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Friends, readers, subscribers, ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for visiting.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve not updated the site because I’ve been at a loss for words.  As usual, my professional life is hectic, and the farm demands a good deal of my remaining attention in this part of the year, so with some problems that have arisen, I’ve been thoroughly preoccupied.  I had the occasion to take a few days off after an out-of-town conference, and I started that time off feeling pretty poorly.  The time off gave me a little time to reflect on a number of issues confronting me personally, and to begin the task of deciding what is next. It also gave me a few days to consider my perspective on a number of the issues confronting the country, and how we conservatives can help to put things right.  There’s no mistaking the fact that a good deal of the country’s troubles are cultural, inasmuch as it is quickly moving from one of work and achievement to one of sloth and indifference.  It’s becoming quite a crisis, but I think it’s worth noting that there are bright spots.  A few days off in a distant city, relaxing and thinking through my issues and our national troubles has done my frame of mind some good.

I mostly wanted to thank all of those who have written me during this extended absence to inquire as to my condition and state.  I thank you for your concern, and I apologize for not reading through my email daily.  Simply put, I have been exhausted, dealing with some health issues so that I needed to simply step away from it all for a little while.  When one finds one is under the gun, it’s often best to start paring back in the areas one can live without.  I think we all need that from time to time.  My hectic professional schedule has now resumed, and the punishment for a few days off has already overfilled my inbox, and while some things arose which would not wait, I’ve managed to get my mind in something akin to the correct frame of mind for what lies ahead.  There may be a day in the not-so-distant future when this site goes away entirely, but it’s not today.  Thank you for your extended and generous patience, and thank you for the notes of concern.  When I’ve had the time and energy to read them, they’ve been quite a bit of help to my frame of mind.  I can’t promise I will be resuming the full schedule of blogging you once came to know here, but I’m not going away just yet either.  I may even write some non-political or mildly political things. One never knows…

To all my readers, Thank You!


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15 Responses to Personal Note

  1. MannaDelight says:

    Dear Mark,

    Do what you have to do to take care of yourself. BUT please do not go away.
    You offer a fresh & different perspective with WHATEVER you write about, which we sorely need.

    Thank you. God bless you abundantly!

    A not-so-ancient G’ma

  2. Sophie Fairbanks says:

    I know how you feel. Sometimes you just need to stop back and deal with some personal things, especially health. I personally have stepped back a bit myself for my own good. Happy you aren’t going away though.

  3. Trumper47 says:

    Hi Mark….it is coincidental that last night i wrote on my FB page that I couldn’t take much more. Since I read your post it is helping metro get thru this. Please stay with us. We all need each other. Thanks for all of your heartfelt posts.

  4. isabel matos says:


    First things, first! The movement needs you, but you need to concentrate on your health, and taking care of business. We don’t do this to pay the bills.. so there’s no need to justify taking time off.

    I just came back from a 2-month hiatus (Mom needed special treatments for her cancer. It was stressful but it’s all about new arrangements needing to be made that’s all). If it hadn’t been for friends asking how I was, I would not have felt as motivated as I did to come back. This is all hard work, but we owe it to each other to do what is best for ourselves to keep on fighting. We’re all trench buddies.

    You are an important voice in our movement. You give the best run-downs on Boehner and Wuss, Inc. that I know. And the most passionate debates in Gopayl’s history.

    God bless you, please just take care of your health, but don’t be too long cause we’ll miss ya :)


  5. RestoreSP2012 says:

    I, too, am stepping back and concentrating on things at home.
    This country has a lot going to come down on its people and those who haven’t paid ant attention will be hurt.
    Family and health are more important in today’s time. I’m praying and fasting before God in order to help him deliver this great Nation from the evil that has succumbed her.

  6. CC says:

    Welcome back Mark! I had feared that you had given up on the site and thought the site was fixin to shut down.We’ve got a ton of issues that I am really curious what your take on them might be! All in due time,i am very sorry that you are going through these trials and tribulations.I’ll be prayin for you brother.

    • Mark America says:

      Thanks CC! Still need to work on that taste in cars, but hey, it’s ok. I’ve been a little tuned-out for a while dealing with things, so it might take me some time to get caught up. I appreciate your response here!

  7. JohnInFlorida says:

    A lot is better than a little, but a little is better than none!

    We’ll take what we can get of your view on the changes taking place in the Republic and how to try and influence them in a positive way.

    Here’s hoping you’ll stick around …