New SarahPAC Video: Loaded for Bear

A new SarahPAC video launched as a call to political action for conservatives and independents.  The video includes a number of highlights of her recent CPAC speech, and is another confirmation that despite the wishes of the lamestream media, Governor Palin isn’t going away as she gears-up for the 2014 fight.  As the video explains, there are many important elections in 2014, and conservatives cannot afford to take a wait-and-see approach.  If the Democrats succeed in taking over the House, Obama’s last two years will be a virtual slaughter.  More, there is still an opportunity to take the Senate, and to strengthen it with real conservatives, perhaps sending some of the RINO legion home.  It’s clear from this video that Governor Palin will remain a force for change in the Republican party, and many grass-roots conservatives hope she will succeed.   H/T Tony Lee at Breitbart, citing the video in his article:


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8 Responses to New SarahPAC Video: Loaded for Bear

  1. the unit says:

    Yeah, 2012 anybody can beat Obama, even Mickey Mouse. Duh whut happened? Maybe third party one day but 2014 is now. Use it or lose it. Send CINO away. Recidivism not allowed this time.

  2. the unit says:

    I didn’t mean I got the message here that Mickey Mouse could beat Obama. Just general attitude across the net or web half way through Obama term.

  3. Ryu Hyabusa says:

    Deleting comments? Really? Maybe it’s because you know it’s true. I’ll say it again:

  4. the unit says:

    So CPAC ended. Sarah Palin got 3% of vote for whatever they were voting on.

    For my country I walk the line, hold on to the tie that binds. That means gonna be standin’.

    What be the ties that bind?…:

    The ties that bind us are those things which hold us together–relationship dynamics. We like to consider them generally as positive, but they are not all good. Just make sure that your ties to everyone you know are eligible to be blessed by God.
    5 years ago –

    I sorta like that definition.

    • Guest says:

      ((( )))

      google that Mr unit!

      When has the CPAC poll meant anything? Where are Romney and Ron today?

      • the unit says:

        I googled it. ((())). Just learning more about emotives, grew up with loco ones.

        I just meant CPAC was supposed to be the conservative forum.

        I see your point! :$ :)