Ban Down Under: What Happens When a Nation Surrenders Guns – Video

Liberty Crushed Down Under

If you’re still on the fence about gun control, or you know somebody who is, it may be time to acquaint yourselves with the recent  experiences of the Australian people, who in 1996 enacted a ban on all semi-automatic and pump-action weapons in private possession. While the murder rate from guns has diminished in very small ways, their overall crime problem has since gone through the roof. It’s really no surprise that the results have been exactly opposite of what was promised, and contrary to all of the alleged “good intentions.”  As Aussies have discovered, now that the gun ban has made things worse in the aggregate, reclaiming their gun rights will be nigh on impossible.  Once liberties are taken away, they’re seldom returned, and if it’s your right to keep and bear arms you’ve surrendered, you won’t even be able to fight for them. The Australian experience should serve as a warning to every American.

Take a look at this video and acquaint yourself with what Obama and his ilk are really after:


Knowing that the overall crime statistics have worsened, you might be surprised to find that even the Chicago Tribune acknowledges that in Australia, since the ban, deaths by firearms haven’t diminished at a rate faster than they were already falling prior to the ban.  As they suggest, while mass shootings have dropped to zero, this may owe more to random chance than to any effects of the gun ban.  Considering the UK as another example, overall violent murders have increased despite the all-out ban on guns, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that once you remove the great equalizer, those who are the traditional targets of villainous scum would have a lesser chance of surviving an attack in a world in which they are legally disarmed, and by definition of their physical stature and condition, less able to defend against brutal attackers.

David Plouffe has been running his mouth, and he has stated that he thinks the President may have the votes in Congress for some sort of gun control action. If this is the case, it comes down to a bunch of sell-out Republican moderates in the House, never mind the Senate, where McConnell ought to be able to filibuster the thing to death provided Reid and the Democrats don’t employ the nuclear option.  Once again, as the tide is shifting against the President and his leftist agenda, Republicans in Congress are contemplating surrender.  If the Republicans go along with gun control, they will lose the House in the Senate and they will face a complete revolt by 2016.

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One Response to Ban Down Under: What Happens When a Nation Surrenders Guns – Video

  1. the unit says:

    Best I can find out…at a cost of 500 million, not including cost to administer the program…maybe 700,000 guns turned in…that’s 714.00/ gun. OK…I got one or two rim fires I’ll take that for. Nope not really, same as registering…you had guns, you may still have guns…probable cause for search? Caution folks!
    According to Wiki…” mostly semi-auto .22 rimfires, semi-automatic shotguns and pump-action shotguns were turned in. Only Victoria provided a breakdown of types destroyed, and in that state less than 3% were military style semi-automatic rifles.”
    Read a comment not long ago somewhere that said…folks there kept those awful assault rifles and pistols for future use. I don’t know.
    But stupid is as idiot does…NY…law limits cops to 7 rounds, criminal to whatever breaks the law…you don’t remember the TommyGun with cylinder feed clip of 50 .45 cal. Understand law may be changed, but doesn’t change stupid is as idiot does.
    I add this 2 hours later…probable cause in Roberts court and maybe with new justices? With emphasis.