Sarah Palin Won’t Run

Not Afraid to Stand

I’m accustomed to being the odd man out when it comes to political opinions, and I’ve become accustomed to taking some flak on that basis.  I’ve read a number of very good articles offering the reasons why Sarah Palin should run for President, and given her departure from Fox News, there are many who are already speculating about a 2016 Palin run for high office.  Various writers have mentioned her blue-collar appeal, her record of fighting corruption, and her ability to stand apart from her party when doing that which is right had demanded it.  As a campaigner, she’s an undeniable  phenomenon and her record of endorsements turns out to have been much better than those who claimed her endorsement wasn’t “worth snot”(as Steve Flesher reminds us,) but with all of that in mind, there’s something that has bothered me about the idea that she would run.  You see, even as I watched her deliver a barn-burner of a speech in Indianola, Iowa in the September of 2011, and again as I watched CPAC 2012 via C-Span, while each crowd broke out into chants of “Run Sarah, Run,” I looked at the humble but forthright soul standing alone before the multitudes, thinking to myself that despite her fitness regimen, she isn’t really the running type. In my mind on both occasions, the words echoed: “She won’t run.  When the time comes, she will do as she’s always done: Sarah Palin will stand.”

Politicians talk a good deal about running for this office or that, and since the election of 2012, I’ve noticed a number of politicians making some noise about running in 2016.  Running is something politicians seem to do quite well, but in evaluating Governor Palin’s record, what I’ve noticed is that she stands.  It might seem to be a trivial distinction, but I believe there’s something to be said for the difference.  She stood against corruption from her earliest days in politics until the day she left public office in 2009, but even out of office, her stance on such matters has not changed. She stood on her record of opposing corruption when she decided to stand for election in her state’s gubernatorial race.

It was Sarah Palin on a field in Iowa who raised the issue of “crony capitalism” that rattled the primary season’s entrants as they all scurried to avoid branding with that label. The corrupt President also felt the heat on the issue as the Solyndra scandal, along with others related to his phony “green jobs initiatives” were exposed.  She still warns of the corruption that seems to multiply where governmental power and money intersect, but as much as that may mean to we conservatives, having stood firmly against corruption on both sides of the political divide, she hasn’t earned so many friends in Washington.  That hasn’t deterred her,as stand she does, irrespective of her detractors, even when it has meant standing alone.

Many politicians love to talk about compassion, but when it comes to acting it out, they employ the coercion of government as the means to their allegedly compassionate ends.  Governor Palin is one of the very rare politicians who has said on numerous occasions that it is the voluntary compassion of Americans that she favors.  Thinking about the difference inherent in this notion, permit yourself to wonder at what a better world it would be if compassion in America was once again restored to the province of personal choices made by millions upon millions of individuals acting out of love, rather than coerced by statist goons at the point of a gun.

Some politicians run on notions of “compassion” that rely in the first instance upon a government boot on the necks of all Americans, irrespective of their personal travails of the moment, or the strains under which individuals find themselves in the pursuit of their daily lives.  Instead, Sarah Palin stands for a compassion that is real, and unifying, but against the fraudulent “compassion” that divides so much of our society. She speaks to the true compassion in the hearts of conservatives, a form of generosity that rings like Reagan’s message that compassion isn’t measured by the number of people languishing on government programs, but instead by the number who no longer need them.

Governor Palin stands for constitutional principles, and whatever one thinks about the wisdom of this bit or that piece of our US Constitution, her vigorous defense of it all makes her quite unlike most politicians who merely run for office.  Having been the governor of a rather unique state among the fifty, she was determined to see that the programs she worked to implement met the letter and the spirit of her state’s unique writ of governing authority.  Any politician can run for office telling voters what they want to hear, but how many are willing to stand on principle for that plain old notion of first following and adhering to their respective departments’ highest laws?  Governor Palin stood for the rule of law.

In these dark days, we have instead a lawless President who ran for office promising to work around the law. It’s one thing to make empty or devious promises while running for office, but it’s another thing entirely to stand as a guarantor of the rule of law.  Governor Palin recognizes that to undermine the supreme law of the land is to undermine its legitimacy, thereby endangering the republic it had forged, such that without this solid foundation, a people are left with no firm ground upon which to stand in their darkest hours.

One theme on which Governor Palin has stood unabashedly firm is that the Republican Party’s establishment must ultimately bend its will to the interests of the country, or find itself displaced.  It’s no secret around the country that so many in the grass-roots of Republican Party activism frequently feel betrayed, not only by the elected politicians, but also by the vast consultancy and the bureaucracy that likes things just as they are, however they may be, so long as the music continues to play and they can continue to cash their paychecks.

Together, these comprise a healthy segment of that which she has termed the “permanent political class,” because no matter who is in power, whichever party may prevail in a particular election, they never go away, or never very far, because they have their hooks set so deeply into their victim: The American people.  Her willingness to stand against the establishment of her own party, and indeed the entire sick machine that is Washington DC, has set her apart from all those others who run for office, run again, and then again, but who seldom seem to accomplish much of anything to merit their respective tenures.

In an earlier time in our republic’s history, it was common to speak of politicians “standing” for election.  These days, “running” seems all the more appropriate as most simply kick our nation’s can of troubles down the road one election cycle at a time, as they run for political cover.  When I think about “running,” the next word that enters my mind is usually “away,” and in our modern political discourse, it seems all too frequently to have been the tactic of so many politicians to run from difficult issues, instead of standing for the principles previously espoused, with damnably few exceptions.  When I think about the word “stand,” it has an entirely different meaning.  To stake out a position and defend it, against the shrill critics and the maniacal media is a much harder thing to do, and yet throughout her career in public office, that is precisely what Sarah Palin has been doing all along.

Take a stand. Make a stand. Stand your ground. I’m still standing. Stand and be counted.

These are all phrases that come to mind when I consider Sarah Palin’s record. She has stood for her faith, her family, and her country, purposes she puts first in her life every day, but if this country is to recover from the Hell that’s been and the Hell that’s coming, it’s going to take leaders who are willing to do more than merely run for office.  Mitt Romney ran.  In the minds of many, in the final debate, he ran and hid.  Contrasting this against the sort of defiance against corruption one witnesses from Governor Palin, and her continued willingness to take on her party, it’s hard to place the Sarah Palin into the context of running except as exercise. In my mind, playing over the chants of “Run Sarah, Run,” on an Iowa field, it’s never been more important to understand that what this country really needs is a leader who will stand.

Some people simply aren’t suited to the sort of running in which most politicians engage, and I’ve long held that Sarah Palin is one of those political rarities who breaks the mold of the ordinary.  I hope you’ll forgive me if indulge my own hopes for a country reborn, as through the din between my ears, I hear instead the chant of “Stand Sarah, Stand,” knowing that if she is called to stand for our republic, I, along with millions more, will cheerfully take our places standing alongside her in the battle for our nation’s future, whatever form it may take.

Follow-Up: I began this posting when I learned of the departure from Fox News, and needed only to clean it up a bit, planning to do so before being called in to the office where I spent most of the day and evening, Saturday.  As if in advance answer to this very post,  Governor Palin gave responses to a Q&A with Stephen K. Bannon, now posted for all to see over at Breitbart.  Here’s a taste, and I believe it supports my thesis:

“I was raised to never retreat and to pick battles wisely, and all in due season. When it comes to defending our republic, we haven’t begun to fight! But we delight in those who underestimate us.”

Whatever form it may ultimately take, she will stand.

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  1. susiepuma says:

    Excellent………………..whatever she decides, I’m with her 150% (DC math /snarc)… I am so happy and excited – waiting for the next step…..

  2. willegge says:

    Awesome …. what a great perspective, right on, Stand Sarah Stand!

  3. heshtesh says:

    When i seen a link to this post at Hot Air i could’nt get here fast enough, believe me Mark when i say there’s nothing more i want than the opportunity to “STAND” with Sarah Palin!

  4. indemind says:

    Thank You Mark for another Wonderful Post… “I Stand With Sarah Palin”

    ¸.*SarahAmerica *¸
    .¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤. …………Not4Sale

    Palin “There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit.”

  5. atlas007 says:

    I am in New Jersey, ready and willing to spend as much time as it takes to see Sarah Palin take the Oath of Office of the President Of The United States in January 2017. It will be an honor to work for her in any capacity.

  6. conservativemama says:

    Terrific piece Mark. We need a leader who will stand and put her stake in the ground and declare this is our country, our constitution, the gift of our founders and we will not sit by and watch it be destroyed.

    To stand you have to know who you are and what you believe in and you have to be made of the strongest stuff to withstand the hurricane of nonsense and inanity that our political process brings.

  7. Guest says:

    Fabulous post!

    I stand with Governor Palin!

  8. BrianusBerkleianus says:

    Thanks, Mark–outSTANDing :-) !!!

  9. Conservative Pup says:

    Outstanding, sir! When I saw the link with your post title, I too couldn’t get here fast enough. I LOVE your perspective on this, and very clever use of words. I agree with you and I thank you for putting it this way; I wouldn’t have thought of it. She will stand; she has been standing firm all along. And I will stand with her.

    Thank you, Mark, for this post.

    “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.”

  10. Timothy Jacques says:

    Correction: Mitt didn’t run per se….he was NEVER in the race. He was just a place holder for Bush/Rubio 2016 (aka: “Amnesty International” with a side-order of “Boomtown”)

  11. mainelysteve says:

    I don’t know who you are sir; but as usual you have hit the nail on the head with your observations and thank you for doing so. I AM SARAH PALIN!!!

  12. wodiej says:

    Excellent Mark. I totally agree.

  13. Lynda says:

    Great post she has “stood/stand” we have all watched as so many she has stood alone taking on both parties But she is not alone we are there and as most of us say with respect and ready to fight for America “I Stand with Sarah”

  14. john norton says:

    Ben waiting for it Gov… Abt Time… ~ !

  15. paul says:

    A freedom, liberty, constitutional third party run would be the way to go and unite the country and expose the GOP and democrats as one unit the PPC. The game is rigged in the GOP as in Tampa.

  16. the unit says:

    I would like to see this article stay at the top of the featured article list a long time, at least until another equally inspiring one appears. It’s the first I’ve read anywhere to lift me from the funk I’ve been in and the dispair I’ve been feeling since Nov. 6. Thereby be easy for newcomers and oldcommers alike to find and read!

  17. Ceejay says:

    Let’s stand with Sarah!

  18. thescreaminggoat says:

    Have you forgotten that when the heat was applied, Sarah Palin abandoned her post as Governor? If she couldn’t handle the heat from holding office in a relatively innocuous state, such as Alaska, there is no way she can be trusted to handle the responsibilites and public witch hunting that she would endure as president of The United States.

    She failed to prove to the citizens of this great nation that she has the followthrough to handle the oath she swore to uphold.

    I’m surprised at your failure to conveniently forget this fact.

    A failed Governor does not belong running the country no matter how good her rhetoric may sound to your ears.

    As I must regularly tell my 4-year-old son, “Finish the job.”

    • Mark America says:

      Aptly named, I don’t think anybody has forgotten the fact that Sarah Palin stepped down from that post. I also don’t think anybody has forgotten why, assuming they understood it. You say you tell your kid to finish the job. Do you tell the kid to finish the job even when it requires more tools and resources than the kid has at the time? Maybe rather than buying into the leftists’ “quitter” meme about Governor Palin, you could do a little research in order to understand why she stepped down. Consider it like following your own advice to finish the job. 3-1/2 years after the fact, it might be a good idea to acquaint yourself with the facts of the matter rather than to simply repeat tired narratives concocted by the left.

      • thescreaminggoat says:

        I’m fully aware that Mrs. Palin resigned due to her concerns that the ethics violation inquiries were costing excessive amounts of state capital and she felt compelled to see those funds routed to better use. An admirable cause.

        Unfortunately, being in a position, such as Governor, places one in a high profile position. If certain actions she took brought these inquires upon her (regardless if she, you and anyone else felt they were false or made up), then running away from them under the guise of saving the state money doesn’t make for a person ready to stand up to the rigorous scrutiny one’s actions will be under while running the country.

        Assuming that I know nothing about her resignation and that I am being lead about by “leftist” viewpoints is a poor way to go about having a discussion with me about this topic. It’s this lowest common denominator way of arguing one’s point that generally leaves me out of discussions on websites and blogs.

        If Sarah Palin was a liberal democrat and had resigned in this way would you have the same kind-hearted forgiveness for her?

        • Mark America says:

          I’m glad you’re aware of that aspect, but there’s a bit more to it. Still, before you judge me too harshly for responding in the matter I did, you should know that over the history of this blog, I’ve had to run off so many trolls who came along merely to bash governor Palin, her supporters, or other various things that after a while, one becomes a bit expectant of more of the same. If I’ve misjudged you, my apologies. As for the matter at hand, if a politician (of any party) was being personally bankrupted by having to fend off ridiculous ethics charges at personal expense, I’d understand why they’d quit. How much wreckage of one’s personal finances must one absorb at the hands of people who are acting out of a political motive to personally destroy one? The affect on the state was, as you mentioned, quite ridiculous, and sure, I’d have sympathy for anybody who was the object of a string of attacks motivated by politics, using a poorly written law as a weapon of mass destruction.

          • blueniner says:

            There is always a fly in the ointment, after 3 and a half years this narrative from the left is so tired and ignorant. They have exhausted all their bullets.

          • thescreaminggoat says:

            You are absolutely forgiven, based on the comments on our comments, it would appear we’re surrounded by trolls.

            Here’s the thing. For me, this is not about Sarah Palin’s beliefs. This isn’t about politics. It isn’t whether I agree or disagree with her viewpoints.

            What bother’s me is this. You asked “How much wreckage of one’s personal finances must one absorb at the hands of people who are acting out of a political motive to personally destroy one?” Frankly, all of it. If I was wrongfully accused of something that I was so convicted to quit my job over, I would stand (your post’s theme, right?) and fight. I would sell my house, my cars and my clothes. I’d appeal to my family and friends for monetary support. I’d start a campaign. Being Sarah Palin, with her incredible charismatic public speaking ability, I’d appeal to my public supporters. I’d ask them to cut me a check to help fight the charges wrongfully brought against me. I want to believe the same of you, sir, that you, too, would fight for your honor – if it was truly worth fighting for.

            I don’t know how many people bought Sarah’s book, but if the going price on Amazon is 10-20 dollars, depending on the edition, I’d bet that, had she asked, those who ended up buying that book would have been willing to send her 10-20 dollars to help her fight the charges.

            I truly believe that she was warned, prior to accepting the invitation from the McCain campaign to be his running mate, that she would face unprecedented public scrutiny. As such, she alone accepted that fate. Upon returning to office in Alaska she had to continue to bear the weight of that decision. She could not return to obscurity.

            The public elected her, the public should have wanted to pay for her defense if they believed in her. By walking away, she lost me. I cannot stand with someone who will not fight for their honor.

            • Conservative Pup says:

              thescreaminggoat, you sound like a reasonable person, and your description of how you would handle what Gov. Palin was facing is, I suspect, what many of us might imagine we would do. It is the ‘typical’ ‘heroic’ type of response that we might imagine ourselves taking. But, as a reasonable person, I wonder if you might not try for just a moment to look at your imagined actions above in a different light.

              If your determination to “stand and fight” was hurting innocent people, i.e., costing your beloved state 1.9 million dollars; and you knew for a fact why the attacks were coming and that they would not just go away, they would not stop; and you knew that the attacks were directed at you because the organized radical left recognized you as the biggest threat to their agenda that they had seen in decades; and you believed that the attacks would follow you no matter where you went or what you did; given all that, can you seriously make a wise and compassionate case for continuing in your present position, continuing to cost the state money, time, effort, and complete distraction from the business of helping Alaska?

              I put forth that “standing and fighting” under those circumstances would be selfish. I saw what Palin did as the only thing a wise and thinking person could do. She knew that the attacks would follow her. She made a tremendous sacrifice and stepped away from a job she loved and had worked hard to win, and took the attacks with her. Do you seriously believe that she didn’t know that millions of people would see things as you do? She knew that, yet she did what was in the best interest of Alaska. She did the right thing, the unusual thing that no normal regular politician would do. Thus showing me that she isn’t a politician, but a person who truly wants to serve. Her state, and our country.

              Sadly, your way of seeing it is pretty typical. I’m thankful for the millions of the rest of us who understood from the get-go what was going on, how hard it was for her to make that announcement and step away, and what a courageous and unselfish thing it was that she did. She did show her true colors with that decision, bold colors of unselfishness and bravery.

            • imagineJL says:

              You seem to have forgotten that she asked her supporters to support the cost of the charges – it was a “Legal Fund” and yes people sent money to help her ( if I remember correctly she received around $350,000 ). Then it was revealed that this Fund was illegal but what happened to this Fund and to the money ?

              • Lipstick says:

                Ironically, this fund was the focus of another ethics charge. So the fund that was to pay for her legal fees caused even more fees to be needed. It was set up not by the Governor, but by a friend. If you gave money to this fund, as I did, you were contacted and the money sent back to you.

              • Mark America says:

                Yes, the WHOLE truth is Hell on lefties, isn’t it? Thanks! Mark

            • Lipstick says:

              Easy for you to demand someone sell everything to fight a never ending line of false ethics charges.

              I believe that someone with a special needs child who will more than likely need care his entire life and never able to support him self was weighing on her mind. Imagine the cost involved in his care. Imagine knowing that someday you will be gone and he will still need care that he will not be able to provide on his own. A special needs child will need care long after his parents have passed. I am sure she wants to have a trust of some sort for his needs for the rest of his life. To say she should stand as Custer did when it is stupid to do so is easy to type from your computer when it is not your financial future and all you have worked for your entire life on the line.

              It would be not wise for a leader to stand in a losing situation and not lead in a direction that may be different than planned, but give a change for success. Part of being a leader is knowing when you need to change the game, change the situation, re-group and live to fight another day.

              In your view, Britain would have never retreated at Dunkirk and lost their army never to fight in WWII again, MacArthur would have had his entire force slaughtered on the Philippines. Part of leadership is leading in a different direction, not standing only to be slaughtered and all who are with you slaughtered.

              Also, there was a fund set up by a friend of the Governor and it resulted in yet another ethics charge being made against her. It was deemed illegal for her to have one as Governor and the fund was disbanded and the money sent back to donors. I was a donor and was contacted myself regarding this.

            • mymati says:

              I am suprised that you did not know that there was a fund started to help her with legal expenses and she got sued frivolusly over it. Also I doubt that you would go about bankrupting yourself over defending yourself from those kind of lawsuits. At some point you would have to think of your families welfare.
              You seem to think she made this decision lightly. You have to remember she stepped away from the most powerful position in her state, not an easy thing to do when you have done nothing wrong. Can you find another person that has done the same? I don’t think you can find somebody that is willing to risk that much for their constituents.

    • the unit says:

      Err…why is the goat screaming? What is the childs job to be finished? That could be probable cause to call Dept. of Children and Families.Gonna be a fun site rest of my life. :)

      • Guest says:


        • the unit says:

          Good to see you again. Afraid I was a bit too crass. Not looking to report anyone to the department. You got the message. Thanks. P.S. hit like and then went to google to see what ROFLOL means. Told you I’m an infant at this. Will post more ROFGUWIC later, that’s roll on the floor get up when I can. :)

          • Guest says:

            I almost googled ROFGUWIC!

            Always good to see you and Markamerica – after 3 weeks of gloomy weather here in the northwest, the 2 of you are like sunshine…

            I posted the following on yahoo under the MLK SNL Obama story – they would not allow me to post the link – so I had to come up with a way to lure liberals into looking up the article – Hope Mark will understand!

            This is what I posted:

            Speaking of SNL – Sarah Palin won’t run

            Google Markamerica. SNL stuff!

            • the unit says:

              Mel, thanks but I just try to rivet on to MA’s comments in my own sort of way. See Rosie the Riveter. Just equality in natural order of thangs, no gender required. Just Do It! Rosie said. Progressives don’t like Sunshine, the Cross, or Holy Water…or Liberty.

  19. Carmtom13 says:

    Excellent post Mark. Mark Levin on his radio program asked the question where is the conservative leader to stand up for the country ( may not have the quote exact) Governor Palin stepped up and her voice will be loud and clear, Sarah Palin will STAND! The establishment in DC heads must be exploding. GOOD!!

    • blueniner says:

      Yes, I heard Mark Levin ask that question on the radio, and I shouted out “I know one”, and she never left…..that Conservative leader is SARAH PALIN……

  20. senator20526 says:

    Great post Mark….We all stand with Sarah…..

  21. TheresaAK says:

    Beautiful Mark (Patrick Henry)….

    I don’t think I have read or heard ANYONE who knows what Sarah Palin is truly about…except YOU.

    Thank you, once again, for your intellectual brilliance, and your Love of Country….

  22. Doug Sterling says:

    I wish Mrs. Palin good luck, but after her fake campaign during the summer of 2011 I can never again take her seriously as a Presidential candidate. Even in retrospect I’m not sure what that campaign was all about. Was it just narcissism?

    • lyndaaquarius says:

      stay tuned. What you don’t understand will become very clear to you and millions of unhappy Americans. “stand Sarah stand”

  23. blueniner says:

    Great post Mark! Sarah Palin took a STAND in Indianola……”Im not for sale”…….How many times have we heard anybody else say that in Politics………crickets….a, like never!

    • imagineJL says:

      ” I know the country needs more truth-telling in the media, and I’m willing to do that.”

      It seems that she is trying to sell herself to whatever network willing to hire her.

  24. davidfarrar says:

    True, grassroot Tea Party Republicans don’t run for public office. They stand for public office. It’s their opponents who do the running.

    Now that Sen. Chambliss has stated he wasn’t ‘running’ again, you can come down to Georgia and start building up your network of Tea Parties all throughout his/my district.

    If you need a local address to file for residency, you can use mine. Ha! Ha! Ha! just kidding

    ex animo

  25. Rightmindedmom says:

    Awesome piece, MarkAmerica! I too STAND with Sarah Palin!

  26. Isabel Matos says:

    Mark, that was very uplifting (and transcendental :) ~ It sure helps me deal with the crass and vulgar mentality on the left and on the right that we are confronted with daily. It also does justice to the nature of Sarah’s timeless and political boundlessness. Thanks.

  27. lyndaaquarius says:

    Sarah Palin “defiance against corruption” what a great battle cry! The wind is truly at her back; Americans are are getting more and more repulsed by the Corruption from the democratic administration.

  28. Guest says:

    Standing with the Guv!! Between Markamerica, the Guv and the people, we can take our country back, we can win this!!

  29. mymati says:

    I could not agree more, Mark. I have been running this thought through my head for sevral days, but you have expressed it much better than I ever could have. Thank you!!

  30. chuckjr says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you! You have a great way of putting into words the things that we people closest to Sarah already know.

    Thanks again,

  31. SEDeuce says:

    I suspect that very few people can know the amount of heat that Sarah has taken since the fateful moment of her introduction by RINO/Progressive McCain as his choice for VP candidate in Ohio. Ever since, she’s weathered the entire force of the Progressive movement arrayed against her every move and is still spitting in their face with regularity – and enjoying it! Truly a Ronald Reagan in high heels! While the Progressives seem to think that her leaving Fox is the (final) end of her political career, it is just her next step. Her next step…. Keep the faith, Palinites! She sure is!