The Shameful Statement of Senators McRINO and Grahamnesty

It should be incomprehensible that politicians who have helped to create our immigration woes would seize on the opportunity of the Boston attack to pimp their latest bad idea, but that’s precisely what happened on Friday night. Worried that some Americans might catch on to the fact that the bombers in the Boston Marathon case were immigrants legally in this country, and fearing that these inevitable disclosures would damage their efforts at making immigration even easier, Senators John McCain(anti-Republican, AZ) and Lindsey Graham(anti-Republican, SC) made the case that the case for pending legislation on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” was now more important than ever.  Suspect number two wasn’t yet in custody when the RINO twins issued a joint bit of dishonest propaganda:

In the wake of this week’s terrorist attack in Boston, some have already suggested that the circumstances of this terrible tragedy are justification for delaying or stopping entirely the effort for comprehensive immigration reform.

In fact the opposite is true: Immigration reform will strengthen our nation’s security by helping us identify exactly who has entered our country and who has left – a basic function of government that our broken immigration system is incapable of accomplishing today. The status quo is unacceptable.

We have 11 million people living in the shadows, which leaves this nation vulnerable to a myriad of threats. That is all the more reason why comprehensive immigration reform is so essential.

By modernizing our system of legal immigration, identifying and conducting background checks on people here illegally, and finally securing our border, we will make America more secure.

Senators McRINO and Grahamnesty should be ashamed, but since they’re opportunists who don’t give a damn about the American people, they’ve instead made what must be regarded as a maniacally pompous statement aimed at pushing their “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” agenda forward despite  all the facts that make plain the absurdities of their ideas.

These two bombers weren’t “living in the shadows.”  They were right there, in the open, and at least one of them had a previous conviction for domestic violence.  Why was he still in the country?  Are we to believe the preposterous assertion that the elder Tsarnaev brother would have been deported under CIR?  No way.  Their mother is a convicted thief, and she still resides in the United States.  Why?

The immigration reform legislation being pushed by these two sell-outs won’t do a thing to lessen the problem, but instead threatens to  worsen the problem.  The two senators allege that we have 11 million people “living in the shadows,” but has either considered that some significant proportion of them would just as soon remain in the murky darkness on the fringes of our society?  To pretend that every immigrant is just a hard-working American-in-waiting is a preposterous absurdity.  The evidence tells a different story, and the fact is that among the 11-20 million illegal aliens now in the United States, there is a significant number who are evading justice in their home country, or who have already committed serious crimes in this country.

Given his service record, many are willing to give Senator McCain a pass, but I think that service record means he should be more cognizant than his colleagues in the Senate regarding the security interests of the American people.  Instead, he and his sidekick from South Carolina are waging an immoral war against the American people, siding with the likes of Barack Obama who will preside over any law these two push through the Senate.  Our current president refuses to enforce the immigration laws as exist right now, but we’re to believe that he will magically change his mind should the Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposals of these two senators be enacted? It’s preposterous on its face.

I am more than a little fatigued with Washington DC establishment politicians urinating on our heads while telling us it’s merely raining.  Senators McCain and Graham should be ashamed of this, but the fact is that they have no discernible shame, otherwise they would retire and make way for candidates who are willing to fight against Obama’s agenda, rather than propping it up and supporting it.  The American people express what should be a simple demand: Secure the border first. Deport illegals and resident aliens who commit crimes, even minor ones, because these should serve as warnings about worse things to come.  Instead, these two Senators are more concerned with pushing an agenda that is distinctly un-American than with protecting the American people.  They don’t deserve the title “Senator.”

In the wake of this bombing, what is clear is that the war against America is being waged by radicals from all over the world, and it goes on apace, while the war against Americans being waged by Washington insiders like McCain and Graham continues despite all evidence against their shoddy proposals.  Rather than expressing their concerns for the people whose lives were wrecked or destroyed in Boston this week, these two Senators were more interested in seeing to it that their pet legislation would not be derailed.  Senator McCain wants to disarm you, as demonstrated by his vote on the failed gun bill.  Now he wants to invite in more people, and legalize some who are already here, some of whom may be out to kill you.  Do the math.  “Despicable” and “shameful” are the only words that cross my mind when I think of these two senators, and particularly Senator McCain, whose service to the nation ought to have meant that he could be trusted to know better.

Sadly, he doesn’t.

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  1. the unit says:

    And while nobody’s listening. The beat goes on. If the beat goes on and nobody is listening does it make a sound? More E.O.’s. Quiet Improvised Executive Orders along the wayside.