The Desperate Fraud of the Anti-Palin Left

All Hate, All the Time

If you’ve ever wondered about the motive driving the anti-Palin left, sufferers of Palin Derangement Syndrome(PDS,) or other venom-laden spittle disguised as reporting, wonder no longer.  Willing to twist or omit facts, relying instead upon the absolute gullibility of their audiences, their intention is to propagandize by virtue of one-thousand easily discredited cuts, knowing that their less-than-curious audiences will buy almost anything without question or critical analysis.  In most cases, the manner in which a supporter of Sarah Palin will defend against such garbage is to first attack the fraudulent author’s  propaganda, presenting the facts that negate the false charges leveled by the propagandist involved.  The problem is that these people are so despicable that they don’t care if they’re caught lying by the sane world, as they know their Low Information Audiences won’t ever discover the truth.  I’m going to do it somewhat differently, because I want you to experience the shock value of knowing the real story before reading the propaganda.  For once, you ought to know what it must be like to be Sarah Palin, or anybody else who is attacked in this manner, because having lived reality, it must be shocking to see facts about oneself twisted into such devious propaganda.

Let’s consider a story that had appeared in the Anchorage Daily News, way back in October of 2008, as Sarah Palin was busy campaigning for the office of Vice President with Presidential candidate John McCain.  During the previous summer, before Palin had been chosen as McCain’s running mate, an investigation by authorities had concluded with a recommendation by Lt. Gen. Craig Campbell, the state’s military and veterans affairs commissioner that an all-volunteer militia led by Brig. General Thomas Westall, created to assist the Nation Guard, ought to be disarmed of state-owned and provided weapons over potential liability issues for the state.  This investigation had stemmed from a complaint filed by a member, Larry Wood, because he felt the militia commander might be issuing arbitrary orders and dismissals to members, he himself having been dismissed for unclear cause by his own account.   In short, this was a situation in which responsible Alaska State officials were heading off any potential liability situation for the state.  This sort of action is undertaken by any responsible state official who is concerned with making policies and taking decisions consistent with their official mandates.  It had been concluded by investigators that the militia had insufficient policies and procedures, such that its control and direction had come into question.  The article in the ADN had been: Defense Commander Resigns After Complaints.

If you’re at all like me, you look at the facts of the story, and conclude that the State of Alaska had been concerned there could be some sort of monkey-business going on with the force, known as the 49th Military Police Brigade since 2004, and the state rightly did not wish to take on liability for a force that had not such proper procedures and policies in place to deal with personnel matters, or much of anything.  Nobody was criminally sanctioned, or in any way prosecuted, but the state simply decided that they could not permit this force to be armed in its name any longer.  That’s not so unusual, and bluntly, no public official wants a poorly-organized force armed with State authority to carry on much of anything in an official capacity.  Who could blame either Lt. General Campbell, or Governor Sarah Palin for taking what can only be categorized as perfectly natural and responsible actions?  Well, there is somebody, and predictably, that somebody is a professional  propagandist of the organized left.

Now that you’ve read through the originating story, and are at least familiar with the facts of the case, I now wish to present to you the fantastic tale of Palin anti-gun hypocrisy cobbled together by certified PDS sufferer Sarah Jones, of Politicususa.  If ever you have wondered what it is like to be Sarah Palin, imagine if you will what one must feel when reading the following nonsensical, inane and distorted headline, knowing what you already do:

The Right Calls Obama a Dictator, but Sarah Palin Disarmed the Alaska Civil Militia

The first thing that should grab you is that the story changed title, becoming more dishonest, thereby venting more rage in Sarah Palin’s direction.  Examing the URL of the story tells the tale. Notice that the author changed the label of the disarmed group from “Defense Force” to “Civil Militia” in order to cause readers to wonder if Palin had disarmed ordinary citizens.  Titles have been:

  • Tea Party Darling Sarah Palin Disarmed Alaska State Defense Force
  • The Right Calls Obama a Dictator, but Sarah Palin Disarmed the Alaska Civil Militia

Given the nature of the website in question, we might well expect the next mutation of the title to be:

  • Palin Takes Guns from Alaska Schoolhouse Defense League While Right Wing Racist NRA Klansmen Cheer

Don’t laugh.  I expect that title to appear at any time.  Part and parcel of that site’s schtick is to paint all conservatives, but particularly Sarah Palin, with the broadly damning brushes of racism, “extremism,” violence and hypocrisy.  These are pathologically broken individuals, based on the content of their stories, but fortunately, only what must be considered a “Low Information Voter” could possibly believe the nonsense authored there.

The second thing one ought to notice is that the story cites the Anchorage Daily News story, but never provides a link to it anywhere in the text of the story, instead requiring readers to accept the premise and the facts as outlined in the Sarah Jones piece.  The problem is that the Jones piece constructs an entirely fictitious narrative, positioning Governor Sarah Palin “disarming the militia,” against Sarah Palin the citizen, who is an advocate for gun rights and a longtime gun owner as well as lifetime member of the NRA, a fact they shamelessly mock.  The object is to discredit Governor Palin by presenting her as a hypocrite, an accusation that can stand only if you believe the dishonest narrative presented by the Jones hit-piece.  Since Jones provides no links to source materials, it’s easy to conclude that she had hoped she could simply create a believable impression and that her audience of dullard leftists would lap it up like kittens at a milk-bowl.

Jones screeched:

“All you need to do in order to represent second amendment “freedom” is pose with guns and put cross hairs on your opponents. You can disarm the militia in your state without DESTROYING THE CONSTITUTION so long as you have an “R” after your name. Also, posing while leaning on the flag in short shorts helps (warning: do not try this as a Democrat or you will be branded a hater of the troops and an enemy of freedom).”

Naturally, the posting features an image of Governor Palin with a gun, and the comments section is full of those self-same dullards posting their continued vile attacks against Sarah Palin, based on their hatred created by previous propaganda precisely of the sort that includes the very dishonest article on which they are commenting.  Don’t bother trying to post a response pointing out the dishonesty, or the lack of an actual link to the story, because it will be moderated out of existence, and the parade of dullards will be prevented from ever learning the truth is that Jones has fashioned a whopper disguised as a news story based on contrived narratives and a more than four-year-old routine news story appearing without controversy on the ADN site.  By the way, you can fully expect some of the dullards to make their way to this site to castigate me, as well as you.  I also expect that at some point, Jones may get wind of this exposure, and she may then edit her story to include the missing link(to the ADN story – no, not her bio,) but I’ve captured the page as was for posterity. Naturally, I’m far from alone in noting the insanity of Politicususa, as the discussion among these Freepers has witnessed.

Neither does it enter the Palin-hating minds that while carrying out what is intended to be a propaganda piece about Sarah Palin’s mythical hypocrisy on guns, it might be a good idea to at least pretend they wouldn’t hate her if she had taken one position or the other according to their fantasies.  Sadly, they at once bash her for being an alleged “gun-grabber” while also bashing her for being a “gun nut,” if you follow the gist of their bizarre tale.  This reveals the other truth about this twisted crew of leftist lie-volcanoes: There exists no circumstance in which they would not criticize Governor Palin, irrespective of her position on an issue, or the actions she had taken.  No, they will hate her equally, every time, without fail.  Some decades from now, when Sarah Palin leaves the stage for good as must we all, these whack-jobs or their brain-addled philosophical offspring will be there to dump on her.  It’s the way they roll, and it’s merely evidence of another notion I’ve accepted as a truism for quite a long while: Liberalism and sanity are mutually exclusive frames of mind.

Now, returning to my thesis, imagine you’re Governor Palin, more than four years after the fact, running into this absurd rearrangement and invention of alleged “facts” about you.  What are we to conclude?   I realize Governor Palin is an extraordinary woman, with amazing strength and resilience even in the face of this kind of garbage, but to realize that people actually concoct such junk, from the pits of the irrational hatred they bear in their souls, it must be disconcerting at the least to know that some who hate you do so with such fervor that they cannot permit even a glimpse of the truth about you to be known.  This particular Jones article was pointed out to me by a Facebook friend, in whose time-line it had mysteriously appeared, under the innocuous heading: “News about Sarah Palin.”  I’m not in the habit of polluting my brain with the sort of garbage that is produced daily by the cadre of leftist PDS-ers, never mind the bile-raising zoo at Politicususa, where decent people go only to see how the animals live, but I think it’s time for the rest of us to once again pick up some slack in opposition to it.  What such stories reveal about Sarah Palin is absolutely nothing, save only her incredible endurance,  but what it reveals about the drones of the left is a pathological hatred of reality so intense that they feel driven to create their own.

Liberalism is a psychological disorder after all.


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23 Responses to The Desperate Fraud of the Anti-Palin Left

  1. ShawnNJ ✓Swamp Drainer says:

    I went to this site and read the Sarah Jones piece. Distortion is putting it mildly.

    The left has a game plan that was put together by Bill Clinton that they still follow today.

    LIE !!

    The more you tell a Lie the more that Lie becomes true.

    The Democrats know that most Americans don’t research to find the truth. They know that they are uninformed. They know that they will take little parts of what they hear and remember what is said over and over by the Liberal news media and believe it to be true.

    That’s the real fight we have on our hands. How to inform people with Truth.

    The Republicans have lost this fight after Newt Gingrich left the Speakership.

    Newt Gingrich held news conferences to explain what he was doing with the contract with America and people understood what the truth was.

    Today the Republican party is divided due to lack of Leadership.

    There isn’t a clear game plan with talking points to explain their position on the Sunday Morning talk shows. They get caught in always defending themselves.

    You can Never win if your all you have is defense.

    I don’t know how long it will take for a real leader to come forward and take charge of the Republican party with a real strategy to win the war of information.

    All I can say is if they don’t real soon we are all doomed.

    • Darrell Ross says:

      The impending doom for the GOP in the US is, in my opinion, that the demographics in the US are changing rapidly and the GOP is pretending they aren’t. The most recent election should have shown that going for angry white voting block while throwing all other constituencies under the bus is no longer enough.

      If the GOP fails to court Latinos, immigrants, Asians, Philippinos, LGBT, atheists, and other minorities and does not drop its incessant clinging to antiquated social values, it is doomed.

      Can’t say I’m bummed to be losing a group so stuck in the past though.

      I have to add that I think the current posse which runs the GOP is not the same as many conservatives I know. I can respect (and agree with) many fiscally conservative viewpoints. It’s all the anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-latino, anti-non-white crap that needs to go.

      • ShawnNJ ✓Swamp Drainer says:

        First of all, The Leaders of the Republican Party are Not Conservatves and never were.

        Any Conservatve running who uses the anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-anything platform will lose.

        Rick Santorum brought this to the forefront. He destroyed any chance of anyone running against Obama. He should Never be allowed to run again and we should all make sure of it.

        The Democrats have always used abortion as the platform to destroy Republicans. This anti-anything platform should never be a strategy to win an election because it won’t.

        Newt Gingrich stayed away from it as much as possible because he knew you can’t win beating the drum on those issues.

        The strategy should always be, to keep your personal beliefs to yourself and run on the platform of saving America for all. Talk about real issues.

        There are different types of conservatives. Santorum was the radical one everyone is afraid of. The news media has a field day with people like him.

        Most Americans are fiscally conservative. The problem is how to get the message out so they feel your with them. Not against what they believe in personally like abortion or gays or anything else.

        The fabric of America is not what it was in the 80s and the only way to set back time is to do it by example.

        This President has the country hating each other and divided. He has set back race relations 30 years. That’s what he wanted and that’s what he recieved and we have to live with it untill 2014.

        We have to fight in 2014 primaries for conservative cadidates. Ones that will not bring up stupid comments about women, gays, latinos ect.

        That will be our next big fight and Im ready for it.

        We need new leadership in the House and Senate and this will be our only hope of changing the course of America.

        By the way stop with the Angry White slogan used by you and your fellow Liberals. It’s a Lie!!

        But hey, you do have the liberal talking points down. When a Lie is told long enough that Lie becomes true. Not here though. Nice try!!

      • the unit says:

        An ole forefather said…”these are the times that drive women, and men, goofy” I know persons in all groups you call minorities and are of course that still cling to what you call antiquated social values. Even LGBT, commitment and faithfulness,… say leave me alone.
        Message I get from your post is give me mine and to the losers and takers of all groups. Wherever you are, losing you won’t even be a question.

    • C Bartlett says:

      It doesn’t help that Obama actually tells lies with nothing to back it up and the media and low-information voters believe it simply because “the President wouldn’t LIE!”. The more he gets away with it, the bolder he becomes. Seems like we’ve impeached Presidents for this in the past. Why isn’t it happening now? Republicans have no spine.

  2. c4pfan says:

    Awesome smackdown to the lies!

  3. AyePatriot says:

    I hope Governor Palin links this article on her FB page. That would be the best revenge for spreading the truth quickly.

  4. Mr.L says:

    Proper smack down here. Its been said by a few who were a part of that defense force that if Larry Wood hadn’t called for an investigation in the first place, the force may still have arms. This piece of garbage written up at that site is no different to what leftists have been doing to Reagan’s legacy. they were actively revising his presidency while he was in office, and they’ve bastardized his legacy after he was out of office and after his death. it’s an effort as you pointed out to make effective conservatives like Palin & Reagan out to be hypocrites. So they lie, cheat, distort by any means necessary. They don’t care how stupid they look doing it. Their hatred of a particular effective conservative trumps all facts or logic. The article also fails to mention that one of the members was threatening to kill several Alaskan judges and state officials. Leave it to Palin Derangement Sufferers to side with “Jim Jones” types of Alaska. Stubborn facts like the taxpayers of Alaska were paying for the arms for the voluntary force in Alaska are only found in the comment section by sane minded individuals. If they had been using their own weapons–not at the taxpayers expense–this would not have happened. Meaning, Palin didn’t strip average ordinary citizens of their gun rights. People of Alaska still very much enjoy their gun ownership rights. If they don’t believe me, they should take a trip up there and find out. Anyone thinking that she would take away individual rights to own firearms is absurd!

    • Section 9 says:

      The reason why the Palin-hating propagandist wrote the piece is not because it was true. It wasn’t. And the writer knew it. The essence of being a propagandist like Sarah Jones is to be able to lie unashamedly and be proud to do it for a “higher cause”. Geobbels did this on behalf of Hitler. Maxim Gorky on behalf of Stalin. It is always best to remember Churchill’s admonition when dealing with such people, “A lie gets halfway ’round the world before the Truth gets its pants on!”

    • Barbara Haney says:

      Uh.. they have guns. They are privately owned and maintained.That eliminates the state liability issue. It was an insurance question, not a gun question. The alternative was to amend the state insurance policy. It should be more correctly viewed as privatization of the militia.

      That was a fabricated issue anyway… And EXACT WHO was it that PALIN RECOMMENDED for Lt. Gov when she resigned??? Lt. General Craig Campbell? Hardly an anti-gun guy…

      Amazing that they forget that Palin attorney general designee was the President of the NRA? He was rejected by the Dems and “little dems” that occupied the House at the time, but I believe she signed a law exempting guns and ammunition manufactured and kept within Alaska from federal firearms regulation. I think it was “newsy” in Alaska in April of 2009… around the time of swim championships. Parent discussion between events covered topics like, “How do you make that,” and “Hey, do you know a machinist who can make….”

      And let us not forget that states like Montana were quick to follow suit. Indeed, it set a trend down the Rocky Mountain States.

      The militia decision in some ways set the stage for events that would occur later. It also laid the seeds for Shaffer Cox’s movement. If they regard what Palin did as disarm the Militia (which it was not) the Shaffer Cox movement that followed should be a lesson in disarmament to the Federal Government.

  5. the unit says:

    As we stand tall in the saddle…This may fit lots of us…

    Dentist’s Hymn…Crown Him with Many Crowns
    Weatherman’s Hymn… There Shall Be Showers of Blessings
    Contractor’s Hymn… The Church’s One Foundation
    The Tailor’s Hymn… Holy, Holy, Holy
    The Golfer’s Hymn…There’s a Green Hill Far Away
    The Politician’s Hymn… Standing on the Promises
    Optometrist’s Hymn… Open My Eyes That I Might See
    The IRS Agent’s Hymn… I Surrender All
    The Gossip’s Hymn….Pass It On
    The Electrician’s Hymn… Send The Light
    The Shopper’s Hymn… Sweet Bye and Bye
    The Realtor’s Hymn… I’ve Got a Mansion, Just Over the Hilltop
    The Massage Therapist’s Hymn… He Touched Me
    The Doctor’s Hymn… The Great Physician
    AND for
    those who speed on the highway – a few hymns:
    55 mph … God Will Take Care of You
    75 mph .. Nearer My God To Thee
    85 mph …This World Is Not My Home
    95 mph… Lord, I’m Coming Home
    100 mph … Precious Memories
    Give me a sense of humor, Lord. Give me the grace to see a joke. And to get some humor out of life. Amen.

    I used to ride a motorcicle ’til I finally realized there was only two kinds of motorcicle riders…those who have crashed and those who are gonna crash. Quit about two decades ago @ 50, I not be that old grey beard puttering along beside you at Walmart!!!

    P.S. I crashed but was lucky, wasn’t my time to go…Sang then and now… Momma’s song “Everyday with Jesus is Sweeter than the Day Before.”

  6. Exodus2011 says:

    Great job Mark America —-> ^5! **__**

  7. Ohio Progressive says:

    It appears that someone pulled a “palin” on Ms Palin. Remember, if you will, all that “Death Panel” malarky she ginned up for her base. Now we should consider that type of political behavior to be a foul? As Mr. McEnroe said more than once, “You cannot be serious.”

    • Mark America says:

      I don’t believe there’s any malarkey about it, and in fact, if Obamacare is implemented in full, as scheduled, the “death panels” will go into operation. The sad truth of it is that while you still cackle up your sleeve about the term death panels, they are indeed being created. In the end, the joke’s on you. Congrats! Sadly, it’s not so funny for the rest of us. If you don’t believe there is a “death panel” in Obama-care, you naturally won’t mind doing a bit of research on what is the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board.) You see, the facts are what they are, and while you mock Gov. Palin, what you’re really admitting is that you’re too damned stubborn and that your politics have gotten between you and the truth.

      • Ohio Progressive says:

        Dear Sir or Madam
        ….and here’s the rest of the story sans your ideological shadings:

        • Mark America says:

          Are you being intentionally obtuse? The article you linked compares the IPABs to the Base Realignment and Closure Commissions (BRACC) and that didn’t turn out too well for the defense department. The simple fact is that the IPAB is designed for one purpose: rationing health-care on the basis of cost as well as its determinations about efficiency or efficacy of a given treatment.. PERIOD! What part of that do you not understand?

          Look, I realize lefties love to hide behind euphemisms, but I’m not buying it.

          • Ohio Progressive says:

            Dear Sir or Madam:

            The webpage I referenced is a 6/27/12 Washington Post article titled “Sarah Palin, ‘Death Panels’ and ‘Obamacare'”. The piece concludes with this statement:
            “Palin is seizing on a completely different entity to justify her provocative use of the phrase “death panel” three years ago. But the IPAB in no way resembles the “death panel” that she claims would decide whether her parents or her baby with Down Syndrome are worthy of care. Instead, it is a tool—subject to oversight and approval by Congress—to try to rein in the soaring cost of Medicare.
            Words have consequences, and Palin is fooling herself if she thinks she can justify such inappropriate terminology to describe an effort, however imperfect, to address a serious problem that politicians on both sides of the aisle say they want to solve.”

            Enough said. 10-4 over and out.

            • Mark America says:


              Sir will suffice. I read the article to which you linked. I observed the source and I considered it briefly, but the fact is that I would contend that the conclusions of the Washington Post are jaded by that publication’s own political biases.

              The article says, as you quoted, that “Palin is seizing on a completely different entity…” Different from what, precisely? The article in question really doesn’t make that clear, but I’d like for us to be clear, so let’s skip the formalized claptrap of me posting a link followed by your posting a link, and so on, ad nauseum. Let’s just deal with your claim, and WaPo’s:

              “But the IPAB in no way resembles the “death panel” that she claims would decide whether her parents or her baby with Down Syndrome are worthy of care. Instead, it is a tool—subject to oversight and approval by Congress—to try to rein in the soaring cost of Medicare.”

              In point of fact, the IPAB will precisely decide this, and perhaps in some ways worse than even Palin’s critique would suggest. It is not as though individual patients will be making the case for their continued treatment to this panel of un-elected bureaucrats chosen by the President. You might conclude, as it seems the Washington Post implies, that this will not be as bad as an individual patient standing in some sort of star chamber waiting for judgment to be passed, but I suggest that would be no worse than a star chamber judging the efficacy, the efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of a whole class of patients who they will never meet, and deciding that a whole body of available treatments will not be reimbursed or funded on the basis of their fiscal imperatives.

              I realize you lefties like to have it both ways, which is to say that in this case, you would make the argument as so many leftists have done already that “insurance companies already do this, denying treatments and so forth on the basis of economic imperatives.” The problem with making this comparison is that part of the argument for the entire health-care law was to make health-care affordable and accessible to all. ALL. The notion was to take such decision making out of the hands of insurance companies, as you lambasted them for their cruel and heartless decision-making criteria under the presumptively(according to your ilk) evil profit motive. The argument suggested that the government doesn’t seek profits, so it should be cheaper. Right? RIGHT????

              What we know by now is that the ACA(aka Obamacare) is not cheaper, will not promote greater healthcare, and will not insure many more people than were already covered in one way or another at the time of its passage, but additionally that the “death panels” described by Sarah Palin and others are indeed provided for in some form or fashion within the law. The role of IPAB, which you and the WaPo have whitewashed in terms of economic pragmatism is nothing less than a Death Panel, and for you to continue to obfuscate the matter suggests to me an irrational form of hatred directed a Governor Palin and the right, generally that matches quite perfectly with my descriptions of your methods and motives in the article upon which we are now commenting.

              The truth you will not now acknowledge is that in a very real way, the government’s IPAB will decide what treatments are economically feasible(by their subjective calculations and imperatives) and likewise decide which classes of patients will now and hereafter have access to them. This power is effectively the authority to decide who will get which treatments, and that is effectively the power of life and death. You can decry Palin’s use of the term “death panel” if you like, but there’s no point in denying that this will be the IPAB’s ultimate function, whether they address patients and treatments in onesies and twosies or whether they will do it on a wholesale basis by addressing broader classes. The net effect is the same, and in fact, addressing the broad classes may be worse because it will prevent individual patients from making the case as to why their particular instance is exceptional. Of course, that’s okay with so-called “progressives” because in the name of the phantom of “fairness” in pursuit of which you perpetually claim to be, there should be no exceptions, right?

              Enough said, indeed. Shot, over. Shot, out. Fire for effect, out.

    • Mark America says:

      No comment to go with that link? Looks to me like an online forum full of a good deal of back-and-forth banter and a whole lot of third, fourth, and fifth-person heresay and no verifcation of the claimed identities of posters. I’m not sure what your position on this is, or if you’re offering something even slightly constructive to the conversation. The idea here is to comment, thus letting the rest of us understand your point.

  8. David says:

    Another great piece, Mark!