Kimmel Video Highlights Our National Tragedy

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It’s hard to believe that so many Americans can be so gullible.  Limbaugh calls them “Low Information Voters,” but you might call them something less flattering.  The same electorate that produced two victories for Barack Obama is the same general grouping of people who believe that Sarah Palin said that she could see Russia from her home in Alaska, despite the fact that it had been a parody on Saturday Night Live.   This sort of tragic ignorance in which people are so easily manipulated by entertainment media speaks to a country now dominated by people who are largely plugged into movies, television, comedy, and all the other facets of pop-culture, but who will not take the least little opportunity to educate themselves with facts, news, political study, or philosophical contemplation.  On Jimmy Kimmel’s show, a show I don’t watch, on a channel I don’t receive, the host sent out a crew to do a man-on-the-street segment to ask people about their appraisals of the inauguration of Barack Obama’s second term, an event that will not happen until Monday. Here is the video, as played on Greta Van Susteren’s show, passed along to me by a Facebook friend:

Listening to the poor, wretched “Low Info Voters” who responded to the question, I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that they could be manipulated so easily by the questioner.  Obvious hoaxes, like “throwing bears into the crowd,” or “giant cake” didn’t stop them from acknowledging these events as not only real, but as the highlights of the inaugural festivities that have not transpired.  They even concocted notions of what Obama had said in a fictional speech that never occurred, and yet these are the people who think the rest of us should surrender our right to keep and bear arms to their emotional whims?  It’s a shocking display of grotesque, popularized ignorance, but it also speaks to something more chilling: The people answering these questions had to at least mentally fill in blanks with knowledge concocted in their own minds.  I have heard it said that “liberalism is a mental disorder,” but if ever you needed proof of that thesis, it is in full demonstration here.

One might wonder, looking at recent poll or election results, how many of the participants are fueled by such abject stupidity, but it’s a depressing proposition and I suspect there were at least some who knew they were being scammed even if their rejection of the spoof landed on the cutting-room floor.  I must believe that, or accept that the country is irretrievably lost, and I’m simply not willing to draw that conclusion just yet.  What videos like this one should accomplish is to provide you with firm evidence that we have a serious problem in our populace, and that the rest of us have a good deal of work yet to do.  That any American adult doesn’t know when Inauguration Day is or isn’t suggests a complete failure of our education system, our news media, our polity and our cultural priorities.

One can only guess at how many of these respondents could speak with clear-minded authority on the cases of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, or hoaxed Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o.  While they keep up with the latest developments in such cases, they haven’t a clue about what’s being done to their country, or by whom, and how their self-imposed status as “Low Information Voters” is lending assistance to the very people who are wrecking their futures.

I realize that the vast bulk of the readers of this blog don’t fit into that category, not merely because they may tend to be in rough philosophical alignment with me, but because they’re here at all.  The sort of people who make up the respondents to Kimmel’s hoaxing are the sort of people who will never find their way to a site discussing seriously the matters of state and culture that I cover, but they’re also the sort who will be taken by surprise when the world they’ve taken for granted comes crashing down.  At best, they skim headlines, filling in the blanks with imaginary remembrances of events, to which they were not witnesses, but to which they will happily add their own fictional appraisals.  It’s small wonder we’re losing the country, as we’ve lost the attention of the pop-culture-absorbed audience.  Cakes and circuses, indeed!

Now, what do you think of Obama’s second inaugural address, that he hasn’t yet delivered?

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5 Responses to Kimmel Video Highlights Our National Tragedy

  1. ShawnNJ ✓Swamp Drainer says:

    The dumbing down of America has been going on for awhile. People have become so lazy that they never do their own research.
    These people have taken over our country. As anyone could see by the vote of this President.
    I don’t even know where to begin to inform the uninformed.

  2. Guest says:

    God help us. Literally.

    • Mark America says:

      Yes, it’s that bad. Have you ever felt so embarrassed for another that you felt compelled to look away as he or she makes a complete fool of self? Yeah, these people are roughly one or two notches beyond that.

  3. M_Baker says:

    Let make sure I understand what you’re trying to tell your paid followers of this site. That these people, although no one asked them what party they followed or their political beliefs, are all from the left and are “Low Information Voters”. How exactly did you come up with that conclusion, or that they even voted for Obama? Also, how do you know they are the same people who believe Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house? Although I agree with the saying, ‘you tell a lie often enough people will start to believe it’, I didn’t hear anybody in the video ask them if they believed Sarah could see Russia from her house. These falsehoods you wrote also cuts into your statement and creditability that “liberalism is a mental disorder”. Although you failed miserably to provide any proof or facts to back your ridiculous statement, it must be also noted that compulsive lying is also a well known mental disease.

    Since you’re writing articles that have mostly have no basis in fact, you should at least be honest with your readers and state that up front so they aren’t mislead by what you write. It’s also interesting you used a video from FOX as your source for this video, an organization that the University of Maryland and Fairleigh Dickerson College found their viewers were less informed than those who don’t listen to the news at all. And an organization that was found to have bribed government officials in England and illegally tapped phones there too. But, do you think Fox ever informed their viewers of their crime? Since your readers must be so “gullible” to believe what you write, is there any better proof available how people become “low information voters” and the source of their false beliefs? It’s obvious your readers don’t research or check out what you write or you wouldn’t have any readers to support your fiction. I don’t know of anybody who would refer to what you write as being journalism.

    • Mark America says:

      Heh, you really had me going there for a second, because I mistook you for my prankster cousin. A little while into your response, I realized you must be serious because my cousin has a sense of humor. You certainly do have a way with words. Let’s see if we can figure out what they might mean. People who volunteer false knowledge in the form the people in this video did are the sort who for various reasons, usually comply with peer groups or to lend support to favored causes/people. People tend not to make up positive things to say about people they hate, so the supposition that one or more of these man-on-the-street respondents are Obama voters/supporters is not all that shocking a conclusion to draw. Perhaps you’ve never seen the video of the Obama supporters who believed every moronic lie in the pop culture about Sarah Palin. They were interviewed outside a polling place, in what was a mock exit poll. Check it out here:

      Now insofar as my conclusion that liberalism is a mental disorder, that’s actually fairly well-documented. I didn’t bother with the link to the various books and studies, but only because most of my readers are already well aware of them. Here’s one:

      Of course, there is a genetic component as well as an environmental one:

      So you see, I’m quite willing to entertain your questioning my conclusion, but then again, I also know you’re not a very curious person, because were you, before typing out this long screed against me, you’d have looked a little further around this website because it was only yesterday that I discussed the liabilities to the conservative movement of “Low Information Republicans.” They’re also the sort who tend to believe the pop-culture myths about Governor Palin, and endless other things, so for me to suggest or assert a party affiliation is really not so outrageous as you have stated, particularly given what we’ve already gathered.

      One of the problems that occurs with new readers such as yourself is that having arrived on the site, and having read a single article, some permit their own conclusions about me to be formed from that snapshot in time, and that one subject. If you did take a look around, you’d notice that I have been very critical of Fox News, and indeed touched on the phone-tapping scandal more than once.

      Now, speaking of fictions, take a look around my site. Notice anything? Notice that there are no ads. Also notice that there is no “contribution can.” In fact, other than their comments, most readers of this site contribute nothing to its maintenance or mine, particularly in monetary terms, so it could be that you’re off base again. I’d urge you to reconsider your approach before you stumble for the first time into a website and begin castigating its entirely uncompensated owner and author. It’s a good way to get yourself banned, but hey, I’m a patient guy.