Sarah Palin Speaks to Faith and Freedom Coalition

Governor Palin spoke to the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Saturday in Washington DC.  She had a few words on “fertility,” among other topics.  Here’s the video, complete with introduction(H/T:Les Grossman):


What continues to astonish me with all she said in this speech is how the media lines up to attack her.  The UK Daily Mail couldn’t wait to run a headline about her “controversial claim” that Syria “should be left for Allah to work out.”

Frankly, that’s only controversial to a slimy, servile leftist press that is itching to get into Syria, and I believe that such an action is neither in our best national security interests nor in the best interests of our uniformed services that are already stretched far too thinly across the globe.  Combat as charity must end.  This model of intervention as a way to spread our wealth to countries whose residents almost uniformly hate us must stop.  Only a bunch of globalist dimwits could find Governor Palin’s remarks on the matter controversial.

The Bushies will hate this speech on that count, but also on her brief mention of “fertility,” as a small jab at Jeb’s foot-in-mouth episode of Friday.  Her willingness to take on the immigration reform bill and the Gang-of-Eight who authored it place her in direct opposition to the DC establishment that cannot wait for more instant Americans to use as grease lubricating the treads of advancing big government.

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5 Responses to Sarah Palin Speaks to Faith and Freedom Coalition

  1. the unit says:

    I think I caught in the speech…”where is the president in times of turmoil”… huh?
    I heard the safari was canceled because snipers were instructed to shoot lyin’s, cheaters, and RINOs.

  2. Section 9 says:

    I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that Palin isn’t running in 2016, and I consider that a crime against politics and conservatism.
    What a shame. There is simply no talent in the country like her. None. Nobody else compares.

    • Mark America says:

      Section9, I hope you’re wrong, but as I’ve conceded, I wouldn’t try to predict either way. It would be a loss for the country, as dear as you suggest…

    • bourque801 says:

      Unfortunately….I have to agree with you Section 9 100%.

      In my opinion, I think that the Palin family was threatened by the people that control both political parties-the “Good Ol Boys” that Sarah talked about In her speech that Mark America posted up here today….I remember Mark America’s work exposing the fact that “Conservative” Jeb Bush was supporting Allen West’s opponents….With the Republican Establishment looking like It’s going to force Jeb Bush upon America, I think that Hillary Clinton Is going to win In 2016…:(

      If the Republicans were serious, the ticket would be a Palin/Rand Paul ticket In 2016….but we’re going to have a Bush/Christie ticket that will be crushed by Hillary….

      Thank You