Sarah Palin at CPAC: “We’re Here to Rebuild a Country”

Rebuilding a Country

After a string of speakers this week who hope one day to be President of the United States, Sarah Palin spoke to a packed house as she explained her vision of the future, and also what conservatives must do to regain electoral success.  She was introduced by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who had been the keynote speaker.  Of all the rhetoric to come out of CPAC 2013, it will be this speech that is remembered.  Governor Palin reminded conservatives that it is their principles they must abide, and not the political winds of the day, but she also cautioned conservatives to speak to a broader audience, instead of merely preaching to the choir. She also pointed out that rather than abandoning their principles, conservatives should abandon the consultancy that has led the party to so many defeats.  As has always been the case, Governor Palin energized the crowd.  At a time when conservatives are still reeling from Obama’s re-election, her speech laid out the only rational course conservatives can take in order to rebuild the country.  Here’s the video:


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5 Responses to Sarah Palin at CPAC: “We’re Here to Rebuild a Country”

  1. Exodus2011 says:


  2. Reb in Texas says:

    Sarah’s speech today, like her, is just one of the gazillion reasons why I want to vote for her to be our next President. Her views, her servant’s heart, her stands and policy positions on virtually everything is as I believe best for my beloved country. And, she never hesitates to say what needs to be said – to We The People……..always more common sense and more up front than anyone else. I was also pleased to see Sen Cruz say a few introductory words – speaks well for him as for her.

  3. RegConserative says:

    Terrific , says it all !

  4. ShawnNJ ✓Swamp Drainer says:

    WOW!! Is all I can Say

  5. the unit says:

    Election seasons been getting a lot longer of late. Why not announce now, “I’m Standing for Election as President of The United States. Join with me now, make 2014 a banner year to keep the House and make inroads if not regain the Senate. Rebuild starts now, today.”
    Campaigner in Chief wants the house in 2014, and I guess Senate is his, have not checked who is up there.