport to the scene to protect him?? He’s watchin’ too much Star Trek!!!!!

    • Shorty Stuff says:

      Just remember, if you’re confronted with a robber, burglar, murderer, rapist, or kidnapper, and seconds count, the police will be there within minutes. Liberals don’t seem to be able to comprehend what I just said.

  3. flintlock1949 says:

    This just proves that the Left’s agenda is all they want to believe! NOTHING Conservatives can present to them, with any amount of unequivocal proof to support it, makes a whit of difference if it goes against what THEY want to believe! Why are we still wasting our time and resources trying to make them see the light? They have already seen the only light they care about; and its center is Socialist/Marxist control of the World! For their money, the sooner Conservative Americans are made to bow and kiss their feet, the sooner the Nation can get on with the business of joining the World Government!!! The Mainstream Media is fully in the Socialist camp! Trying to convince them they are wrong is akin to trying to convince Hitler’s inner circle that Nazism was evil!

  4. jmz says:

    the primary purpose of the 2nd is defense against govt, defense against criminals, hunting and target shooting in that order. they did not put any specfiic type of weapon because the framers wanted the people to be on par with the govt. next if i majically took all guns out of the equation, nothing would happen except increases in violence in other areas. why? because guns are not violent, PEOPLE are violent. look at the uk and austrailia, and mexico and every place where guns are banned…

    • Meathead says:

      England banned guns and their gun crime went down. However, their crime rate went up forty-percent due to citizens being unarmed, unable to defend themselves and protect their property. About the same in Australia.

    • Meathead says:

      While your comment is ‘spot on’, you really need to use capital letters where appropriate. Example:
      This morning, I helped my Uncle Jack off his horse.
      this morning, i helped my uncle jack off his horse,
      One is an act of assistance and the other is a sex act. See the difference?

  5. Meathead says:

    The knuckleheads in the government and mainstream media use
    the term “assault rifle” without having any idea as to what
    they are speaking of. Speaking out of ignorance, they facilitate a lie.

    The truth about assault rifles:
    Copy and paste into your address bar.

    The truth about AK-47 fire power:
    Copy and paste into your address bar.

    You can have your own “Gun Free Zone” for protection.
    Copy and paste into your address bar.

  6. NeapTide says:

    When the citizen has gravel, the criminal will carry large rocks. When the citizen has a broomstick, the criminal will have a baseball bat. When the citizen is a 97 lb weakling, the criminal will have 17″ biceps. When the citizen has a firearm the arms race is over and balanced to the benefit of all. Fewer citizens will be harmed, fewer criminals (smart ones) will take the chance to be harmed.

  7. Rooster says:

    Is it reassuring to know that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away?

  8. dhsurg says:

    Great video, the liberal journalist reminded me of the knight in the Monty Python movie who was dismembered and failed to see his utter defeat.

  9. Guest says:

    Omg. This old guy is scary. People actually think like that? Fear has got such a grip on him he can’t see straight. That’s all this anti gun crowd has, fear. No logic to their arguments. Blatant lies and misconceptions. They are so scared they don’t know what they are scared of, so they are scared of everything. People like that should not have guns. I think maybe they know that and think if they shouldn’t have guns, nobody should. If he is scared now, just wait until he lives in a world where only the cops and criminals have guns. A criminal could shoot your whole street before a single cop showed up to answer his 911 call. Wow. He is just so stupid it’s mind blowing.

  10. JohnInFlorida says:

    The very best part of the Decision Makers interview was when the guest revealed that he was armed and the host pooped himself … absolutely classic!